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Orphan Train I felt was really well written. It had a few cons to it that I didn’t like but honestly there’s not many "perfect" books out there. There will be always something people disagree with. Anyhowww… In a nutshell it was two stories in one, some of the book was about when a woman who lives in a really big house was little and rode on the Orphan Train and her journey and what it was like for her in some of the foster homes, and part of the book was when the woman was elderly and a girl who is currently in foster care came to clean her house for 30 days because of a crime she had committed (stole something). Anyhow it’s about how the two link together and talk about their lives and their stories they tell us. It was really awesome. It IS however a work of fiction, but I do feel like someone somewhere has lived this story.

Fearless is a true story about a Navy SEAL who was killed in the line of duty. This book really spoke to me. I enjoyed the fact that this man was human, he had faults and not all the time was he a great person… He did a few things in his life he ended up being ashamed of but for God he turned his life around and God blessed him so much for it. This story talks about how Adam Brown was as a kid, teenager, young adult and as he grew up and found himself in the Navy and then became a SEAL. I know this will sound cliche but I laughed, cried, was angry, and had hope too. It’s one of those books that make you think about your own life. Or it did for me anyhow.

Behind Closed Doors is a thriller work of fiction, this book was definitely right up my alley. Long story short (no pun intended), the book was about this woman who’s married to a man who’s keeping her against her will. She married him thinking he was someone completely different and he’s kept her hostage for a few years under fear and beatings and whatnot. It’s a nail biter of a story, especially when she is trying to escape. I actually ended up reading this book in one day, I was constantly wanting to see what happens next, lol.

Currently I just read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Pros: It was a fantastic psychological thriller. It really made me start thinking about people differently. Like in their minds, when no one can hear them, do they really think this certain way? Anyhow I’ve seen the movie but this book is more in depth (obviously) and I’m so glad I read it. It tied up loose ends for me. Lots of twists and turns. There were a lot of things I could relate to in this book as well, and also a lot of things I agreed with on how the female narrator wanted women to act, to be stronger and not be doormats.

Cons: Tons of cursing and crude language. It was every where. Usually I don’t go for this type of book but it was so realistic it made me kind of wonder if in some men’s minds does this language really happen, do they view women like in this book. Not all men, obviously, but it made me think about how I’ve met these types of men, how they’re portrayed on the outside, and if that’s really how they are on the inside. Anyway if you’re not fond of this kind of thing, then it might not be even worth picking up.