2014 Ford escape stopped working 33 complaints electricity joules


I bought the car with roughly 30,000 miles on it. I complied with all the recall notices when it was under warranty this included electricity outage the replacement of the Torque Converter. Fast forward to January 2019 the transmission completely failed. I had to nurse it all the way home at 2 AM 15 miles away. The saving grace was the fail safe having the engine lose power so you wouldn’t blow the engine. It was stop and restart all the way home. This is the beginning of the nightmare with trying to get this issue resolved.

I was told by multiple technicians that there is no fix, no rebuild for this transmission. This physical science electricity review worksheet vehicle had two models manufactured for 2014 and unfortunately I purchased the one with the transmission issues. The second model had a different transmission put into it and that y gasset transmission could not be used in my vehicle. The technician conducted a search for that transmission and one could not be located. I am looking at a $4,700 (used) or $6,000 (new) directly from Ford.

I contacted Ford and I was told that there was not a program for a replacement but keep looking dynamic electricity examples for notices. Just a nice way of saying that you are SOL!! I’ve even called my insurance company to try to get it totaled since repair is virtually impossible. The chances of them helping me are slim but it was worth a shot. I still owe 14,000 on this vehicle and I can drive it!!!

I bought this car brand new and when this happened I had no clue what was going on. It’s as if my car electricity for beginners went on strike. My tachometer shot up passed 4 on it’s own and my speedometer was going down. Not a single warning light came on, no check engine light, no low fluid light and no high temperature light came on, nothing. I was giving it gas and it wouldn’t move. I broke down on interstate.

I had it towed to the Ford dealership where I purchased it from. They checked it out and I was told by the mechanic that the transmission has no transmission fluid in it and it was also full of metal gas tax in washington state shavings inside of the transmission. So I told them that it has to be a defect and should be a recall since Ford decided to take the dipstick away and I had no access to check it and the on board computer also failed to alert me of a problem electricity transmission vs distribution. As far as the metal shavings go they couldn’t and wouldn’t tell me how they got in there, they said it just happens sometimes.

Well I said that this was bullshit, that if it’s internally which they was, then it come from internally, which sh*t shouldn’t fall off internally which in my eyes is a manufactures defect and a recall should be issued. Naturally they denied that claim. They recommended replacing the transmission for electricity vs gas heating costs $4200 and I told them why would I put the same transmission that just messed up on me back in it, do I look stupid to you or something gas dryer vs electric dryer hookups? So I told them I was having the car picked up and fixed elsewhere. Well they didn’t like that but too bad. Had transmission rebuilt by certified transmission technician and picked it up beginning of December 2017.

The Escape had been running fine, then one day out of the blue, we are getting on to the highway, and the RPMs rev up to 5K, then go back to normal, then it does it again. We merge on to the highway and all seems fine, until we get off the highway and get to red stop light. Once the light turns grade 6 electricity green, we try to go, and the car does not want to move. It slowly starts to move like it is stuck in a high gear, but you never hear the car shift from one gear to the other. We are able to get the car back home and we called the dealership. They came and had it towed to the shop, and a week later they was electricity invented during the industrial revolution say they check the transmission and the fluid was black and there are metal shaving in it and the transmission will need to be replaced. Since we are 223 miles over the warranty, we are hoping that Ford will help us out with the cost of a new transmission….no deal. They denied the warranty claim, told electricity and magnetism review game us there was nothing they could do, and it would cost $5,600 to get it repaired. We need the car so we need to figure out what to do, and the car is still in the shop. We were told by the dealership that they had never heard of anything like this, but after reading other post on this site, it looks like this electricity flow direction is a common problem with the 2014 Ford Escapes.