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_ we can beat odds on creating jobs, says expert _ management _ bdlive____ _______

TOP STORY Was Glencore panic a blip or warning sign of more pain to come? Even as commodities trader regains shareholder wealth erased on Monday, few market players can pinpoint why it lost almost one-third of its value in a

Fuel cells are the future_ ubc expert

More fuel-cell cars are in development. Credit: Flickr The recall of 11 million Volkswagen diesel vehicles highlights the challenges of reducing emissions from fossil fuel-powered cars. Fortunately, there’s an alternative and it has zero emissions. The fuel-cell car is currently

2016 mazda6 touring roadtrip review by steve purdy

2016 Mazda6 2016 MAZDA6 TOURING Review and Road Trip to DC By Steve Purdy Senior Editor The Auto Channel Michigan Bureau It is not just coincidental that my pretty wife and I made a week-long trip to Alexandria, VA (essentially

Greatest british bake off innuendos of 2015_ _right bakers, time to reveal your cracks_ and other priceless moments _ tv & radio _ culture _ the independent

There haven’t been many soggy bottoms during this year’s Bake Off but there have been rather a lot of cracks. As ever the primetime baking competition, so beloved of the Great British public that 10 million of us tuned in

Open letter to the g20 meeting of energy ministers of 2 october 2015

Co-signed by: North American Platform Wind Farm Victims Against Windpower Prime Minister of Turkey, Energy Ministers of the G20 countries, Ladies and Gentlemen of the G20 Meeting, You are preparing the Istanbul meeting of October 2nd, the objective being to


Sergio Aguero scored a late penalty to give Manchester City a 2-1 victory at Moenchengladbach. Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini is hoping for more goals from striker Sergio Aguero after the Argentine’s 90th-minute penalty sealed their 2-1 comeback win at

Don_t get pumped up about great gas prices until you read the small print – the washington post

Rick Hudnett recently pulled into a Chevron station near his home in Orlando. He wishes he hadn’t. The $2.41 price per gallon was a few cents lower than average, so he assumed he had found a bargain. And he did,

Uk gas-spot price at 3-week low as norway, domestic output surges – yahoo finance uk

* Within-day gas down 0.78 pence at 40.60 * Kollsnes exports back at full strength * Britain over supplied by 5 mcm/day of gas Sept 21 (Reuters) – British spot gas prices fell to a three-week low on Monday due

Utah solar jobs on the rise, while oil & gas jobs decline _ kuer

Credit Courtesy photo The national non-partisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs recognized Utah for creating 800 new clean energy jobs in the 2nd quarter of 2015. Some major solar projects announced in Iron and Beaver counties put Utah on the list.

Torture on your doorstep_ amnesty campaign calls for end to london_s annual arms fair _ creative review

The event runs until Friday and exhibits warships, tanks, rifles, armored vehicles and defence technology. Amnesty International says it “has been showcasing arms to all kinds of governments, including known human rights abusers” and claims to have discovered illegal equipment

The oil & gas industry_s next crisis is not about oil price _ tobias read _ linkedin

According to a general consensus, 200,000 professional grade jobs have been lost from the upstream industry in the last twelve months. With new capital expenditure as rare as hens’ teeth, 2016 is shaping up to be another tough year. My

Clarkson university_ undergraduates win at clarkson university’s summer symposium on undergraduate research experiences

Take a closer look at our stats, accolades and facts that reflect why Clarkson delivers a great return on education; how our mission, vision, values and plans for the future honor our history; the university leaders who bring perspective and