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California has been hit once again with a new law regarding exhaust modifications. This time, however, there are no longer any fix it tickets without a fine. That is now long gone! It is a flat $1000 fine. The law is so vague and enforcement of it has yet gasbuddy nj to be determined. I will cut/paste what I found on another website that gets to the point of it. Bottom line though, this really sucks. I guess I have 3 options: go back to stock exhaust, which is not an option. Or, I can put on a whole new complete a/m catback system that is quieter 76 gas credit card account login. Or, I can get a larger resonator attached to my current catback system. Or, a 4th option would be to purchase a universal a/m silencer of some sort.

As of this writing, if you’re pulled over and cited for a modified exhaust that is too loud, it is an automatic $1000 fine and is no longer written as a “fix it” ticket. Previously, the citation was issued as “correctable”, or more commonly referred to as a “fix-it ticket”, meaning the offending party could have the exhaust modified to meet the 95-decibel limit. Upon having the exhaust brought within the legal threshold, the fine would then have been waived.

“(4) Existing law provides that whenever any person is arrested for certain offenses, including, among other things grade 6 science electricity unit test, an infraction involving vehicle equipment, the arresting officer is required to permit the arrested person to execute a notice, prepared by the officer in triplicate, containing a promise to correct the violation and to deliver proof of correction to the electricity vs magnetism venn diagram issuing agency, unless the arresting officer finds that a disqualifying condition exists.

Existing law requires every motor vehicle subject to registration to be equipped with an adequate muffler in constant operation and properly maintained to prevent any excessive or unusual noise and prohibits a muffler or exhaust system from being equipped with a cutout, bypass, or similar device. Existing law further prohibits the modification of an exhaust system of a motor vehicle in a manner that will amplify or increase the noise emitted by the motor of the vehicle so that the vehicle exceeds existing noise limits.

That last line is the important one. To put it into plain English, if you look at the last line of the first paragraph, it says a motorist can make gas out game instructions the necessary changes to bring their vehicle within the law “unless the arresting officer finds that a disqualifying condition exists”. The last line of the bill declares offenses related to modified exhaust are automatically considered “disqualifying”. Buttoning this all up as succinctly as possible: if your exhaust is found to be modified, you will be fined $1000. Period.

When I had Ed Hanson Muffler in Spring Valley Ca install my Magnaflow catback, they said it would be considered moderately loud. The resonator is pretty long, but it does have a great sound and is definitely gas stoichiometry worksheet louder than the stocky exhaust system. I have an Injen SRI and a Catback system only, no RH. I definitely do not want to put a silencer on it as mentioned above, it will totally restrict the air flow. So, when/if I need to change up the current system to something quieter, I will have to either put on a quieter o gosh corpus christi muffler or get a larger resonator to reduce the db’s.

I contacted the local CHP office to schedule an appointment to have them take a look and listen to my car to determine whether or not I am compliant. I am waiting for a call back from them hopefully in the next day or two. I heard from a friend that when they test db’s, they stand back about 2 feet from the back of the tail pipe and then step a few feet to the side, 45 degree angle ?, then measure the noise level. I am not certain if that gas in babies at night is the actual test or not, but sounds about right.

Thanks 181stLeader for the info and heads up. I called Magnaflow and they youtube gas pedal said I should be under 91 db’s with a good sized resonator. Like I mentioned before, it is only moderately loud. I downloaed a few free db apps on my phone and tested my exhaust sound, (I realize this is not at all accurate with what the state ref would use to measure db’s), but the app registered between 70 and 80 db’s depending on the sound frequency weighting that was set for bands – A, C and Z. The loudest it got was apromately 81 db’s at 50 % throttle/rpm’s and that was inside of my garage where it is not recommended to measure. I think I will be ok, but it is nice to know that if I were to ever get cited, I have the option to go to a ref to get it checked out and certified that it is below 95db’s and then get it written off at court. Granted, $130 for the test, $25 for court cost and 2 lost days to clear the citation. But, I would at least electricity electricity song have the certificate for future use in the event I get pulled over to show the officer that I am compliant