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Kansas’ $53 million revenue crash triggers higher education cuts

The state of Kansas took in $53 million less in state tax revenue than anticipated during February and compelled Gov. 93 gas near me Sam Brownback to order a $17 million spending cut in the state’s university system, officials said

Nasa to test upgraded earth models for solar storm threat – ieee spectrum

NASA relies on spacecraft to help keep watch for solar storms erupting on the sun. Electricity in water pipes But on the ground, the space agency’s Solar Shield project aims to improve computer simulations that predict if those solar storms will create electrical hazards for power plants and

Brexit should be a warning to young americans _ mnn – mother nature network

Prime Minister David Cameron may be the most hated man in the Disunited Kingdom, both for calling the referendum on membership in the European Union and then for losing it. Gas news australia He scratched a scab of underlying resentment

Readers’ recipe swap_ feta _ life and style _ the guardian

The tangy freshness of feta, along with its satisfying, crumbly texture, means it’s a reliable and versatile fridge stalwart – a humble ingredient with transformative prowess that can effortlessly elevate a dish. Gas ark I usually have a packet on

Umass lowell students win nasa award – news – the concord journal – concord, ma

NASA awarded $200,000 to a team of UMass Lowell students to design and build a satellite that the space agency hopes to launch into orbit in 2018. More than 50 UMass Lowell science and engineering students are developing the Space

Prepare for an explosion of gravitational wave detections – d-brief

In the time it takes you to finish your lunch break, several pairs of black holes will merge somewhere in the universe. Q gastrobar That’s the incredible picture emerging from early insights by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory. In February,

Your homeowners’ association may not be taking advantage of a favorable tax break – lexology

A major expense for many homeowners’ and condominium owners’ associations is the cost of the utilities for common areas of the communities. Electricity usage by appliance The good news for such associations, however, is that they are entitled to an exemption

International trucks introduces new lt series – truck news

LAS VEGAS, Nev. Electric utility companies charge customers for – International Trucks unveiled its new LT Series offering of Class 8 over-the-road trucks in Las Vegas Sept. Electricity transmission costs 30, touting the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, driver appeal and best-in-class

Blogger mangles info on african electrification aid project _ politifact global news service

Critics of American foreign aid often say the dollars are wasted. Electricity 101 Daniel Greenfield, a fellow with the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative think tank, put that argument at the top of an article that appeared on one

7 engineering essentials for printed circuit board design success _ boards content from electronic design

In this era of fabless IC companies, it isn’t all that surprising how many engineers don’t actually know the steps and chemistry involved in creating PCBs from their design files. Thitima electricity sound effect This lack of practical knowledge can

How china can shape the future of carbon markets

In the lead-up to the 2015 Paris climate change conference, policymakers stressed the need for creation of integrated carbon markets and called for linking new climate financing mechanisms with the United Nations-organized Green Climate Fund (GCF) based in South Korea.

Accelerating from the engine room _ the engineer

As the internal combustion engine faces its biggest challenge since it was invented, new bespoke designs for motorsport and the city streets are helping to reinvigorate the art form. V gashi halil bytyqi Stuart Nathan reports On the face of

The transition to 100% renewable energy_ because we have no choice – the ecologist

The most important thing to understand about the energy transition is that it’s not optional. Electricity outage in fort worth Delay would be fatal. Gasbuddy va It’s time to make a plan – however sketchy, however challenging – and run

Virtual power plants_ 10 of the best demand response projects in the uk

As the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) recently reported, the UK loses £9.5bn worth of electricity due to wastage, inefficiency and transmission costs before the energy even reaches end-users. Demand response, which remotely controls electricity use, is a cost-effective solution to this issue; cutting