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Hackney_ police taunted, endangered disabled man

Have you heard of the cinnamon challenge? It’s a prank where someone talks an unsuspecting person into trying to ingest a spoonful of cinnamon in 60 seconds without the aid of liquids. Often the tricksters shoot video of their gullible

Annabel langbein_ the first barbecue of the summer (+recipes) – lifestyle – nz herald news

In an ancient cave in Israel that was home to several lineages of prehistoric hominins, artefacts have recently been found that suggest that the controlled use of fire became routine about 350,000 years ago. It’s little surprise that we are

Why americans aren’t shopping _ intelligence _ bof

NEW YORK, United States — The US economy hasn’t looked as bright since before the dark days of the Great Recession. Gas natural inc In April 2016, the unemployment rate held steady at 5 percent. Gas exchange in the lungs

I have doubts about my a-levels, how do i choose what to study at university_

With A-level Results Day fast approaching, sixth formers across the country will be hoping they have gained the grades needed to get into university. Should you stick with subjects you studied at A-level, or should you go off-piste and try something

110 years later_ what if the 1906 earthquake struck today_ _ hoodline

As residents of one of the world’s most seismically active regions, many of us harbor concerns about the possibility of a large earthquake hitting San Francisco. Whether it’s when we’re taking BART between Embarcadero and West Oakland, driving over the

Coachella and the curse of the drop-in artist_ cameos define music festival _ south china morning post

That was Guy Lawrence, half of the British dance duo Disclosure, on the main stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Gas monkey Specifically, Lawrence was referring to singer Jillian Hervey of the duo Lion Babe, who was

Jordan experiment spurs jobs for refugees — refugees deeply

There is little beyond some roads, power lines and a handful of sand-blown warehouses to suggest that this patch of barren land in Jordan is the center of one of the most important economic experiments in the world today. E

Interquest area on colorado springs’ north side poised to become development hub _ colorado springs gazette, news

Four major mixed-use projects – InterQuest Marketplace, InterQuest Commons, The Gateway at InterQuest and Colorado Crossing – are either underway or in various stages of planning near the InterQuest and Voyager intersection. E85 gas stations florida Those developments, along with

Flesh-eating bacteria like it hot – the crux

It’s spring, and I’m attending a luxurious seafood banquet. Gasbuddy diesel Platters of shellfish fill the tables: crab with limbs akimbo; shrimp ready to be peeled; miniature lobster-like langostino peering at my dinner plate as if knowing their fate. Gas

Power players face dam deadline _ environment _ seven days _ vermont’s independent voice

The pressure is on Vermont’s Hydropower Working Group, the seven-member panel convened to vet the state’s possible purchase of a chain of local hydroelectric dams. On March 17, TransCanada announced it would sell its northeastern power-generating business, including 13 dams

Nh towns starting to run out of cemetery space _ new hampshire _ eagletribune. com

Each year, municipalities routinely budget for employee salaries, building maintenance and even capital improvements, but they don’t always think to spend money on cemeteries — some that have served the town for centuries. Allen has been Londonderry’s cemetery sexton for

Texas moving into real-world proposal stage for distributed energy-grid integration _ greentech media

Last week, Texas grid operator ERCOT officially disbanded its Distributed Resource Energy & Ancillaries Market (DREAM) Task Force. Power outage houston report That’s the group that’s been leading the discussion about how solar PV, batteries, demand response and other distributed energy

Fuelcell energy announces carbon capture study with cenovus energy nasdaq_fcel

• Contract to evaluate the use of carbonate fuel cells to efficiently and affordably capture carbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions from a 14 megawatt natural gas-fired turbine DANBURY, Conn., Feb. Gas tax rates by state 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —