2017 ford ranger fx4 – car reviews

If there’s something definitive about pickup trucks today, it’s that they have come a long way from just being utilitarian vehicles. Gas vs electric heat Originally built for hauling and towing the heavy stuff, the modern pickup has become, more or less, an active lifestyle vehicle.

When it first arrived in the country back in 2012, the T6 Ranger may have literally changed the rulebook. 76 gas credit card login For the Blue Oval brand, a pickup should not only be tough. Kite electricity generation It has to look good, be easy to drive anywhere, and has to have a fair amount of in-car amenities and safety systems. Electricity in water experiment In other words, the pickup is no longer just a workhorse. Gas pain in chest It has to be a jack-of-all-trades of sorts, switching roles between a family car, off-roader, cargo hauler, etc.

With pickups fast becoming the default choice for those that need a proper ‘ute’, Ford Group Philippines decided to introduce a new, suave-looking variant of the Ranger, the FX4. Hp gas online payment Essentially an XLT Ranger wearing a ‘power suit’, the FX4 presents itself as a cool, calm and collected ute that oozes style. Grade 6 electricity unit plan But has the FX4’s good looks undermined its pickup credentials? Let’s find out.

On looks alone, the FX4 is quite the dashing pickup. C gastronomie plateaux repas This one in particular is finished in Aluminum Metallic, a nice contrast against the black body graphics found on the hood, side panels and tailgate. F gas regulations r22 The matte-finished sports bar, 18-inch gloss black alloy wheels, and blacked-out front grill further enhances the FX4’s dark tone. Electricity and magnetism equations Did I forgot to mention that the mirror caps, roof rails and door handles are also painted black? If Henry Ford had his way, I think he would just straight up ‘murder out’ everything on the FX4 and call it a day.

Climb inside and you are greeted by the familiar dashboard derived from the new Everest. K electric jobs test Besides being pleasing to the eyes, it’s also very ergonomic as everything is placed where you expect them to be. Zyklon b gas canister for sale Compared to the standard XLT, this special edition Ranger gets leather upholstery on the seats and a multi-function steering wheel as standard. Specjalizacja z gastroenterologii To remind the occupants they are in something special, the front seats also have embossed FX4 logos.

It does not get Ford’s new SYNC 2 or SYNC 3 touchscreen infotainment. Bp gas prices chicago Instead, it has the gen-1 SYNC system. K electric bill statement Granted it’s dated, I still like it as it’s relatively easy to use. Electricity laws in pakistan The drawback, however, is that it does not come with navigation as standard. Gas in back and chest Still, the system supports several inputs like USB, Aux, Bluetooth and CD.

Cruise control, automatic headlights, power folding side mirrors, multi-information display, stability control, and voice command round up some of the in-car features that are standard equipment in the 2017 FX4.

Only one engine is available for the FX4, the 2.2-liter Puma inline-four turbo-diesel. Gas stoichiometry worksheet It is slightly more powerful than the previous version of the 2.2 mill, producing 10 PS and 10 Nm more. N gas price Despite the relatively minor bump in power output, this updated powertrain feels more responsive and boost from the turbo comes in earlier. Gas explosion in texas Peak power of 160 PS is achieved at 3200 rpm, 500 rpm (less than the pre-facelift model), while maximum torque of 385 Nm is readily available from 1600 – 2500 rpm.

All well and good numbers, but the true test is driving the pickup out on the open road. Gas vs electric oven for baking cakes A light prod on the accelerator is all that is needed to get things moving for the Ranger. Gas station near me open Despite being smaller than typical turbo-diesels, power delivery was smooth and refined. Electricity youtube billy elliot Put your foot down, however, and the turbo kicks in while the transmission drops a gear for instant overtaking.

But what about its performance on the highway? Back then, the pre-updated 2.2-liter engine had a tendency to lose steam at the mid to upper rev range. Gas house edwards With the updated mill, however, Ford was able to mend that and the engine is now more than capable of delivering power to the rear wheels.

I mentioned rear wheels as the FX4 is only available in 4×2 configuration. 7 gas laws This comes as a surprise as the moniker ‘FX4’ is synonymous with off-road ready models of the F150, North American Ranger and others. Electricity jokes For the Philippine (as well as the ASEAN market), Ford gave the FX4 a new designation, a styling package that gives the Ranger a cool finish. Gas dryer vs electric dryer safety It would have been nice if the special edition Ranger was available with 4WD, but nonetheless, the FX4 is still a nicely packaged pickup.

The term ‘agile’ maybe an oxymoron for pickups, but the Ranger is one of the few pickups that handles rather well. Gas bubble in eye The adaptive electronic power steering is practically a godsend when driving vehicles of this size. Wholesale electricity prices by state It feels light when you’re slowly cruising around parking lots or along side streets, but gets heavier as you go faster along highways or expressways. Electricity bill average The suspension itself was able to absorb road bumps with ease which made for a decent ride quality.

In true diesel fashion, the Ranger delivered admirable fuel consumption. Gas x extra strength vs ultra strength Around town and along light city traffic, it was able to return 9 km/l. Electricity transmission and distribution costs Take it out to the highway and that figure will climb up to about 14.3 – 14.5 km/l. Electricity in the body causes Despite the moderate increase in power, Ford was still able to make a fuel-efficient powertrain for their one-ton pickup.

Personally, I liked what Ford did to the FX4. U gas station near me They were able to make what was already a good-looking pickup, look even more handsome and capable. Gas in oil pan It was able to turn some heads with its blacked-out add-ons but retained its pickup capability with no penalties whatsoever. Electricity meaning A 4WD system would have been a nice addition, but then again, it would already be knocking on the price of the top-of-the-range Wildtraks.

To be frank, I was not particularly sure how I would perceive the 2017 Ranger FX4, but after getting to drive it for myself, Ford was able to deliver a very neat, very stylish pickup. Gas company At PhP 1,359,000, the Ranger FX4, with a 6-speed automatic, is PhP 80,000 more than the XLT automatic. Electricity a level physics But if one is in the market for a dapper 4×2 ute without the shiny chrome bits, the FX4 is definitely a nice choice. Gas or electricity more expensive IMAGE GALLERY