2016 Lincoln mkx engine shut down while driving 11 complaints electricity out in one room


I wanted to post this as I have an exceptional story to tell. I purchased a 2016 Lincoln MKX with most options from Colony Ford Lincoln in Brampton Ontario. I shopped around and looked at many different vehicles but the MKX just caught my eye. After a few test drives I purchased the MKX and drove away happy.

The vehicle was fantastic, and I had no complaint’s and then after almost exactly one year and 30,000 KM I started having problems. The vehicle would randomly stutter, no notice just stutter and stall if you did not catch it and apply the gas quickly or push the neutral gear button. I took it back to Colony they provided me with a new MCK courtesy car and they checked it out, changed something (I honestly cannot remember what) and gave me the car back, it was no long and it stuttered and stalled again.

Once again I was in the MKC and Colony was checking my car. I must say this went on for almost six months and while it was frustrating Colony kept me in a new car and had Lincoln mechanics as well as their own look at the vehicle. Many parts were changed and many theories as to what was wrong were discussed. Eventually they changed the engine to a brand new engine and I have the car back, it is perfect again.

Being in sales for very large and very expensive equipment I know that all manufacturers have problems, no one is perfect. It is how you handle your problems that sets you apart and I must say that Colony stood by me, looked after me and made sure that I am a happy customer. Colony Ford Lincoln, you five 5 stars from me.

I had just picked my son up from school and was heading back to my office when my 2016 Lincoln MKX suddenly jerked violently without warning and stopped dead in the middle of the highway almost like I had put the car in park while driving. Fortunately, the engine never completely stopped running and since we had just come through an intersection I was only going about 35 MPH. Even more fortunate was that there was no one directly behind me or in the right lane so I was able to coast into a nearby parking lot going about 1 MPH with the gas pedal pressed all the way to the floorboard. When I put the car in park the engine rev’d extremely high and the car again shook violently before cutting off after about 5-10 seconds.

I called Lincoln‘s roadside assistance line and they had a tow truck there within an hour. While waiting for the tow truck I did some research on my cell phone and found this website where others have reported the same problem and learned that there is a recall due to a malfunction in throttle body. The dealership had it fixed by the next day which I was grateful for, however, I did launch a complaint with Lincoln about their recall methods. A defect as serious as this should not only rely on snail mail letters to let you know that "Hey, you might want to get your 2016 MKX for repair because this defect could potentially kill you." I’ve still haven’t received a letter from Lincoln regarding the recall.

I shutter to think what could have happened to us had I been on a busy interstate and without warning go from 70 MPH to zero with fast moving traffic directly behind me. The consequences of an antiquated recall system that relies on snail mail letter could cost lives. At the very least, Lincoln should be calling their customers directly regarding this recall to let them know that it must be addressed right away. This is my 4th and last Ford product. I have owned a 2012 & 2014 Lincoln Navigator and a 2013 Ford Edge and just purchased the MKX back in March. I have had issues with all four vehicles, severe enough issues that I sold the 3 other vehicles…I regret purchasing the MKX now because it appears that defects in Ford products are more common than average compared to other manufacturers.

This is a new 2016 MKX. The wrench light would come on and we take it to the dealership and they find nothing. Happen again nothing. Yesterday 9/13/2016 the wife is driving at 40 mph and the engine shuts down and the suv locked up. Scared the hell out of her. Cars following almost hit her from behind. They have it at the shop again. We had the SUV only 1 month and having all of these problems. The dealership is giving us a hard time. They have lied to us; they hung the phone up on us; and the manager of the dealership will not even talking to us. Herring Ford Lincoln | Lincoln Dealer | Picayune is the dealership and Micky is the manager there. He said that Lincoln said that the driver is holding down the start button to long and that is what is causing all of the issues with the SUV. I called Lincoln and they said that they did not say this to dealership or say anything like that as an issue/problem. This is what is happening now. So now the dealership has the SUV and we have nothing. Someone should make this right.