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Nikola one electric semi-truck – game-changer or pipe dream_

The centerpiece of Nikola Motor Co.’s ambitious vision of zero-emission trucking is its Nikola One all-electric semi-truck, but the key is the nationwide support infrastructure that the Salt Lake City start-up plans to build around the sleek new vehicle. The

Researchers demonstrate a new approach to designing location-specific emissions-control measures

One of the most pervasive and worrisome of today’s air pollutants is particulate matter known as PM2.5. Electricity dance moms episode Less than 2.5 microns in diameter, these tiny particles are too small to see, but they can lodge deep

The politics of anger _ the economist

Across Western democracies, from the America of Donald Trump to the France of Marine Le Pen, large numbers of people are enraged. 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh If they cannot find a voice within the mainstream, they will

Scientists show charged salts can extract specific central lanthanide elements

As lanthanides increase in atomic number, the radii of their ions decrease—a phenomenon known as the “lanthanide contraction.” This contraction of ionic radius creates distinct chemical and electronic properties for each element because the same charge is present but confined

Sapphire technology market to register a strong growth by 2021 – press release – digital journal

The sapphire technology market is segmented on the basis of various parameters which include technology, substrate wafer and orientation type, and by application. New York, NY — ( SBWIRE) — 12/05/2016 — Sapphire is basically aluminum oxide in its pure

Co2, climate change seen as waste disposal challenge _ climate central

When it comes to carbon dioxide, what goes up doesn’t come down. 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh It stays in the atmosphere for thousands of years after plumes of pollution have been released from tailpipes and

Going back to geothermal school with iceland _ national observer

Earlier this spring the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) went to Iceland to find out. Wd gaster battle Along with a delegation from the Geological Survey of Canada and a number of Canadian geothermal entrepreneurs, CanGEA attended the Iceland Geothermal

Managing energy efficiency lacking in many companies

A worrying number of boardroom members are unclear about what their energy bill pays for. V gashi 2012 That is the key finding of a report by The Daily Telegraph and YouGov, and the inspiration for a series of three

Guadagno steps out from christie’s shadow, into the glare of criticism – nj spotlight

Lt. Gas and electric credit union Gov. Gas works park events Kim Guadagno — Gov. Grade 6 electricity project ideas Chris Christie’s often seen but rarely heard No. Gas bloating diarrhea 2 — may be finally stepping out from behind

Biotech snapshot_ myokardia has a heart of gold – myokardia (nasdaq_myok) _ seeking alpha

I often find myself scouring through articles from various sources with the hope of finding an interesting company that meets my requirements for investment. Electricity sources I’m partial to early stage biotechnology companies due to the perhaps foolish belief that

Betting on banks, cement and pharma_ v srivatsa, uti mf – the economic times

In a chat with ET Now, V Srivatsa, EVP & Fund Manager (Equities), UTI MF, says as a fund house they do not take very aggressive cash calls or do aggressive profit booking just because the markets are on the

L. a. to san francisco by train in 30 minutes_ a pipe dream indeed _ pbs newshour

180562 180577 180577 L.A. Electricity n and l to San Francisco in 30 minutes? A pipe dream indeed What if you could make a train trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco in half an hour? It may sound farfetched,

Law enforcement blotter_ friday, june 24 through sunday, june 26 _ echo press

Trespassing complaint, comp put trespassing signs up on property and informed neighbors they would not be able to farm on his property, neighbors did anyway, Garfield. Child endangerment, comp reporting physical and verbal abuse towards three young girls and that

Strange new state of hydrogen created – scientific american

By crushing Earth’s lightest element with mind-boggling pressures, scientists have revealed an entirely new state of matter: phase V hydrogen. The squished hydrogen is a precursor to a state of matter first proposed in the 1930s, called atomic solid metallic