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For well over a year now we have experienced a buzzing noise on our 2017 Malibu Hybrid, which seems to emanate somewhere around the firewall, dashboard or front exhaust system area. The buzzing seems to only occur at low RPM/speeds and just when the gas engine gas prices going up turns on from or in conjunction with the electric drive system. It seems to be more prevalent when the car is first utilized for the day and when colder (we live in S. CA, so its not ever freezing here or anything electricity physics khan academy to that degree of cold). The buzzing ranges from slight to very loud and distinctive, but short in duration. It sounds like a vibration related buzzing and when the vehicle itself is vibrating a bit more gas prices under a dollar than normal driving periods/conditions via. It has nothing to do with road conditions, but does occur more often under a load, like uphill driving. It has nothing to do with any normal whirring or buzzing that might be part of its regular operation design. It definitely is something loose or effected by just the right type and amount of vibration that the gas engine can produce. It never occurs in electric drive electricity 4th grade powerpoint mode, only when the engine first kicks into operation. As the car rises RPM/speed the buzzing goes away. I have isolated the entire thin metal heat shield around the exhaust system with vibration absorbing rubber type washers, but this had no effect gas pain in shoulder on the buzzing. Of course the buzzing is impossible to duplicate at the Dealership, but once the Service Manager clearly heard it on a test drive when we were first entering the freeway on ramp. He couldn’t duplicate it ever again for his service techs. We have had the car in the shop many times for it and nothing is ever accomplished about the resolution of it. Now our warranty for this type of issue is drawing near to expiring. I’d hate to think we’ll have to live with it as long as we own the car in the future? HELP, as I can not find anything gas quality on the internet in any respects about this pesky Hybrid buzzing!!! Has anyone else experienced it with their gas variables pogil extension questions Malibu or have an answer about it?

Wow your explanation could be something that is causing this buzzing? The buzzing sounds like it is near the firewall or even in the dash! Is this possible vibrating exhaust vane in that area? Is it something that can be fixed at the dealership or is it just something that is designed this way and gas law questions and answers can’t be repaired? Would a standard Chevy Dealership know about this vane and how to deal with it? I have been waiting for years to see if Chevy would put out a Service Bulletin, but the Dealerships I have taken the car to says they have never heard of the problem or any other quirky issues I mention I have concerns about. I am seeing from this thread that at least another owner has likely experienced the same buzzing under similar conditions/situations. BTW, one of the other quirky issues with the car electricity off peak hours is gas engine seems to rev up without propulsion, when slowing down from higher speeds (like de-accelerating at the beginning of a freeway wd gaster cosplay tutorial off ramp)? They said that issue was the regenerative brakes, but I don’t buy that much of a noise like the engine from brakes? This problem still exists and never got properly addressed too.

The sound drives me crazy too. If it didn’t stop within a block of driving I would definitely seek a cure. I just grit my teeth until it goes away. And hair electricity song it doesn’t do it every time. Tapping the dash has no effect on the noise. Since this vane is in a welded assembly in the exhaust flow, I don’t think a repair is going to be cheap or easy. A lot of trial and error would be needed to get it diagnosed/fixed. Other than bending the gas ninjas vane, you can’t insert something in there due to the high temps. It is also very difficult to localize where a sound is coming from. In my prior Volt, I would swear there was a clunking noise in the hatch area. Looked everywhere. Turns out I found a sound deadening pad had detached from the roof and was sliding around in the head liner. As to revving when decelerating to a stop, I think that electricity generation in california is a normal function of how the engine disengages from the electric motors. I’m guessing the disengaging needs to be done at a certain RPM. I’ve experienced this too. Again, I could be totally off on both of these issues. These are just hunches.