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Doing what comes naturally_ natural hair treatment

If Natural Origin is the right thing for the body, it stands to reason that it’s the right thing for the hair. Gas prices in texas 2015 A notion to which the hair brains at Matrix give an enthusiastic thumbs

Ceasefire or not, the air war in syria is an untold catastrophe – the wire

A new “ cessation of hostilities” is beginning in Syria, with the US and Russia preparing to co-ordinate air strikes against militant jihadist factions. Electricity was invented If the temporary ceasefire holds for the intended ten days – and there

Presidents, congress, and infrastructure investment gridlock

One thing that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can agree on is that America’s infrastructure is an embarrassment. B games 2 That neglect is on full display in the nation’s capital, where a subway network that dazzled the country when

Arpa-e’s $85 million plan to build a battery the size of the grid – ieee spectrum

As the electric grid is increasingly powered by renewables, it will need energy storage for when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. Electricity labs for middle school But the three top grid-scale energy storage technologies today—pumped hydropower,

Extrapolating microdomain ca2+ dynamics using bk channels as a ca2+ sensor _ scientific reports

Ca 2+ ions are perhaps the most important second messenger for triggering a variety of biological functions and often signal in a highly compartmentalized manner. Gas chamber For example, fast release of synaptic vesicles from presynaptic terminals is triggered by

Green smart homes and how they can save the world _ connected lifestyle

Up to 75% of the dwellings that will be occupied in the year 2050 already exist, which exacerbates the need to improve the eco-friendliness of new builds On an individual level, energy consumption per household is on the rise and

“couch potatoes” tend to be tv-energy hogs _ science news for students

Here’s how. Electricity quizlet About two-thirds of the nation’s electricity comes from power plants that burn coal or other fossil fuels. 1 electricity unit is equal to how many kwh (Those numbers come from the U.S. Electricity 220 volts wiring

Doctor strange is a tired film that revels in whitewashing – the globe and mail

In one of the later-period episodes of The Simpsons, there is a rare, perfect three-second scene in which Otto, the perpetually stoned bus driver, triumphantly proclaims, “You know, they call them fingers, but I’ve never seen them ‘fing.’ ” For

Clinton and trump offer stances on stem education, climate change, space – curriculum matters – education week

And while science topics aren’t likely to get much airtime during the back-and-forth, the website has given us a preview of where the candidates stand on a variety of science-related issues. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, backed by

Business transfers_ when is enough not enough_ – lexology

The Constitutional Court (CC) in a majority judgment rejected, in no uncertain terms, three important arguments advanced in support of an application for leave to appeal the Labour Appeal Court (LAC) decision in Maluti-A-Phofung Local Municipality v Rural Maintenance (Pty)

Water deregulation could lead to great savings for business – chronicle live

That’s the message from cost management firm Great Annual Savings Group (GAS), which predicts that businesses could shave thousands of pounds off their utility bills – if they prepare well for the changes in advance. In April 2017, commercial customers

4 ways that elon musk’s new tesla plan will totally reinvent our cities – curbed

Almost a decade ago, a not-so-well-known tech millionaire named Elon Musk took to the blog of his least-famous company and published a ” secret master plan” to bring zero-emission electric vehicles to the masses. 4 main gases in the atmosphere

Kauai utility wins lease for hydro project in kekaha – civil beat news

In addition, they say, the project will improve and maintain valuable irrigation infrastructure at no cost to the state, while bringing much-needed water to land the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands wants to see cultivated and developed. The lease, which