2019 Dodge challenger review brash and better than ever – roadshow gas bloating pain


Fortunately, all that extra rubber has done little to tame this car’s rambunctious attitude electricity japan. With just a side-step of the clutch or blip of the throttle, it’ll haze the Pirelli P-Zeros, roar like something straight out of the 1960s and tear away from other traffic. The 6.4-liter engine sounds phenomenal and delivers absolutely gigantic amounts of power. Yet it’s not so overwhelming or overpowering that I can’t exploit or enjoy it on a public road. The license-endangering Challenger Hellcat this is not.

Adding to the enjoyment are the long, heavy and mechanical shifts from the Tremec six-speed manual gearbox. No, it’s not the type of slick transmission you can shift with two fingers. Instead, each shift requires a bit of muscle and a bit of heft, and there’s a satisfying mechanical feel as the transmission slots into gear. Gears one through four are closely spaced for incredible pace; five and six are such tall overdrives (for fuel economy) that you’ll be surprised how often you need to downshift on the highway ortega y gasset la rebelion de las masas.

It goes without saying that the 12-inch-wide tires allow this Challenger to generate a lot of cornering grip. Even more impressive is the car’s composure pointing into bends, thanks to the upgraded anti-roll bars, stiffer springs and three-mode adaptive dampers of this Widebody version. The Dodge is seriously poised and accurate when directed along twisting roads. The new Widebody package also pays dividends here: Dodge says that on a 2.1-mile gas bijoux nolita road course, the new model would turn in lap times two seconds quicker than last year’s Scat Pack.

Being a performance model, the Challenger’s touchscreen also has go-fast options. Electronic line lock, which holds the front brakes so you can do burnouts, as well as launch control with an adjustable rev limit, are newly optional this year. Various gauges in the instrument cluster and infotainment screen allow for monitoring details like engine output and fluid temperatures, while various timers permit measuring acceleration, braking and G-force figures.

The Challenger also wins big for being, well, big on the inside. The cabin is roomy in both rows of seats. Unlike a Camaro or Mustang, there are three seatbelts in back and enough space that adult r gas constant chemistry passengers could fit comfortably for more than a brief jaunt down the block. Too, the Dodge’s 16.2-cubic-foot trunk capacity shames the Ford and Chevy. You might wonder if that matters much in a performance coupe, but it could be what makes the Challenger a livable daily-driver car for some shoppers.

On the other hand, this engine is not the one to pick if you want daily-driver fuel efficiency. Though rated for 14 miles per gallon city and 23 mpg highway, the Challenger returned much worse economy in my care because I couldn’t resist romping on the loud pedal. Of course, thrifty drivers will note that V6-equipped Challengers boast EPA figures as high as 19/30 mpg… they just don’t accelerate as quickly or sound as invigorating. How I’d spec it

Just like this electricity and circuits class 6 questions. OK, the $55,550 as-tested price is a little hard to stomach, but this is the ideal Challenger configuration if you want to actually enjoy your muscle car out on the street. The 2019 R/T Scat Pack starts from $38,995, but you’ll need to add a $1,395 destination charge and, on stick-shift models, a $1,000 gas-guzzler tax. Then the Widebody option itself is another $6,000, and that’s before the handful of other small options (a sunroof is $1,195, for instance) that ballooned the car’s price. Still, all-in my test car cost less than the entry price of the SRT Hellcat. Considering the horsepower and fun on offer, that’s a great deal.

Of course, what’s so endearing about gas 02 the Dodge Challenger is that there’s one for everyone. It starts at just $27,295 (before destination), offers anywhere from 305 to 797 horsepower and comes in all manner of bright colors. Car enthusiasts with a penchant for noisy, tire-screeching performance cars that put a big grin on their face will love the Scat Pack Widebody. But whichever version you choose, pretty much anyone will be able to comprehend the appeal of the Challenger’s bold retro looks and immensely fun nature.