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Lizzie magie design a board game contest to honor macomb native and inventor of monopoly precursor – news – the mcdonough county voice – macomb, il

MACOMB — The Lizzie Magie Design a Board Game Contest will honor the Macomb native and inventor of The Landlord’s Game, the forerunner for perhaps the most popular and recognizable board game of all time: Monopoly. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Magie was

Many cars take a bow at new york auto show – news and reviews – boston. com

Mazda The Mazda MX-5 Miata already had stolen everyone’s heart when the 4th generation of the iconic soft-top arrived for 2016. The story continues with the introduction of the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF with its retractable hardtop. Rumors had

Consumers energy to complete meter installations next year; reaches halfway point

JACKSON, Mich., March 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With the installation of 900,000 communicating electric meters and 100,000 gas communication modules, Consumers Energy continues to invest in new technology to benefit its residential and business customers. The project will be completed

Uk floods bring further destruction to thousands – world socialist web site

Print Leaflet Feedback Share » Facebook Twitter Digg Reddit Delicious StumbleUpon Blogger E-Mail UK floods bring further destruction to thousands By Barry Mason 30 December 2015 Storms in December have brought floods to large parts of Wales, northern England and

Consol to reduce operations at bailey mine complex in greene county _ triblive

Jasmine Goldband | Tribune-Review – Coal storage silos and conveyor belts at the Consol Energy Bailey Mine Complex in Greene County. Photo taken Friday, June 6, 2014. Jasmine Goldband | Tribune-Review – Jimmy Brock, chief operating officer of Consol Energy’s

Zimbabwe_ can bamboo offer an alternative to trees_ – allafrica. com

By Own Correspondent FOR villagers living in Sagande area in the Honde Valley, Manicaland, the Bindura bamboo (oxytenanthera abyssinica) is a plant they have cherished. Generations of their ancestors have been able to manufacture robust and solid hand-made baskets, brooms

Monopolisation of wealth by uk super-rich accelerates – world socialist web site

Print Leaflet Feedback Share » Facebook Twitter Digg Reddit Delicious StumbleUpon Blogger E-Mail Monopolisation of wealth by UK super-rich accelerates By Barry Mason 4 January 2016 The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released its latest survey of the wealth

Oil slump weighing on housing markets in texas, north dakota

There’s a dark side to those delightfully low gas prices: Housing markets are slumping in communities that were recently flush from the U. S. shale oil fracking boom. Ronira, ThinkStock Home sales are down sharply this year in North Dakota

No strings attached_ why smartphones will soon be charging by themselves _ techradar

Smartphone batteries don’t last long enough for most people – and topping them up at work or at home can be a fiddly and inconvenient business. But imagine if you could keep your phone charged up just by going shopping,

Your video binging is killing the planet, but there may be a solution

Your Video Binging Is Killing The Planet, But There May Be A Solution Our appetite for video is unlikely to wane any time soon, but researchers have developed a new computer chip that promises to increase efficiency and decrease the

Mashpee senior center – january 15, 2016 _ columns _ capenews. net

Come celebrate the New Year with us at our Social Dining Around on Tuesday, January 19, at noon at Dynasty Buffet, 28 Davis Straits in Falmouth. Reservations are required; stop by the front desk or call 508-539-1440. Are you looking

How to buy a safe hoverboard in singapore – channel newsasia

A staff member demonstrates the use of hoverboards sold by Singapore retail store Rendezvous CWAL on Dec 17. (Photo: Justin Ong) SINGAPORE: Shopping for a hoverboard this holiday season? Avoid cheap deals and go for safety and reliability, according to

Saab reborn as ev manufacturer (again)

Remember Saab? It used to be a small manufacturer of high quality sedans located in Trollhättan, Sweden. Its owners were fiercely loyal to the brand. At least they were until the company was purchased by General Motors in the 80’s

Indigenous villagers fight the _evil spirit_ of hydropower dam in brazil – the morung express _ the morung express

A little girl in Sawré Muybu, an indigenous village on the Tapajós River between the municipalities of Itaituba and Trairao in the northern Brazilian state of Pará. (Photo: Fabiana Frayssinet/IPS) Fabiana Frayssinet Inter Press Service At dusk on the Tapajós