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Theater review_ _r. buckminster fuller_ the history (and mystery) of the universe_ _ san diego gay and lesbian news

What do you call a guy who claims that the entire population of the earth “could live compactly on a properly designed Haiti and comfortably on the British Isles”? Visionary? Crackpot? No, it’s just polymath R. Buckminster Fuller, scientist extraordinaire

Credit cuts move over industry objections _ the alaska journal of commerce

The legislation tree sprouting from Gov. Bill Walker’s oil and gas tax credit revamp grew again April 11 when the Senate Resources Committee introduced its own tax credit rewrite. Meanwhile, the House continues to grapple with the third version of

It can still be too late – denton re-visited – lexology

The Court of Appeal in British Gas Trading Ltd v Oak Cash & Carry Ltd [2016] EWCA Civ 153has reminded all solicitors that Court Orders are there to be complied with, and dire consequences can still follow if they are

Commissioners address air quality concerns at courthouse – news – republican herald

Radon mitigation will be done at the Schuylkill County Courthouse. The county commissioners approved a contract Wednesday with Air Care & Restoration Co. Inc., Bethlehem, for the services. It will cost $57,850. The company tested for radon earlier in February

“we could never afford this quality of life in the u. s.”

Incomes Abroad Newsletter Incomes Abroad is a monthly newsletter which brings the best money-making ideas and overseas income strategies into one place—so you can find the one that’s right for you, quickly and easily, and use it to fund an

One man’s diary of survival in nazi concentration camps – op-eds – arutz sheva

“From Day to Day” was not a relaxing read, nor was it a quick one; instead, it was a gripping and unforgettable experience. It took me a long while to decide on the use of the word “experience” in the

What your money gets you in greater boston real estate – the boston globe

Top Spots to Live 2016 These are the cities and towns with the highest price increases in Eastern Mass. — plus, some affordable alternatives with a similar vibe. How Brookline became a hot commodity for house hunters Situated in a

Line of credit_ can us renewable energy continue to rely on tax subsidies_ – power technology

Benjamin Franklin famously commented that nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. When applied to the US renewable energy sector, the quote can be amended to read death and tax credits. The US Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Cg stocks watchful_ jarden (jah), altria group (mo), gopro (gpro) _ share market updates

Shares of Jarden Corp (NYSE:JAH) ended Friday session in red amid volatile trading. The shares closed down -0.05 points or -0.09% at $ 58.62 with 5.14 million shares getting traded. Post opening the session at $ 59.04, the shares hit

U. s. natgas exports forecast to upend european pricing dynamics _ 2016-03-24 _ natural gas intelligence

The potential geopolitical implications from exporting domestic natural gas overseas have been noted, but U. S. gas may already be capping the commodity price in the UK, long before cargoes arrive at European terminals, according to Jefferies LLC. An analysis

Genius pipe is the future of smoking

The end result is an equally genius way to gives smokers a clean, healthy, and hugely enjoyable smoking experience. The Genius Pipe is a durable, sleek, handheld pipe that uses what its inventors call “dimple technology” to filter out tars

Mountain town news_ cell phones and driving ok only if hands-free _ summitdaily. com

KETCHUM, Idaho – City councilors in Ketchum have been moving toward adoption of a law that would ban the use of cell phones while driving, unless hands-free technology is used. Idaho bans texting while driving. Dave Kassner, the Ketchum police

The real risk of drilling in the gulf of mexico _ thehill

There is a very clear line in U. S. climate history: before Katrina and after Katrina. As commander of U. S. relief efforts for areas affected by the hurricane, I saw first hand the tens of thousands of desperate climate

Gas prices skyrocket and may go higher

However, AAA and Oil Price Information Services are at odds regarding gas shortages and breaking the record for gas consumption. According to AAA spokesperson John Townsend, gas prices have been increasing over the past three weeks due to refinery maintenance