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Lot of positives coming away from games against Louisville and Kansas. Yes, would have been fun to win one of these, but the goal of every season is NCAA tourney and should we make it going into the first round feeling like we can win one. Leaving these games, this young team knows they can play anyone, anywhere and compete (maybe not Duke, they seem pretty absurd this year).

Steph Smith is coming into his own. He had the most pressure on him this year to step up and not only is he meeting the high expectations, he is surpassing them. He is slashing and going to the rim and finishing against some big time teams. For this team to be successful, we need a guard who can take someone off the dribble and get to the rim.

Lamb – every year he improves his game. gas vs electric water heater savings He is what I see is the quintessential vermont player. He is hitting big shots, playing D that is really impressing and just the leader the team needs. He leads by example and is a very cerebral player. Wish Bill Walton called one of our games because I would love to hear him rave about Lamb’s footwork and fundamentals. He looks so much like Malone backing his man on the post and hitting the mid-range jumper over his shoulder. Its beautiful.

Moll – he has had some ups and downs – but is definitely the type of scorer we need. Kid is confident and what a way to start your college career – getting meaningful minutes and contributing right away against Kansas and Louisville. Very excited to see him develop. electricity prices going up One thing this coach staff I think excels, which is overlooked, is developing players to fit our system. He has show a variety of offensive skills that are exciting.

Davis – okay he has missed some threes. But you know what, he was supposed to be able to stretch the floor and he is only taking wide open ones. I think by conference play, he will settle down quite a bit and be hitting those shots at a decent rate – or at least enough to space the floor and make defenses come out and play him. That will be HUGE for this team and open things up for guards to drive and Lamb down low. Sure he hasn’t put it all together yet, but the tools are there and I am confident the coaching staff will get him to where he needs to be. electricity electricity schoolhouse rock I also think he played a GREAT game last night on D, boxing out, hustling and hitting open shots. I mean this is a kid that just came from high school, in what looked like a moderate league where he dominated. It will take a while for him to adjust his offensive game. Think his development will really be crucial for the team this year – because we need a big man who can score other than Lamb and Moll.

Robin Duncan – Kid is as billed. Feel like PG is a hard transition from high school to college, but RD looks confident and unfazed. He is another guy who I think keeps getting better. REally, I love the freshmen on this team and think the staff did a great job. 6’4 pg is awesome and he has great vision. I think he will get at least one triple double in conference play. He hasn’t had to shoulder a lot at this point behind steph and Ernie (I can’t believe people thought he’d replace Steph), but I think that is a great spot for him this year.

We need either Nash or Patella to step up and become consistent contributors. electricity electricity music notes I think both clearly have talent. Nash and Patella both appear to be class acts and the type of guys I want on this team – they represent UVM well. I still think Nash will come around – he has gone through so dog gone much that he has to be one of the most mature freshmen in the country. Patella looked great against Lyndon – showed flashes of being the next Kurt Steidel. Their play over the remainder of the ooc schedule will be very important.

Great start to the season. Sure we are disappointed we didn’t steal one at Kansas or Louisville, but heck – to even think we could do that after graduating so much talent is really a blessing. We are really spoiled. We keep reloading and it will only be a matter of time before we start stealing some of these games. Heck, to be honest, I’m okay losing the way we did because it a great lesson for this young team – they will go into conference play knowing they can hang with the best in D1. Plus, down 21 at Louisville with less 7:30 min in the game, we fought back. IT would have been easy at that point to throw in the talent, but these guys never played like they were not in the game. gas vs electric oven efficiency They thought they could win and they put themselves in a position to win. That is the most encouraging sign so far this season – a lot of mid major programs would have just thrown in the towel and gotten down on themselves. These guys have heart – we may not be the most talented team on the floor, but so far I think we’ve been better coached than any team we played and played with more heart.

Overall, we should be excited – so long as the team keeps developing we will be in great shape when it counts. Sure, there will be a slump at some point, but in the AE – our success depends on how we play in the AE tourney. Sure if we beat Kansas maybe we can pretend we could get an at-large if everything else goes flawlessly, but just beating Louisville does nothing if we don’t win the AE tourney.

I’m not concerned about the losses. I expected it. I’m concerned about the teams depth. tgask Offense is heavily weighted towards Lamb and Ernie. Stef has stepped up now. 1 or 2 other bench players need to be able to put the ball in the basket consistently. They’re young, I understand, but they need to grow up quickly if the team is to reach its potential.

I think it’s a safe assumption that Lamb, Ernie, and Stef will lead us in scoring in probably most games but that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have depth. It’s really not surprising to see all three of those players do the lions share of the scoring against who we have played, also. Also not surprising that our 3 most talented offensive players will look the best against the likes of Kansas and Louisville.

I think Becker said at the outset this was going to be a different team where Lamb and Ernie were going to shoulder a lot of the offense early on. Obviously, Stef is going to score as well as he’s proven as much. Foul trouble notwithstanding, Lamb is going to play 30+ minutes most nights and get 12-15 FG attempts. gas vs electric oven for baking cakes Very different role for him then the 20mpg last two seasons. I do not think this will be a typical Becker-UVM team with 4 players averaging 10ppg and our leading scorer averages 11.4ppg. Lamb is probably going to average 15-17ppg+