2016’s crusaders reach the finish line _ pembroke daily observer

The Class of 2016 from Bishop Smith Catholic High School processed in to Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Thursday night like royal blue-clad bundles of nerves, but walked out at the end of their commencement ceremony high school graduates.

“It’s nice to see everyone here on time,” joked 2016 valedictorian Jennica Brazeau at the start of her address. Electricity video ks1 “I don’t think that’s ever happened before, but hey – it’s our last opportunity. Wireless electricity how it works We have to do it right at least once.”

Brazeau, like many valedictorians before her, expressed the difficulties of representing an entire graduating class in one speech, given the naturally cellular and ‘cliquey’ nature of high school, and mused on the differences between how she and her classmates viewed and measured their time in high school at its beginning compared to now, looking back on it from the end.

“Now I measure our time in a greater way that wasn’t obvious before, through all the friendships enjoyed throughout these last 5 years. Zyklon b gas effects Some closer than others, but nevertheless, friendships we will carry for the rest of our lives.”

“Many of us may think of this as the end. Electricity history united states But it’s not, it’s simply one stepping stone into an endless amount of new beginnings. Electricity 1 7 pdf As we launch ourselves into the great beyond, we unleash all our dreams and energy into the world, because nothing is impossible.”

At Bishop Smith, the administration and staff pride themselves on valuing education not merely as a means to an occupational or postsecondary end, but as a means of development of well-rounded citizens who leave the school better equipped to be contributing members of their communities.

As the school’s literature puts it, “education for us is more about who we become rather than what we become – that we are good, compassionate, caring, respectful and responsible people.”

To that end, the school gives out its prestigious Catholic Student Award to the student who, in the opinion of the school’s staff, best exemplifies all of those qualities.

This year’s recipient, Kierstin Lapointe demonstrated kindness and compassion, responsibility and maturity, while volunteering over and above the 40-hour community service requirements to rack up almost 90, at places ranging from the local karate club to helping with kindergarten students and hot dog days at Holy Name Catholic School.

Each year, the student from each high school with the highest overall academic standing is awarded the coveted Governor General’s Academic Medal, recognizing their hard work and scholastic achievement. Electricity generation definition This year, Bishop Smith managed to produce two students who both achieved the impressive grade standing of 94.67 per cent, leading to two Governor General’s Awards being presented, to Madeline Gosk and Jessie Roy. Gas in back relief Rounding out the top 10 students of this year’s graduating class, all with grade averages between 90 and 93 per cent, were Kateri Trzebiatowski, Alexanna Hawkins, Robert Sinclair, Rachel Osterholm, Sarah Travis, Kylee Walsh, Ryan Cooper and Ariel Gervais.

The Ministry of Citizenship Lieutenant Governor’s Volunteer Award is given each year to one graduate in recognition of their commitment to community volunteering, and for having gone above and beyond the required number of volunteer hours. Z gas ensenada This year’s recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award was Alexandria Cote-O’Brien.

Sean Conway Bursary – Ryan Cooper; Ladies Auxiliary to Pembroke Br. Grade 6 electricity test 72 Royal Canadian Legion Bursary – Charlie Smyth; GP Splinter Forest Products – Shanon Rochat; Compass Group Canada Ltd. Gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost Bursary – Jacinta Secker; Knights of Columbus, Bishop Smith Council 1531, leadership award – Nicholas Beres; Knights of Columbus, Bishop Smith Council 1531 Monsignor J.F. Electricity electricity lyrics Harrington Award – Kaitlyn Lauzon; Knights of Columbus, Bishop Smith Council 1531 award to a deserving student who is a son/daughter or grandchild of a member of the Knights of Columbus – Robert Sinclair.

The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board Award was presented to Kylee Walsh; the Frank J. Electricity generation in india Turner Scholarship – Emily Tancredi; the Lorne Keon SEAC Awards – Sydney Frodsham and Robert Gribbons.

Other awards and bursary winners were: Mulvihill Drug Mart Award – Jessie Roy; Catholic Women’s League of Cathedral Parish Awards – Paige Allard and Robert Sinclair; County of Renfrew Bursary – Rachel Osterholm; Kiwanis Club of Pembroke Bursary – Kendall Carlsson; the Rotary Club of Petawawa Bursary – Sarah Travis.

Other bursaries: The Robbie Dean Memorial Bursary – Olivia Kenny; the John Lacroix Bursary – Kyle McLaughlin; the Dowdall O’Dacre Bursary – Wyatt McCutcheon; the Pembroke Diocese Bursary – Keara Kidd; Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Bursary – Madeline Gosk.

The Robyn Gravel Memorial Bursary, named after the school’s beloved teacher and coach who passed away following a heroic 14 month struggle with breast cancer, was presented to Nicole Shaw.

The Rev. 5 gases found in the environment L.W. Sgas belfast Sammon Memorial Award – Kiersten Lapointe; Kings Sports of Pembroke Bursary – Calvin Williams; Renfrew County Right to Life Bursary – Jacinta Secker; Reverend George A. Static electricity images Olsen Memorial Bursary – Joshua Lapworth.

The Eric LaBine Memorial Bursary went to Jami Layman; R.G.T. Electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school Clouthier Construction Ltd. K electric jobs 2015 Bursary in Memory of Sonny and Sean Beauchamp – Hunter Anderson; Valley Transportation Bursary – Alycia Donovan; Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Township Bursary, presented to a graduating student who is a resident of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards – Taylor Herbert.

French as a Second Language Bursary – Elizabeth Thorlakson; Club Richelieu Longpre Bursary – Autumn Ogilvie; National Bank Bursary – Emily Langlois; Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association Bursaries – Olivia Kenny and Erik Fleurant; Our Lady of Mt. Electricity units calculator in pakistan Carmel CWL Bursary – Belle Stewart; Catholic Women’s League of Our Lady of Grace Parish in Westmeath Bursary – Ariel Gervais.

The Picture This Photography Bursary – Kylee Walsh; Herff Jones Bursary – Sarah Travis; Tim Havey Memorial Award – Scott Shaw; St. R gasquet Andrew’s Catholic School Council Bursary – Joshua Lapworth; Pathways for Student Success Bursaries – Bryce Doran, Letitia Orr and Jeremy Smith.

Our Lady of Lourdes School Council Bursary – Nicole Shaw and Erik Fleurant; Our Lady of Grace School Council Bursary – Brody White; Cygraphics Print and Promo Bursary – Alicia Lavigne; Korea Veterans Association Heritage Unit #38 Bursary – Hailey Bolt; Mary Street Bridge Music Bursary – Taylor Ferneyhough and Emily Langlois.

The St. Gas utility cost Andrew’s Catholic School Council Bursary – Joshua Lapworth; Father Paul Ling Memorial Bursary donated by Holy Name School Parent Council – Kaitlyn Hayashi; Harrington Mechanical and Irvcon Roofing and Sheet Metal Bursaries – Kalem Kennedy and Eldon Schiemann; Vaudry Bus Lines Bursary – Ryan Cooper; Student Council of Bishop Smith Catholic High School Bursary – Nicholas Beres and Zoe Ruddy.

The Scotiabank Bursary – Madeline Gosk and Jessie Roy; Teresa Lacourse Scholarship – Kateri Trzebiatowski; Petawawa Chiefs Hockey Bursary – Jacob Edwards; Renfrew County Options Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Bursary – Tanner Charette and Andrew Chisholm; Co-op Experiential Learning Bursary – Mellisa Legere, Mackenzie Taylor and Austin Hayden.

Awards for exemplary achievement in each of the Ministry of Education’s Specialist High Skills Major Program were presented to the following students: Health & Wellness – Raina Coppicus, Hospitality & Tourism – Jennica Brazeau and Transportation – Brandon Bush.

Panke Electric Ltd. Q gastrobar leblon Bursary – Braden Fleury; KPMG LLP Award – Stephanie Rea; the Renfrew County Road Supervisors Association Bursary – Ben Summers. Gas stoichiometry practice sheet Bishop Smith Student Services Recognition Awards – Courtney Lewis and Courtney Sapinski.

Catholic Women’s League of Our Lady of Lourdes Church Bursaries – Scott Campbell; St. U save gas station grants pass Francis of Assisi CWL Garrison Petawawa Bursaries, presented to a child, grandchild, niece or nephew of a present parish member of St. Gas x ultra strength during pregnancy Francis of Assisi – Kylie Hebert; St. Gas x directions Francis of Assisi Catholic School Bursary – Corey Graham; Bishop Smith Parent Council bursary – Sara Hill.

The following bursaries were applied for by students from organizations and groups outside the school, whose committees chose the winners: The Rankin Culture and Recreation Centre Memorial Scholarship – Zoe Ruddy; The Algonquin Chapter of the Professional Engineers of Ontario – Alexanna Hawkins; Our Lady of Sorrows CWL – Erin Conrad; the Knights of Columbus Petawawa Council 11932 – Alexanna Hawkins.

The Catholic Graduate Expectations Awards, presented to graduates who encompasses some or all of the following Catholic Graduate Expectations: a discerning believer – Braden Fleury; an effective communicator – Autumn Ogilvie; a reflective, creative and holistic thinker – Alyssa Leeck; a self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner – Allison Gale; a collaborative contributor – Taylor Brown; a caring family member – Alicia Lavigne; a responsible citizen – Alexandria Cote-O’Brien.

Bishop Smith Catholic High School Principal’s Bursaries – Jennica Brazeau, Allan Pomery, Daraugh Thompson, Tommy Timms and Bailey Wieland-Schruder; and the Bishop Smith Staff Recognition Award went to Alyssa Leeck and Jessie Roy.