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He’s not the highest rated tackle on my board, and maybe not even in my top four, but teams are enamored with this big boy. Electricity units to kwh I would go Laremy Tunsil, but I have a feeling that something strange will happen just before the draft and Tunsil will begin to slide. Gas knife lamb I don’t have any inside info to back that up, just a hunch.

This is kind of a joke pick on my part. List of electricity usage by appliances I don’t actually think that the 49ers will draft Buckner, it’s just a joke because they took a tall defensive end from Oregon in the first round last year! They’re not gonna double down like that two years in a row.

The first time that I’m guessing on a trade here, so please forgive me when this goes horribly wrong, but people are talking about the Titans wanting to move up and the Browns wanting to move down. Electricity billy elliot lyrics So why not? I’m going with Conklin over Tunsil because I bet that what goes wrong is that someone hacks his Twitter account and posts a video of him smoking marijuana.

Fuck it, let’s go all-in and predict another trade. Electricity word search puzzle There’s no way this could go wrong, right? Haha. Gasbuddy trip People are saying at this moment, as I’m writing this which is before the draft has happened, that Floyd is rising into the top 10. O goshi technique But the Bucs don’t make as much sense for him as the Bears do, so that must mean a trade is happening. Mp electricity bill payment I don’t even have a fucking clue what Chicago would have to give up to move up two spots, so don’t even ask me. Gas bike alley A fourth rounder, maybe?!?! Shit, if I were Tampa, I’d take that fourth rounder and run. Electricity related words Then I’d use that fourth round pick to move up into the second round for a kicker. Electricity water hose analogy Yeah, a kicker! Haha, this is so stupid, why aren’t I taking this MOCK draft seriously?!?! Nobody’s gonna draft a kicker in round two, let alone day two, let alone trade up for one. Electricity formulas grade 9 Stupid fucking Kenneth Arthur, back at it again with the dumb shit predictions.

Literally the only reason I’m doing this is because the Giants have ELI Manning and playing the big APPLE. Electricity distribution losses Like that’s how fucking dumb I am.

This is probably the first pick I’ll get right since Wentz, god damn it. Emoji gas station I don’t know why I’m being so shitty to the Bucs though, giving them the most overrated corner in the draft, a kicker, and I don’t fucking know who in the second round … Us electricity supply voltage like maybe just some dumb kid who was downgraded for some serious off-field concerns? Who even cares at this point, mock drafts are never accurate after the top two.

Saints need to get a defensive player and they get an amazing one here. Electricity dance moms song They need to build up that shitty defense, so luckily they get Rankins and I’m sure they wouldn’t do some dumbfuckery like drafting a receiver in round two.

The slide ends! Tunsil falls from as high as number three to 13 based off of my GUESS that a video is posted to his Twitter account of him smoking weed just before the draft begins and that on his Instagram account there’s mention of him accepting money from coaches. Electricity distribution costs Also, if we’re just fucking around here, I might as well add that he wasn’t smoking out of an apple, beer can, pipe, or Michael Phelps’ bong, but a gas mask that is traditionally only left to professionals. Gas blower will not start Professional weed smokers.

A great pickup at safety here. Electricity and circuits class 6 pdf Then they’ll take Jihad Ward, Shilique Calhoun, trade up for Connor Cook on day three, DeAndre Washington, Corey James, and Vadal Alexander. Electricity usage calculator spreadsheet I’m guessing. Gas yourself I’ve never heard of James or Alexander. E85 gas stations in san antonio tx What happened? I blacked out for a moment. Gas oil ratio Hmmmm, looks like I typed something while I was blacked out.

I bet Disney’s Jungle Book tops the Friday box office with $10.2 million, followed by Keanu at $3.4 million, tracking for a weekend box office take of $9.1 million. Gas questions I think.

This is another obvious choice, the Colts taking an overrated lineman, so what else can I predict? I predict that after the draft on Friday night I’ll drink whiskey by myself at home while watching the Ricky Gervais comedy on Netflix that I haven’t heard of yet as of this writing and messaging random girls on Tinder and falling asleep with the phone in my lap. Electricity bill nye worksheet I’ll wake up on Saturday and regret everything. Gas density of air Mostly the Ricky Gervais movie.

I bet my interview with Lawson will drop on Rolling Stone this week and not enough people will read it. Gas laws (Please just fucking click that link 10 times, I beg of you.)

I bet I’ll make jokes about posting a mock draft after the first round and then double down on it on day three and then triple down by actually doing it. Electricity kwh JK, I’m too lazy for that. Wd gaster cosplay tutorial I have a life, you know! JK, please see: pick 18.

Sidenote: How much do you hate it when you’re waiting for someone to respond to you and they don’t for hours or even days and then they say, “Look, I’m busy! I have a life!!!” and you’re thinking to yourself, “Bitch, you and me both know that ain’t true.”? And I’m not saying “bitch” as in female but in the gender neutral term, I call my guy friends a bitch. Electricity wiki I don’t even text females, barely. Gas cap code They too “busy.” Busy ignoring my busted ass which be writing fake mock draft articles on a Saturday.

Lol, I bet the Texans will give up a sixth rounder to move up one spot and Washington’s gonna be like, “Uhh, ok?” and do it because they both want a receiver and only one has been taken so far. Gas utility Lol.

I’m just gonna do three receivers in a row ’cause I’m a bored ass bitch and I don’t want to look up any other players and I’m already looking at this list of wide receiver prospects.

Jackson is a 6′, 189-lb corner out of the AAC with blazing speed (4.37 led all corners at the combine) who has the length the Bengals are looking for at the position. Electricity bill cost per month After losing Terrance Newman in free agency. Gaston y astrid lima Cincinnati has shown no fear of drafting corners in the first round ( Darqueze Dennard, Dre Kirkpatrick, Leon Hall) so why should they stop now when Jackson falls in their laps after being projected as high as the Raiders at 14? A solid pickup for the Bengals here and I predict that Jackson is starting for them as early as 2017.

DUH-DOYYY!!! I’M STUPID! Nobody could get picks right this late in a mock draft but I’m fucking around anyway and doing it as I write this before the draft.

This is something fairly easy to predict for being in the back third of the first round. Gas nozzle keeps stopping Once Lynch fell past the Jets, it was only a matter of finding a good trade partner for Denver.. Gas vs electric oven cost Knowing how much Seattle likes to do that in the first round, they give up a third round pick to move up just five spots because John Schneider is a baller. When was gas 99 cents in california There is NO FUCKING WAY for me to predict who they will take with that pick, but it will be Nick Vannett.

The two teams already have a trade history, so the 49ers move up for Garnett to solidify their offensive line. Gas leak los angeles california I die on October 23rd, 2031, while sitting alone in my bachelor apartment watching reruns of “Mostest Fullest House” in my VR pod. Gas stoichiometry worksheet answers Decades of choosing beer and wings over a healthy lifestyle and finding a partner to share my life with finally catch up to me as the carotid artery finally says, “No, I give up. Electricity magnetism and light I can’t take this anymore.” My last VROD (which you know is a virtual reality video blog) to my final six remaining followers simply says, “Pursue life. E payment electricity bill up Pursue happiness. Gasbuddy near me Don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Gas efficient suv 2013 Tomorrow is a new day for me though. Electricity history facts I’m going to exit the pod, go down to California’s last remaining natural park, and watch the sunrise. Gastroparesis I’m going to eat a nutrition packet instead of another simulated sugar packet, both of which I am grateful for, thank you President Krog. Electricity demand Hail, Krog.”

Oof, snatched right out from under the Seahawks? Perhaps! We may never know but they like Butler so if the Panthers get him here, that could certainly change the course of action for Seattle. Gas vs electric water heater cost per year And honestly that’s only if the Seahawks traded down exactly to 31, which I have no idea if they will, it’s just a hunch I’m having BEFORE the draft. Tgask Either way, at least I can finally pick for the Seahawks, the one team I at least know the most about.