2018 Fantasy baseball week 6 prospect report getting a phd in soroka-nomics – fantasy six pack gas x strips review

He’s living up to the hype in obvious and not obvious ways. He blasted his second HR on Thursday and has five doubles. His wOBA is a handsome .395 and over 40% of his batted balls are hard hit with an ISO of .262. Acuña has stolen one bag and gotten caught one time. What I like most (keep in mind this is all very small sample) is that he is striking out 17% of the time versus the 28% he was striking out in the minors. I’m sure he’s owned but he is as exciting as it gets alongside Ohtani. Mike Soroka , R HP, Atlanta Braves

Soroka took an L on Sunday giving up four runs, three walks and striking out three at home versus San Francisco. In the minors, Soroka has a good (not amazing) K%, a good (not great) SwStr%, and really good command. He relies on his good fastball that has great sinking action and continues to develop his breaking balls. He walked three on Sunday which is not great and only got 40% ground balls. So, without dirty nasty pitches, his ceiling is not super high for this year but his repertoire should provide a high floor.

Ohtani is back from his ankle injury and he is owned in your league. So, I’ll be brief. He is back hitting and has five hits in his last 17 at-bats with two doubles. For pitching, he went six innings, gave up two, and struck out six on Sunday. He looked good.

I’m really liking Kingham who followed up his one hit historical debut with a seven-strikeout start against the Brewers on May 5 th. He was cruising through five before giving up a two-run homer. He has now struck out 12 and only walked one in 12 innings. I’m on-board still and recommend picking him up.

Gleyber is being Gleyber. He is just doing it in the bigs now. The dude is a hitting machine, including his three-run homer on Sunday. He has recorded a hit in 11-of-14 games since being called up hitting .333 with a .349 wOBA. His BABIP is almost .400 and has just 25% hard-hit rate. I’m not worried because he is a skilled hitter with a good eye. His average may come down some but not a ton. Domingo German , R HP, New York Yankees

German is not ranked in the top 100 overall and is the 18 th ranked prospect in the Yankee system. His fastball has some nice action and his breaking stuff is improving in generating some swings and misses. He really showed up for his first start on Sunday striking out nine and giving up no hits against Cleveland. This is an exciting start. He has some control issues and scouts generally see him as a bullpen guy.

One of the hottest hitters in the minors right now is the 15 th ranked prospect in the Padres system. Don’t tell him that he’s only ranked 15 th, though because he has eight HRs and a ridiculous .461 wOBA. He also has a 12.5% walk rate and a .275 ISO.

His prospect report is all about his left-handed power and ability to make hard contact. His history of struggling with pitch selection and poor walk and K rates may be getting ironed out as he works on his approach. Naylor is showing improvements in his walk-rate, making me believe his approach, pitch selection, etc. are improving.

Alford was recalled from AAA and is the 45 th ranked prospect. I like Alford. He has an advanced approach to the plate, good bat speed, and know how to take a pitch. He got dinged in his ranking after a knee injury. As he grows and gets better he will be a great top-of-the-order hitter getting on base, stealing some bases, and providing a little pop. Sinker – Francisco Mejia, C, Cleveland Indians (AAA)

Mejia has been bad and unlucky. He is the 11 th overall ranked prospect well regarded for his switching hitting hit-tool that generates hard hits and a good average. That said he is hitting .193, still striking out too much, and not walking enough. The bright side may be his .222 BABIP without any significant drop in his LD% and his three HRs.