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Every now and again a vehicle comes along that has the ability to really impress us on an everyday driver sort of level, not that it’s overly fast, or loaded with all kinds of luxury, it just turns out to be a very great car and even more important, a really good value in the segment it represents in the marketplace.

So it was with the recently refreshed 2016 Nissan Altima that was delivered to Craig during the groundbreaking for the new aquatic center in Springville. His first chance to drive it was the short 8 blocks to City Hall after the ceremony, where he noticed that it was registering right around 613 miles driving until empty!

At first this seemed like it must be some kind of malfunction with the new Altima as it seemed to be way too far for a vehicle that was not in some way or another a hybrid of some type. After a quick check of what the fuel capacity was in the manual and a little math led us to understand why there were so many miles to empty listed on the dash. Since the Altima had been driven out from Denver that day on I-70 and the average mpg at that point was 34, and there is an 18 gallon tank, hence the huge number.

But would it hold out for the week or was it just a phenomenon of the drive out from Denver? Well after 2 trips to Salt Lake City, 6 trips to Provo from Springville and a Saturday dinner in Payson, we had just barley set the gas needle to under half a tank and still had over 230 miles to empty. Call us crazy… but we were having a hard time going through a tank of gas in a week. At the end of the week we were about half way between a quarter and half a tank, we had been over 400 miles and averaged 33 mpg.

With all that being said, this would be a great mid-sized vehicle for the average family that wanted to get great gas mileage and also have more room in the car than most vehicles that could achieve this kind of mpg. Although it is considered a midsized sedan the Altima seems to us to be on the larger side and could comfortably fit 5 adults.

In fact Craig and Bob Williams the publisher of the Daily Herald took the Altima to a meeting in Salt Lake and picked up Brian Allfrey the Executive Director of the Utah Press Association who is 6’5”. He fit very nicely in the back seat for the ride from 90th south to 21st south without even the smallest complaint. So kids would be no problem and would love the extra space in the rear seat. Even Craig’s golf clubs fit across the rear seat with no problem.

Put all this together and then add in the very great mid-cycle refresh that Nissan has accomplished with the Altima, by leaving most of the underpinnings alone, yet injecting some really fine curves into the sheet metal on the exterior and giving the interior a complete facelift…. and one comes up with the 2nd best-selling mid-sized sedan in the land. With competition like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, the Altima needs to stay very relevant to keep it spot among the top contenders.

With the new sheet metal on the exterior Nissan has added the V-Motion grill that has become a common accent on other vehicles in the Nissan line, giving the Altima a more refined sporty look, like unto the recently redesigned Maxima. The lines that start in the front continue to sweep down the side of the vehicle into the boomerang looking LED taillights.

Inside the Altima in the SL trim is loaded with great features and reasons to enjoy this vehicle. Standard on the SL were leather appointed heated front seats that of course feature the new zero-gravity treatment that Nissan is starting to include in many of their vehicles. We have found that these types of seats really help to keep us relaxed on longer drives and make getting up out of the vehicle much easier.

Other great standard features included power front seats, a 5 inch color touchscreen, a Bose premium audio system, keyless entry, pushbutton start, heated outside mirrors, a remote start, and one of Craig’s favorite additions, a heated steering wheel, quite a list of great amenities that were standard issue for right around $29,000.

Another great addition to the Altima that we found completely by accident happened about 4 days into our test drive when the temperature turned colder and a large storm hit the Rocky Mountains in mid-September causing overnight temperatures to dip into the low 40’s. Deanne took the car to work and the first thing that was brought to her attention by the onboard computer was that all 4 tires were low on air.

Since we figured that we had not driven across some type of nail board, it seems strange that they would all go low at once; it had to be the temperature decline. She inspected the tires and they looked fine and said there was 28 pounds in each, so we figured it was fine to continue driving.

Saturday after the storm had passed we set off for a service station to fill the tires, which seems like a quick and easy thing to do, except for finding a pressure gauge and getting the right amount in each tire. Problem solved by the engineers at Nissan as Craig was filling the first tire the horn gave 3 quick bursts of sound as he hit 38 pounds pressure, and did so for each of the other 3 tires. What a cool option especially when filling tires in colder weather and not having the gauge handy.

There were only a couple of extras on the Altima that we drove, paint and a moon roof were both very nice, but our favorite was the addition of the Technology Package. It came with a 7-inch touchscreen up front, predictive forward collision warning, along with braking if needed. There was also the addition of intelligent cruise control, navigation, and Nissan voice recognition to control all the great additional features.

At the end of the day the newly refreshed Altima with the smaller engine turned out to be quite a surprise, proving itself in a weeks’ worth of driving to be very capable and ready to handle any challenge, especially that of being a great family vehicle, one that mom or dad would completely enjoy for everyday driving and most importantly, they would not be headed to the gas station as often.