21 November 2018 seattle sports hell electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade


I’m just a mess of a human being. I went into Monday Night trailing TheGangUnderperforms by a score of 140.75 to 124.75. I was absolutely ROLLING during the morning games on Sunday. At one point, I was projected as a 90% favorite to win the week. Sure, a few of my guys were doing okay, but my heavy hitters were yet to come, and more importantly HIS guys were shitting the bed! Ben Roethlisberger was at negative points until late in that game against the Jags; Mariota ended his day with less than 2 points total. hp gas online booking Then, that same shit in the bed started hitting the fan.

Predictably, TheGangUnderperforms picked up a tight end to play in Gronk’s place before Sunday. He ended up picking up Vance McDonald for the Steelers, who MIRACULOUSLY caught a touchdown. Because of course he did. He only did that because he was going up against my team!!! That was double-touchdowns because, obviously, Roethlisberger was the one who threw it. Things went downhill as the Steelers’ fortunes continued to soar. Instead of handing off to James Conner at the goalline, Roethlisberger ran in the winning touchdown just to FUCKING spite me!

So, there I was, Monday Night. I had Tyreek Hill, Robert Woods, and a 16-point deficit; he had Kareem Hunt and the aforementioned lead. It was the Chiefs at the Rams, easily the most hyped matchup in the history of regular season football. gas kansas This was a fantasy boon the likes of which we’ve never seen. So many games were on the line! So many high-scoring players were in the middle of the action!

This is what Fantasy Football has brought me to! It’s literally ruining my life! But, in my crazy, fucked-up brain, I needed to NOT watch to win my fantasy game. I went to bed not knowing the result – of either the Rams/Chiefs or TheGangUnderperforms/King Flippy Nips – and I woke up at 4am to immediately hop on my computer to check the results.

Blessings to Tyreek Hill, who got me over 44 points. Tidings of love and joy to Zeke Elliott who got me over 33. Kudos to Dalton and Chicago for getting over 20. gas in oil causes And a bigtime FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU to Carson Wentz, who finished with -3.60, and single-handedly was the reason why I couldn’t bring myself to watch the game on Monday. Had he done what he was supposed to, I would’ve had a comfortable lead heading into Monday, and my night would’ve been more enjoyable for it.

The bad news is I have 2 games to go, and I need help (in more ways than one). gas in michigan Two of the bottom-feeders won last week in upsets. That puts them both at 4-7. Those two teams – as chance would have it – play one another THIS week, meaning one of them is guaranteed to be 5-7 heading into the final week of the regular season. As you’ll see below, I’m going up against the #1 team (in record, #2 in total points by a large margin over me) and I’ll be projected to lose. Assuming I do lose, that will drop me to 5-7 and in a tie with one of those bottom-dwelling teams. In the final week of the regular season, my opponent is the #2 team (in record, #1 in total points by a large margin over me); I will be projected to lose that game as well. The aforementioned bottom-feeders will have very winnable games that week, so I’m in a real pickle. Without getting too much further into the weeds, I’ll need certain teams to lose a lot the rest of the way …

Just one minor move this week. electricity word search puzzle I swapped Matt Prater out and brought in Matt Bryant. I don’t love any offensive player going up against the Saints right now – as they’re just STEAMROLLING people left and right – but I think the Falcons will move the ball a little bit. My big concern is that the Saints get up by such a big score that the Falcons will have to go for nothing but touchdowns all game. I could’ve legitimately put a zero in my lineup this week; regardless, going forward I like Bryant and that Falcons offense more than Prater and the Lions right now.

I like Andy Dalton at home against Cleveland – and I think it’s highly possible he goes off against them – but I also think the Browns’ defense is a little underrated, and they could force him to look a little mediocre. I think with Winston (first of all, I need to get SOME sort of value out of that Le’Veon Bell trade, even if I’m shoe-horning it in this fashion), the Bucs have nothing to lose, so they’re going to let it rip. I could see that game being super high scoring, because the Bucs’ defense is the worst in football, so as per usual they’re going to be throwing the ball a lot. With Winston, you accept there are going to be turnovers. The hope is that he’ll also rack up the TDs and yards to outweigh all the shittiness. gas in back symptoms Also, who knows, maybe with his career on the line, he steps up and blows the league away. Bottom line is the upside is higher with Winston over Dalton, while the floor is essentially the same (both of them could throw tons of picks and blow it for me). Beyond that, with the BYEs what they are, my lineup choices are essentially made for me.

Joe Flacco against the Raiders would normally be as juicy of a matchup as you can get on a team this stacked. But, his injury status is looking iffy. I texted Space Forcin’ to try to get a sense of what his plan is. electrical supply company near me Frankly, the QBs on the free agent scrap heap are nothing to write home about. Tannehill is starting this week, so that rules out Osweiler. Colt McCoy is probably the best bet of the bunch to at least get points, but someone with a higher waiver priority just made a claim on him. He has Beathard now, but that’s probably a hail mary of an option, in the hopes that Nick Mullens goes down with injury or otherwise gets benched. The only guy left in free agency is Taysom Hill, the backup for the Saints who runs a few gadget plays per game.

As it stands, even with just 1 QB starting, he probably has more than enough to beat me. Rivers is more than capable of shredding the Cards, Adams will be a focal point in a must-win game against the Vikings, Kamara might lead the league in non-quarterback points this week in a shootout against the Falcons, and so on and so forth. Meanwhile, without Hill and Woods, the upside for my team takes a significant hit, as I’m forced to start both Chris Carson AND Adrian Peterson. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!