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Soundwave doesn’t know what to do with his hands as Rodimus slides up and onto his lap. They feel like hunks of lead resting at his sides. power kinetic energy They almost lift at one point but never quite make it to Rodimus’s hips. He vents, looking down. "No, this isn’t– You shouldn’t be here. You have the rest of the ship, you need to take care of them. This is… I’m being selfish."

Rodimus shifts, rocking forward and reseating himself closer yet against Soundwave. The angle of his thighs splits wider in their part to bring himself closer against him. Rodimus strokes the tip of his fingers, then the backs of his knuckles, down the over-tense cables of Soundwave’s neck and shoulders, reaching just underneath his armor, as he attempts to coax them to something easier. "I’m proud of you," he says, half a dozen other things he almost said dying once he commits to those few words.

"I’m proud of you," Rodimus says again, more fierce this time, as his fingers curl as if to sink into and grip Soundwave, to bury the heat of his feelings into Soundwave’s lines. His touch gentles a moment later in an easy stroke. "We’ve never known what tomorrow will bring. I’ve never quite always trusted it will come. But I have you here–" His thighs and legs tighten in their grip around Soundwave; his hands warm as he molds himself against him. "–now, and I’m not going anywhere. You don’t know what will happen. I refuse to let your fear keep you from coming back to me."

Soundwave shudders and he leans forward, head resting against Rodimus’s. "I don’t," he confesses "I don’t know what will happen. But I know the chances– I could hear Prowl’s numbers running through his head." He doesn’t have to say the numbers to indicate just how bleak they are. His vents stutter with unease, releasing the tension his body is trying to contain. "It’s not fear- It is… Logic. Reality. Once I choose a location, I will not be coming back."

"No," Rodimus says quietly — a bit sadly, really, "I guess they weren’t." He traces the edge of Soundwave’s deck with the brush of his knuckles, and curls his thumb to lightly scratch at the edge of the glass. "Earlier, when we were sparring, I thought about how Megatron knows you. But you know him, better than anyone. electricity prices going up You know him with the detail and attention of the extremely devoted." His smile slips a little crooked, almost apologetic for saying so. "He has never faced anyone who knows him and his weaknesses as intimately as you."

"Recordings." Rodimus pauses, then admits, "I couldn’t afford to actually see them, but everyone talked about them. Everyone–." There’s a brief bubbling of fear that surges through his lines, stinging sharp, and his grip on Soundwave tightens, ever so slightly. "He is not unbeatable. I told Prowl to put the nerds on creating something for you to defend against any noise attacks, or help you cut through any defenses."

Rodimus’s fear lances Soundwave’s audios like a lightning strike, making his systems hitch and freeze. His hand on Rodimus clenches. "Noise attacks? Rodimus, this is going to be an unarmed match. Perhaps he is not unbeatable. But I’m hard-pressed to think of anyone who’s fought him and lived." Beat. "Three. Three. And we only have access to one."

"He could cheat! His lieutenants could cheat, and you could die, and he’ll go, oh, well obviously I had no idea, too bad, and it won’t matter, because you’re dead, so yes, noise attacks," Rodimus says, urgency born of the fear he doesn’t quite manage to kill. It keeps … leaking. "Damnit, Soundwave. I refuse to let you go in there convinced you are going to die. u gas hampton I want you to leave here, looking forward to your return."

Soundwave scowls and the words come from a place deeply rooted- four million years of root, really, "Megatron has honor. He would not forsake that in… In… Oh." He looks down. "… Even if he does cheat, any of them, we cannot." He falls silent, thumb rubbing against the edge of Rodimus’s thigh-high armor. He doesn’t say anything more, especially not about thinking he’s going to live. It feels foolish to do so.

Rodimus is quiet, too, particularly in the wake of that outburst. He’s quiet in a way that suggests he’s maybe afraid of what he might say. Instead, he focuses on the touch of Soundwave’s hand, hips rolling as he pushes himself forward against the stroke of Soundwave’s thumb, and the glide of his own fingers back up across Soundwave’s dock to his throat. Finally, quietly, he says, "Please don’t give up. gsa 2016 new orleans I haven’t given up on you. I want you searching every moment for victory, not waiting for a loss you’ve already resigned yourself to."

"I don’t know if I can. I thought… Perhaps I had a chance. But when I saw his acceptance– It’s not a challenge to him. I’m a traitor serving themselves up for execution. The question is if he’ll broadcast it live or parade my corpse around, if he respected me enough for such events," Soundwave says, the resignation already in his voice. He surges forward, wrapping his arms around Rodimus tightly.

"The worst part is going to be how none of you can be there," Soundwave continues quietly. "I meant what I said in the practice rooms. This could be the opportunity to take Metroplex. You cannot miss it. I will select somewhere remote and I will block communications. He won’t know until it’s too late- he’ll lose in that respect, at least."

Rodimus’s spark is wild beneath his hood, bright and fierce in its song; above, the Matrix shines — not so fierce, but steady. It’s a strength that Rodimus leans on heavily, and it’s a strength and certainty that the Matrix now extends to Soundwave as well, in a song close enough to the pitch of Rodimus’s spark to harmonize with its melody. It pulls, tugs on Soundwave’s spark toward countermelody.

Pressed so tightly together, he can feel it. But more than that, Soundwave can hear it. The Matrix. The disgusting thing dancing with Rodimus’s spark. He almost bristles but he doesn’t. gas vs electric oven efficiency Because it calls and–. "I’m not sure," he says out loud. He’s not looking at Rodimus as he talks, leaning his head into that touch. He’s not sure who he’s talking to exactly either.

"And you’ll come home to me," Rodimus says. His words are coaxing, as he speaks quietly to Soundwave; his touch is persuasive, as his hands move over his mask and thighs tighten around him. There’s a persuasive power in him that is not wholly his own. As Soundwave leans into the touch of Rodimus’s hand, he finds strength in it that he normally might not, as though heat and warmth is bleeding from Rodimus to pour into him and fill the cold corners where fear now dwells, to brighten them with life and light.

There’s a part of Soundwave that acknowledges that giving into the warmth- no matter how it makes him feel- would make him a hypocrite. Or worse. But seeing as he’s a traitor scheduled to die, how can it actually be any worse? Soundwave sighs and stops resisting, visor halving as he listens and lets whatever it is Rodimus has in his touch flow through him. And he begins to unwind. Rodimus can feel his plates and cables loosening. "I’ll come home," he says, even as a small voice whispers how he’s lying. "I’ll do all I can to come back to you."

Rodimus presses a kiss to Soundwave’s mask, warm and open as though the mask isn’t even there. Soundwave can feel the shape of the smile in the curve of his lips. "I’ve got a few things worth coming back for, I promise," he teases, rubbing his nose over the side of Soundwave’s cheek in a nuzzle closer. His head dips, and he lets his lips follow the pulse of life in Soundwave’s throat, earlier mapped by hand.

"Plans for taking down Lockdown and saving Penchant," Soundwave says, a hand slipping up Rodimus’s chassis to gently stroke the curve of his cheek. "I could use help selecting a small team for storming his ship. And maybe you can bring the ‘where’ of my challenge with Megatron up with the Command meeting coming up. Whatever location works best for saving Metroplex- that’s where I’ll go."

Rodimus turns his head to bring his lips to Soundwave’s hand. electricity use in the us He bites, lightly, just at the edge, then soothes it with a gentler kiss. "Ugh, fine, back to work." That, at least, convinces him to stop trying to lean Soundwave flat on his back, to straighten away and try to look a little more Captainly. "Let’s go review the Pench Rescue Squad, then."

Rodimus’s idea of ‘affirmative’ comes in a wordless suggestion of knuckles dragging over metal and glass before he knocks the door of Soundwave’s dock and then rises. "So with Lockdown, I was thinking we take that hook of his–." And, well. Let’s just say he has some ideas. Rodimus leads the way out, with the only betrayal of lingering anxiety the way he reaches back to catch Soundwave’s hand and twine their fingers together. Good luck making him let go.