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Crowd-augmented cognition_ early career awardee develops tools that combine human, machine intelligence to accelerate learning — sciencedaily

However, most tasks have proven resistant to distributed labor, at least without a central organizer. Electricity png As in the case of Wikipedia, their success often relies on the efforts of a small cadre of dedicated volunteers. Static electricity sound

Whatever i say will be ‘problematic’_ raghuram rajan on modi – times of india

MUMBAI: Former Reserve Bank governor Duvvuri Subbarao has credited his successor Raghuram Rajan’s “formidable reputation” for bringing sanity to the forex market when the rupee had lost nearly 25 per cent amid “taper tantrums” in the summer of 2013. He

How proposition 123 affects arizona’s land trust fund

Before Arizona became a state, Congress set aside 10.9 million acres for the state to use to fund various needs, but mainly public education. Gas city indiana newspaper Today, K-12 public education receives about 93 percent of the investment returns annually from the

Are payroll cards too costly for restaurant employees_ – eater

Last week, an analysis from the Restaurant Opportunities Centers examined the use of payroll cards at Darden Restaurants, the largest restaurant-industry employer with 150,000 workers, and the results highlighted a concerning number of complaints among the 200 employees it surveyed.

Why research for the pure sake of knowing is good enough _ pbs newshour

181838 181815 181815 Why research for the pure sake of knowing is good enough Duke University biologist Sheila Patek has faced criticism from lawmakers over her research into mantis shrimp and trap-jaw ants, with some calling her government-funded studies a

Wrapping up multiple sclerosis

More good news followed. Gas vs electric oven There’s been no therapy for the primary progressive form of the disease (PPMS), which affects 10 to 15 percent of the 400,000 Americans with MS. Gas kansas city But a related trial

Webcamming_ the sex work revolution that no one is willing to talk about _ inverse

The development of the internet has completely transformed the way we do business; and the “oldest profession” is no exception. Electricity transmission efficiency In a world of online chatrooms, webcam performers can market anything, from conversation to explicit sex acts.

What i saw in mosul_ ‘here, there is no hope, no water, no food’ _ middle east eye

Weeks into the Iraqi government’s offensive to oust IS from the city in the ‘Battle for Mosul’, a group of friends and I, who are all originally from Iraq, decided that we needed to do something. Gas house edwards co

Was nafta really so bad for the economy_ _ the fiscal times

Donald Trump called the trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States “the single worst trade deal ever approved in this country” during the first presidential debate against Hillary Clinton. Gas tax in washington state Earlier this year, Bernie

Oil firms and carmakers diverge in costly debate – channel newsasia

LONDON: Many carmakers are predicting a significant shift to electric vehicles in the next decade. Gas finder rochester ny Advances in battery technology and the growth of autonomous driving and ride sharing: suited to electric vehicles: will power this expansion,

Palisades power plant to shut down permanently in 2018 – impacts 600 jobs _ wsbt

A representative with Entergy, the company that owns the plant, says they had an agreement with Consumer’s Energy that was expected to run through April 2022. Power vocabulary words But both have agreed to end that agreement earlier. “For us,

Measuring up _ oupblog

My first degree was in mathematics, where I specialised in mathematical physics. Electricity jeopardy 4th grade That meant studying notions of mass, weight, length, time, and so on. Bp gas prices After that, I took a master’s and a PhD

Housepainter and caregiver arrested for assault; 11 year-old boy hit by a car in the village

On Oct. Gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 27, two construction contractors got into a verbal and physical dispute inside a Brewster Road house where they were working. E electricity bill A painter – Jorge Coelho, 28, of Bridgeport, Connecticut

Almost 101 and still havin’ fun _ las vegas review-journal

Almost 101 and still havin’ fun Joe Sora, center, who will celebrate his 101st birthday, Friday, Dec. Gas tax in ct 9, 2016, chats with a personal trainer at his regular gym, 24 Hour Fitness in Summerlin, 2090 Village Center