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Why mosman oil and gas ltd has surged 100_ in a week _ the motley fool uk

It’s very easy to speculate that the shares of tiny companies whose market value is only a few millions could surge or plunge in a flash based on little evidence provided by fundamentals and trading multiples — this is not

Spp extends business in norway – oe digital

Centrifugal pumps and systems manufacturer SPP Pumps has confirmed the expansion of its business in Norway, with the announcement of a partnership with Hillevag Elektro-Diesel – specifically for the oil and gas market. Ian Burrows (Head of Major Projects) says:

Fall river, three other municipalities ok’d for electricity aggregation – news – the herald news, fall river, ma – fall river, ma

FALL RIVER — Fall River is among four cities the state Department of Public Utilities has approved for alternative electricity bidding as part of a 24-community aggregation plan submitted this summer. Mayor Sam Sutter has scheduled a press conference for

Penn virginia corporation (nyse_pva) price target update _ american trade journal

Penn Virginia Corporation (NYSE:PVA) stock has received a short term price target of $ 3.06 from 6 Analyst. The share price can be expected to fluctuate from the mean short term target, can be seen from the standard deviation reading

The industrial revolution put an end to 1,800 years of ocean cooling _ eurekalert_ science news

The high frequency and magnitude of volcanic eruptions could have been the cause of the progressive cooling of ocean surfaces over a period of 1,800 years. This is made apparent in an international study published recently in the journal Nature

Utah inventions_ harvey fletcher, the father of stereophonic sound _ ksl. com

Editor’s Note: This article is part of the Utah Inventions series, which features a different inventor or invention with Utah ties each Wednesday. Tips for future articles can be sent to ncrofts@ksl. com. PROVO — Responsible for pioneering the development

Time to move beyond nuclear tribalism _ opendemocracy

Demo at Hinkley Point on first anniversary of Fukushima disaster. Demotix/Adela Nistora. All rights reserved. Technology tribalism is one of the continuing frustrations of the energy policy ‘debate’: my technology is better than yours, so I will oppose yours. Many

How to cut costs for a small business

It’s no surprise that a lot of ambitious entrepreneurs prioritise sales. ‘There’s a temptation when you have a business that’s growing very quickly to just focus on the top line, get the numbers in, and even if some of the

Forced asset sales seen as banks squeeze canada oil companies

CALGARY (Bloomberg) — It’s crunch time on asset sales for Canada’s struggling oil producers. Starting in earnest after Labor Day, oil and natural gas companies will begin the twice-yearly pilgrimage to their banks to discuss funding. It’s not going to

Family embraces renewable technology to secure farm’s future – news – fg insight

With 200kw of solar panels, a geothermal heating system and a lofty wind turbine, it is fair to say Ruchlaw Produce, East Lothian, has embraced renewable energy. Some might see the changes across its three farms as dramatic, but third-generation

Use permanent fund earnings to pay for services – and cap dividend at zero _ alaska dispatch news

OPINION: Better to give up that death grip on our dividends than suffer chronic fiscal woes and pay taxes to boot. Pictured: Alaskans line up at the Permanent Fund Dividend Division office in Anchorage on March 31 to beat the

Thync, a mood-managing wearable tech _ the saturday paper

It begins with a jolt of electricity to the forehead. At first I can’t even tell if it’s working. Then I feel a slight tingling sensation, followed by a gentle throbbing. A strange, deepening pressure starts to exert itself above

News blog_ how to solve the charity funding gap_ _ times higher education

Nobody wants to run a half-marathon or bake cakes to raise money for an unknown university’s electricity bill. Most of us want to directly fund research that will help beat disease. But understandable as this motive is, it is leading