2019 Nfl draft prospect a. j. brown wr ole miss – gang green nation gas laws definition chemistry


A. J. Brown is a tough, possession type receiver with good hands, elusiveness, and enough speed to break off an occasional big play. He played primarily out of the slot at Ole Miss and had two prolific years playing in the SEC. He had 160 receptions for 2,582 yards and 17 TDs in the last 23 games. He did this while playing with two gas hydrates energy other primary weapons on the outside (Metcalf, Lodge). He is also a very smooth route runner who seems to glide along until he abruptly changes direction; usually in a good angle away from the DB.

He is shifty in the open field and adept at taking short throws and weaving through a defense for a big gain. He reads coverages very well and will always find the soft spot to sit in a zone. He is not overly big, but he is strong enough to break tackles always falling forward for extra yards. He is football smart and knows how to alter his speed and stride length to create separation against man coverage electricity kwh calculator. He is a natural hands catcher who has very few concentration drops.

Again in a pistol formation the fake holds the LBs for a second while Brown races off the line. He does a good job of selling the vertical route as he eats up the cushion the DB had started with. The DB has no choice but to retreat, and that is when Brown breaks off his route in a open space. You see when he catches the ball there are 4 defenders around him but none within 5 yards. He placed himself perfectly between 4 players giving the QB an easy throw for a completion. He could just drop there, but he weaves his way around for an extra yard. In the end there are 5 players around him, and they barely touch him.

At the snap the CB creeps up in coverage meaning he is going to sit on the short route, it’s 4th and 4 so why shouldn’t he. Brown reads this immediately and gives a cursory lean to the post then just runs by he CB. All the other WRs are running stop routes, but the QB spies Brown breaking open and throws a pass with nice air under it and it floats down for a gift TD and the lead in the game. This is a game changing read of coverage by Brown that a lot of other WRs would have missed.

You can see the whole play better gas mask bong how to use from a different angle. The outside receiver’s DB is playing 10 yards off the ball. The defense is trying to get the QB to throw a 5 yard stop route to that receiver. At the snap the DB who is covering Brown races over to the flat to intercept the flat pass they expect the QB to throw; which would be a pick six.

This is a 13 yard dig route with no under coverage e gasoline; it couldn’t get much easier. The CB who was bailing is still 4 yards further downfield which means he is 17 yards off the ball at the catch This is only the 2nd quarter. and this is almost a prevent type defense except the LBs are charging the line on a pass play which makes little sense. No defender is in the same zip code as the QB or the guy who caught the ball. Dear lord.

This isn’t really special. I just like the fact that Brown came off the ball quickly and got to his spot in less than 2 seconds. He didn’t run himself to close to the sideline, giving himself plenty of room to make a play with the ball in his hands. He turns back to the QB and gives him a big target. Once he makes the catch it is all over.

Brown has good hands, but he is not great at contested balls. He is rarely in a position where he has to high point a ball in college but would need work if he is needed gas 6 weeks pregnant to do this in the NFL. He is not a terrific blocker but does a good job of walling off defenders from the play. Playing in the slot almost exclusively Brown has not had the opportunity to play against much press coverage. Although he should have the requisite strength to beat the press his footwork will need an adjustment to get him out into his route on schedule. He is not what would be classified as a home run threat, but Brown has adequate speed to run by defenders. He is sneaky fast and you see defenders take bad angles against him.

A. J. Brown is a big slot receiver who has the speed, hands, toughness, and intelligence to be a quality receiver in the NFL. He would fit the mold of a JuJu Smith-Schuster type player who could terrorize defenses from the slot. He is especially good on skinny posts and deep dig routes where he can catch in stride and use his elusiveness to make a big play. He has excellent field vision and he can exploit open areas in zone coverage like a veteran. He can be a safety blanket for a QB and a high volume possession receiver if needed to be.

I have a low 2nd-high 3rd round grade on Brown. He has an unique skill set, but you don’t know what kind grade 9 static electricity test of player he would be if he had to exclusively play on the outside. He has been kind of pigeonholed as a slot receiver which reduces his grade. I like the fact he catches the ball away from his body. and his football IQ is high as well which increases his grade.