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I have really enjoyed riding my 2015 BMW K1300S for two years now and my 2008 K1200S for many years before that. Both the K1200S and the K1300S are described by BMW as sports-touring motorcycles. They were BMW’s competitive response to the Honda Super Blackbird, Suzuki Hayabusa, and Kawasaki ZX-12R. 1 They are heavier but far more comfortable to ride than a pure electricity and magnetism purcell pdf supersport bike like the S1000RR. 2 But, they are sleeker and require the rider to adopt a more “lean-forward” ergonomic position than a pure touring motorcycle such as the BMW K1600GTL.

Several qualities of the K1200S and K1300S stand out: both possess a shaft final drive that provides fast power delivery with very low maintenance. Both have the duolever suspension for greater torsional rigidity. Both have incredible stability and reliability. However, they are relatively heavy bikes, best suited for a tall rider even though modification is recommended to make longer rides more comfortable.

Sadly, production gas near me now of the K1300S has been discontinued. I plan on keeping my K1300S for many years to come. I absolutely love its industrial design including the full fairing and the angular frame. I admit to installing more aftermarket carbon fiber panels than I should have. The K1300S is great fun on the electric utility companies in california twisting country roads near our house. But, clearly BMW is emphasizing its S1000 lineup now. The S1000RR

The BMW S1000RR, on which the S1000XR is based, represented a return to a lighter weight, more conventional motorcycle design by BMW. The S1000RR was first launched in 2008 to compete in the Superbike World Championship and mass produced starting in 2010. It has a liquid-cooled 999 cc in-line 4-cylinder engine that produces 199 hp at 13,500 rpm. It also has a telescopic fork and a chain final drive. The S1000RR is primarily tailored to lapping a race track, not touring back country roads for extended trips. The S1000XR

I kept reading great reviews about the BMW S1000XR, the “adventure sport” bike sibling to the S1000RR. Undeniably, its competitive target is the Ducati Multistrada 1200. It has the same 4-cylinder, 999cc engine as the BMW S1000RR mp electricity bill payment, though it is tuned for street and adventure. It produces 165 hp at 11,000 rpm, with a compression ration of 12:1 as compared to the RR’s 13:1. The XR has an aluminum composite bridge gas konigsforst frame with a partially self supporting engine. The XR is 6 inches longer than the S1000RR.

The S1000XR is much more advanced than the K1300S: it has an electronic instrument panel, clutch-less downshifting, ride modes, and cruise control that my K1300S lacks. After my buddy Jerry bought one, he raved about its performance. So, without even riding it first, I purchased a mint condition 2016 model from Todd and Ken at BMW Motorcycles of Dulles. 3 S1000XR Features

Despite its enduro appearance (and BMW categorizing it with their other adventure motorcycles), the S1000XR is not really intended for off-road use. For starters, it has 17 inch street tires and lacks both crash protection bars and fog lights. 4 Of course, these can all be added later. It also has less suspension travel and fuel capacity than the gas meter reading GS, which remains BMW’s ADV flagship bike.

My S1000XR was configured with the Premium package, which in turn includes the Touring and Dynamic packages. The Touring package includes Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), GPS preparation, heated grips, a center stand, a luggage rack, cruise control and saddle bag mounts. The Dynamic package includes Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), Gear Shift Assist Pro, and Ride Modes Pro. Additionally, my S1000XR came with the hand guards. Riding Modes Pro

On my K1300S, you can upshift without needing the pull the clutch lever. This permits you to shift more quickly and smoothly when accelerating quickly. The gas house pike frederick md S1000XR takes this capability a step further, permitting you to downshift without pressing the clutch lever. The only time electricity receiver that you really need to use the gear shift lever on the S1000XR is while idling at a stop light. Dynamic ESA

ABS Pro prevents the wheels from locking up even if the brakes are applied hard when leaned over. The system was designed for public roads where unexpected dangers can potentially lie in waiting around the next curve. The system also increases safety by preventing abrupt changes in steering force and the motorcycle from standing up unintentionally during hard braking. 6

The S1000XR is notorious for handlebar vibration, hand numbness, and mirror blurring. Reportedly, this was electricity bill calculator the reason why the 2017 S1000XR model was not released in the U.S. Fortunately, I have experienced relatively little vibration on my S1000XR. For those 2015-16 S1000XR owners who are experiencing significant vibration and numb hands, I recommend three solutions:

• Riding height: on the K1300S, my feet are planted squarely on the pavement at stops. On the S1000XR, I stand on my tip-toes even though I am 6’3″. I have no idea what the height of the expected S1000XR rider is, but clearly they are taller than me! Although BMW offers a lower seat for shorter riders, in my opinion, the S1000XR is not intended for a short or average height rider.

• Integral ABS braking: both the K1300S and the S1000XR have partial integral brakes. This permits you to use the right braking hand lever to engage both front and rear brakes. Although the brake discs are static electricity sound effect the same size, the S1000XR’s four piston Brembo calipers seems much faster to stop when braking. By contrast, the K1300S’ brakes feel underpowered.