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Bathroom tile prices range extensively based on the type and whether or not you hire a bathroom contractor for installation. Nonetheless, the average bathroom tile cost is $5/sf for materials alone. We have seen material tile costs range form $1/sf all the way up to $49/sf.

While most homeowners prefer tile for their bathroom or shower walls, some homeowners are choosing alternative materials for their counters, backsplashes and floors. Before you make that final decision, you must review the average material prices for all options. As we referenced in our full bathroom remodeling cost estimator, there are plenty to choose from: Countertops

For installation, you have to shop for quotes. Once you gather reliable bathroom quotes, which most contractors offer for free, you have to make sure all bids include the same work, see pictures of their past work and of course, read their online reviews. As you saw above, it’s actually not uncommon for the labor and installation costs to be more than the material costs. Therefore, if you DIY this project, you can essentially cut your bathroom tile price in half.

By collecting multiple quotes, you can easily find the best deal in town. Some bathroom contractors even offer deals for new customers. Just beware that the lowest price is not always the best one. More often than not, a higher bid comes with higher quality.

For materials, you have to not only determine the actual cost per square foot, but how much tile you actually need for your bathroom remodeling project. This can be calculated by simply multiplying the length of the bathroom by the width to get a complete surface area of the space. Then, subtract the square footage of any spaces that don’t require tile. To play it safe, always purchase a little bit more than your total to account for any errors.

All bathroom wall tiles come in various shapes, sizes and colors, offering plenty of options no matter your home décor. Bathroom tiles require very little cleaning and general care. While some bathroom wall tiles exceed $10/sf, others are much more affordable, coming in as low $2.50/sf. Shower Tiles

By far, the most popular spot to use tile is in the shower. Tile can stand up to heat and moisture, making it ideal for shower walls. As time has evolved, so has shower tile design. As shocking as it may be, according to our shower tiling cost estimator, material prices alone range from $0.50/sf all the way to $84/sf for Kohler glazed porcelain accent tile. Floor Tiles

Tile has been a mainstay on bathroom floors for years. While some homeowners have migrated to wood, tile is the safest and most durable option when it comes to bathroom floors. If you keep things simple, you could pay as little as $1/sf for ceramic tile. If you want to really enhance your bathroom design, marble tiles can cost up to $50/sf. Tile Countertops

Popular bathroom trends encourage homeowners to install quartz or granite counters in the bathroom, but those alternatives are far more expensive than most tiles. Therefore, if you enjoy the look of tile and are not selling your home anytime soon, we highly encourage you to forgo a $60/sf quartz counter. Tile Backsplashes

Finally, homeowners are using tile for their backsplashes. While backsplashes are much more popular in kitchens, they do have a place in the bathroom. In fact, if you have space between your counter and mirror or think your bathroom walls are missing a statement piece, we highly recommend installing a backsplash.

Ceramic tiling is usually made of slabs of clay and other materials that is coated with a protective glaze. Ceramic tiles are great in the sense that they come in a variety of styles, and their prices can suit any budget. For example, it’s possible to find plain white ceramic tiles for as little as $1/sf.

Another popular type of tile used in bathrooms is porcelain. Technically, porcelain is a type of ceramic, but it differs in the sense that it’s not quite as durable as ceramic. As a result, it tends to be a significantly cheaper option for homeowners who are looking to save money without having to sacrifice the overall appearance of the new tile. This option is great for homeowners who want to be unique with their flooring designs as porcelain tiles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Now that you know where you can put tile and the most popular tile types, you have to know the hottest tile designs. Fortunately, whether you’re installing tile floors, walls or backsplashes, there are a few common designs you should strongly consider:

Unlike electrical or roofing projects, bathroom tile projects are safe. Unless you hit a pipe, you won’t hurt yourself or damage other areas of the home. Additionally, if you’re replacing one or two tiles and have extras at home, we highly recommend you try to replace the tile yourself. As you saw above, labor and installation costs add roughly $7/sf.

However, we have seen DIY tile projects go awry. We have heard other homeowners changing their minds and hiring in half way through, as it was more work than expected. Therefore, to ensure an efficient and timely job, many homeowners hire a bathroom contractor. Find A Bathroom Contractor

Installing new tile in your bathroom is a great way to enhance the design without spending a fortune. If you’re ready to create the bathroom of your dreams or make a few minor tweaks to your tile, let us help you find a reliable bathroom contractor near you.