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No snow here but we’re having a nice cold(er) snap. There is one downside. All my long sleeve tees and my jacket are missing. I am, was sure I packed them and put them in the attic with the blankets and such. Also some fleece sweats. The neighbors have checked the attic twice and found the blankets but not the shirts and jacket. ??? They are not downstairs. In this barebones house there is literally no place for them to hide. My neighbors after looking around conceded that was true, and there is no way I can get into the attic to look myself. Fortunately I have one tee still here that was in the laundry when I packed everything last spring. It’s getting lots of wearing and washing. It looks like I’m going to have to buy a few new winter duds. So where did they go? Who knows. electricity units to kwh I still think they must be in the attic, but they say they have searched thoroughly. Sigh.

Another thing that’s done – late last night I finished with the organization of beads and embellishments. Finally. There is still some bead soup I’ll sort through eventually but doesn’t need to be done now. I have to confess to getting another embellishment book that I really like. I think I am going to spend some time going through all of them and compiling a wish list of tools and materials. electricity and magnetism review The books are so full of cool ideas that I am antsy to dive in but the sewing comes first. I also have several cross stitches dead in the water since I’ve been working on the Great Reorganization. Maybe I can get back to those in the evenings.

The house has been utterly neglected while I did this and I must catch up with that, but I was determined to get through the bead stuff before I did anything else so that could all be put away. With that accomplished there are no more excuses. So I will up the pain meds to the allowed limit and see how much I can get done today and tomorrow. I will feel better when the house is in better shape.

I managed to add to my stash today in the form of 54 spools of assorted thread for $2 at GW. Usually they want $6 for a bag like that. Almost all of it is the good stuff, Dual Duty and Guterman. Most of the Guterman stuff is full spools, too. Only one in the whole batch is less than half full, so even with that, every spool is worth the .037 cents each I paid for them. I was happy only three spools are black or white, since I have a lot of those in one-pound cones. I like to keep a good inventory of other colors so I don’t have to buy retail, which is often impossible here in town.

We bought an air fryer oven this AM. I finally took the plunge. We’ve been talking about a second one since we got the first one, and this one just came out and has many more options than our first one, plus will hold a lot more. Can’t wait to get it now. We got the AF oven plus an optional accessory package for $170 and tax, shipped. Or maybe it was $180. Or maybe that was with the tax. I didn’t actually place the order, and in fact was only talking about placing the order when I was informed it was already placed. I have to be careful what I say I want around here unless I’m really sure I want it.

SD – One of the guys in the second house over looked early in the week and he came back with his brother for another look yesterday. I really don’t think I can send them up to look again. I’ll get a few long sleeve tees, and I can do without the jacket this winter. It was ancient and needed to be replaced anyway. I have an old fleece cape type thing I can use. It’s what I wore yesterday. It looks a bit ratty but will suffice. world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor I go out for doctors appointments where I park close in handicap spots, to the grocery where someone else is out in the cold loading them in the trunk, and that’s about all.

Unless there’s an appointment on a really cold day I don’t go out at all. The beauty of not working anymore. As you know, if we have seriously cold weather it normally only lasts a few days. There was more last year but it was pretty unusual. If it happens again, I’ll just stay home more and wait until we hit the 60s again. Two or two and a half months at the most and our so-called winter is over. It’s supposed to get down to freezing or a couple of degrees below at the first of next week but it will bounce back up.

I made more progress with the house yesterday than it looks like. It should be more apparent as I work on it today. I went through the cross stitch ufo pile last night. I should be able to finish them off in a year or so if I worked on them energetically. Kits? Maybe another couple of years on non-stop stitching. Lol. I abandoned one smallish ufo that’s been sitting around for at least three years. Realistically I would never finish it. It was one of the first Anchor thread patterns and I was using DMC. jokes gas prices Not very successfully. I was never satisfied with the colors and got very frustrated with it. It was that experience that convinced me to get the Anchor thread. I have a fair number of patterns that use it and some are favorites, definitely on my someday list. Now I just have to figure out how to live another half century or so.

I seem to have made a start on that too because it seems that last night’s supper isn’t going to kill me. I thought I had put all the refrigerated groceries away when I got home Friday. Wrong. Yesterday what turned up while I putting away the rest of them was – oops – the pork loin that I had missed. I need a keeper. I cut it in chunks to maximize cooking surfaces, chucked it in an oven bag with a jar of gravy from last years Thanksgiving sales, and cooked it within a quarter inch of its life. I got away with it. tropico 5 power plant I would not have tried it with chicken, but I thought I might be able to rescue an orphan chunk of pork. It wasn’t the tastiest I’ve ever done but least it wasn’t lethal. I think I may shred it and freeze it with barbecue sauce for sandwiches.

I found a set of templates for embroidery stitches. I’ve been searching for some time. I knew from my books that they existed but I could never find them. They were a lot more expensive than I hoped they would be, but I ordered them anyway. They will be a great tool to have. They are for marking the fabric so a line of stitches like blanket or feather stitch are evenly spaced and the same size.