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How SDP differs from solvent-assisted SAGD, which is also being tested by industry, is that SDP is predominantly solvent injection. That Cenovus advanced SDP to field trials in less than two years is a testament to the industry’s need for better environmental performance, Cenovus’ commitment to technology advancement and Filstein’s unique skill set.

“At SAIT, students have a final project that I mentor them on. gas utility austin I try to have them see and understand the current challenges and the status of our industry,” he says. “I deal with international students as well, which is very rewarding to see people coming here from all over the world. It was their dream to work in oil and gas and to be in Canada and to be part of something like this. So its satisfying to see them actually work on projects that matter and that could potentially make a difference to the industry.”

If not for your career, what would you be doing: I’d be an entrepreneur because I’m passionate about developing innovative, scalable and impactful technologies. I appreciate the opportunity to be part of Cenovus’s technology development team that advances new technologies with the potential to enhance environmental and economic performance.

“It’s weird, the bigger the group, the more comfortable I am. It just becomes a sea of faces. gas 4 less manhattan ks I don’t like to have a script too much. I know what needs to be said, so I have some notes but, at the same time, once I get into the energy of the event, it all just kind of flows from there,” says the one-man communications team for Fluor Canada.

Case in point: Last year, when Fluor asked him to MC its employee service awards banquet, he took the podium in front of a thousand people and knocked it out of the park. People heard the message of appreciation. power usage estimator He made them feel comfortable. He made them laugh and people still tell him that they hope he will MC the event again this year.

Connors grew up in the land of curious place names (Newfoundland), in a community called Tickle Cove. 3 gases in the air Helping out was a way of life for the family. His father, the last of a long line of fisherman, was also a volunteer firefighter, a member of Knights of Columbus and cooked huge meals for seniors at various events. electricity synonyms He was adamant that his son and two daughters also support the community.

“Volunteer interests evolve and, while I still volunteer and participate in United Way events, I have since switched it up a bit. My dad was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma a few years ago, so I’ve been dedicating most of my fundraising and volunteering to that cause,” he says. “Also, each year, instead of exchanging Christmas gifts, a group of friends and I go to the Kirby Centre downtown and bring them presents and make them a meal and cookies.”

And, in fact, her temperament was more aligned with engineering and its focus on practical innovation rather than the experimentation and multiple replications of pure science. Add to that, growing up in the B.C. mountains in the 1980s in a small town that owed its existence to logging and mining, Dooley chose environmental chemical engineering with the aim of helping industry reduce its environmental impacts.

On her own time, Dooley is busy inspiring a new generation of children interested in science. She was a founding member of B.C. Science Fair Foundation, served on the committee for the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair since her university days and, when she moved to Calgary—before she even knew her own office phone number—a local Science Fair board member called, saying, “Well, now that you’re in town, can you stop by our meeting this evening?”

“We had the Science Fair in April and it blows my mind every single year,” says Dooley, who is currently External Relations Chair for the Calgary Youth Science Fair Society. “Their projects range from looking at potential ways to cure Alzheimer’s to research into all sorts of biological and engineering challenges that I don’t even pretend to understand. About 1000 students participate in the fair each year and it’s always a challenge to decide which 12 to send to the Canada-wide Science Fair.”

In her first job at the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), she lobbied U.S. senators and congressmen on market-access issues for the oilsands. That was role that she got on the strength of her experience in university politics, her internship at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for scholars in Washington DC and her view that for Canada’s energy prospects to improve, we need to bridge the gap between polarized interests.

Recently, She was part of a year-long national policy and leadership development program led by the Public Policy Forum (an Ottawa-based think tank). Working with other young professionals from across Canada, She co-authored a paper recommending policies to support displaced workers affected by climate change, which she presented at the 2017 North American Women in Energy Forum.

“These [YPE] events break down the silos,” She says. “We partnered with the Canadian Energy Executive Association, formerly known as Oilmen’s, and brought executives with 15-plus years in the industry—basically C-suite people—into the same room as people just starting out in the industry. gas numbers stove temperature The CEOs shared their perspective on the challenges to the industry and where the opportunities are and how young people need to position themselves to get the right skills to tackle those challenges.”