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Foote_ oil and gas industry should have to play same rules as others – the denver post

A fracking crew member works inside the Halliburton Sandcastle, at an Anadarko Petroleum Corporation site, near Brighton, May 2014. Oil and gas operations are booming in northern Colorado. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post) The oil and gas industry has spent

Driven_ 2016 land rover lr4 _ the chronicle herald

The Land Rover LR4 is a big box on wheels and it offers exceptional space for people and packages. The LR4 is the latest iteration of an SUV introduced in 1989 as the Discovery. It was updated a decade later

Quickly – post-tribune

To the Quickly commenter who was lamenting the rise in the national debt: Former President Reagan raised our debt while he was in office. He also had the largest number of cabinet members who were convicted of crimes after leaving

The truth about how uber’s app manages drivers

Since Uber was founded, in 2009, its workforce has continued to grow exponentially: 400,000 drivers are considered “ active” on the Uber platform today, and 1.1 million drivers are active on the platform globally. The company manages a large, disaggregated

What albertans got – and did not get – in federal budget – the globe and mail

The federal Liberal budget released this week makes a key acknowledgement about the struggling Alberta economy: Its weakness is affecting just about everyone else in the country. The document estimates 65,000 job losses since October, 2014, with 95 per cent

Global carbon emissions flat while economic activity rises – gas 2

This story was updated on March 21. See below. Are you ready for some good news? The International Energy Agency announced on March 16 that, for the second year in a row, the world economy has grown while energy-related carbon

Essential california_ opening the records on police misconduct – la times

Lights out Critics say a warning about summertime blackouts is actually a threat. Concerns about Southern California Gas Co.’s ability to move gas to electric power plants in the wake of the Aliso Canyon leak are overblown, they say. “The

Feds_ epa fails to protect water from oilfield contamination _ the kansas city star

FILE – In this Jan. 15, 2015 file photo, a private property sign hangs on the fence of a shut-down injection well next to an almond orchard owned by Palla Farms in Bakersfield, Calif. Palla Farms had filed suite blaming

A $2 billion chip to accelerate artificial intelligence

On Tuesday Nvidia announced a new chip called the Tesla P100 that’s designed to put more power behind a technique called deep learning. This technique has produced recent major advances such as the Google software AlphaGo that defeated the world’s

Condition assessment aids calgary of its underground pipes

For more than two decades breaks and replacements of water mains in the City of Calgary, Alberta climbed alarmingly. At its peak, the City was coping with a break rate of 70 per 100 km and main replacement surged from

Emirates and the new york cosmos extend global partnership

New York, NY – 1st April 2016 – Emirates announced today that it has signed a new multi-year global partnership deal with the North American Soccer League (NASL) reigning champions, the New York Cosmos. Emirates will continue as the club’s

Murder can’t kill italy’s interest in egyptian gas

ATHENS – Egypt’s refusal to hand over extensive phone records as part of an investigation into the killing an Italian researcher and Rome’s decision to recall its ambassador to Egypt may have caused diplomatic tensions between Cairo and Rome but

‘alone in berlin’ features the story that continues to revise and resonate _ 88.5 wfdd

Alone In Berlin stars Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson as an ordinary middle-aged working class couple, Otto and Elise Hampel, just trying to keep their heads down in 1940’s Berlin. But when their son is killed on the battlefield, grief

Exhibiting bias _ city journal

A group of prominent scientists have united for an odd quest: to reduce funding for science education. They’ve joined with environmental groups and progressive activists to demand that hundreds of museums of science and natural history “cut all ties with