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At mickey’s explosion site, cleanup continues – the killeen daily herald_ local news

“I thought it was just a cannon or something — I didn’t know what it was,” Jenkins said Saturday, describing the explosion at a Mickey’s convenience store in eastern Killeen early Friday morning. V gas station “And then I heard

New york’s hudson valley revs up for electric vehicles with new campaign – green transportation – mother earth news

The first electric vehicle (EV) consumer education program in the Hudson Valley goes live this fall. Electricity questions grade 6 For the growing population of consumers who are curious about EVs and want to learn more, Drive Electric Hudson Valley

Vancouver’s new glowbal restaurant is big, bold and chaotic – the globe and mail

The new Glowbal restaurant in Telus Garden is spacious enough to accommodate a herd of elephants – and that’s just on the main floor. Ortega y gasset So let’s address the obvious one in the room right off the bat.

Have we reached the tipping point for investing in renewable energy_ _ guardian sustainable business _ the guardian

For a long time, the corporate case for sustainability has been focused more on public relations than profit. Gas x coupon 2014 Companies that pursued sustainable policies, the reasoning went, benefitted by gaining valuable points with customers, avoiding embarrassing scandals

Accelerating electric recharging infrastructure deployment in europe – bellona. org

The Platform for Electro-mobility, of which Bellona is a founding member, has today launched a new paper on ‘ Accelerating Electric Recharging Infrastructure Deployment in Europe’. Electricity was invented The Platform is an alliance of organisations from across industries and

As america shifts to suvs, so does the l. a. auto show _ the press democrat

America’s shift from cars to SUVs is starting to look permanent, and automakers are scrambling to meet the demand. Gas bubbles in colon Toyota, Ford, Subaru, Jeep and Volkswagen are all showing new SUVs at this week’s Los Angeles Auto

5 questions parents of college students should ask – marketwatch

The transition from home to college can be exciting as well as rocky for you and your college student child. Tgask So much is unfamiliar and unknown for both generations. For parents, this transition means defining a whole different structure

This magnetic wand may fix brain circuits gone wrong in addiction

We often think of addiction as a moral dilemma — a sort of spiritual calamity that one needs to rebuild their entire lives around to conquer. But what if that’s not the case? What if addiction is just a faulty

Wastewater creates energy, products – and more — water deeply

Historically, we’ve treated wastewater as something to be treated and dumped – a liability and not a resource. Electricity jokes riddles But Sebastien Tilmans may change our minds about that. Gas vs electric stove cost Tilmans is the director of

Dirt bike magazine _ husqvarna tx300 2-stroke_ full test

With the arrival of the 2017 Husqvarna TX300 two-stroke, everything changes. Electricity billy elliot karaoke This is the first of what will become a mainstay for Husqvarna for years to come. Gas hydrates wiki It’s also the first of a

Back to the future_ what role will electric utilities play in 2030_ _ greentech media

Imagine a possible future in which distributed energy resources have become competitive with grid power in price and performance. Electricity voltage in usa In this future, solar panels, batteries, smart appliances and a host of other technologies are all selling

Study finds biofuels worse for climate than gasoline _ climate central

Years of number crunching that had seemed to corroborate the climate benefits of American biofuels were starkly challenged in a science journal on Thursday, with a team of scientists using a new approach to conclude that the climate would be

Crisis of governance_ local edition _ foreign policy

Ridha Abbassi, the mayor of the Tunisian city of Kasserine, presides over a roomy office amply endowed with comfortable leather chairs. 4 gas planets An intricate map of the city adorns one wall. Arkla gas phone number Light streams in