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Supply chain news_ the many challenges of getting us infrastructure right

The handwringing over the state of US infrastructure continues apace, with it seems a general consensus that more (maybe much more) investment is needed, but with a real lack of clarity on really how much more – and of course

Why x-ray astronomers are anxious for good news from troubled hitomi satellite

Author Kevin Schawinski Assistant Professor of Galaxy & Black Hole Astrophysics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Disclosure statement Kevin Schawinski receives funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation. He is part of two science working groups for the ATHENA

Turkmenistan diversifies its gas exports to reduce reliance on china _ oilprice. com

In January 2016, the Russian media reported that Russia’s gas giant, Gazprom, had discontinued all purchases of natural gas from Turkmenistan and was not planning to resume imports any time soon. This information was later confirmed in a company statement