21 Truths that prove republicans have been wrong about everything soapboxie gas estimator


Here’s where it all goes wrong. First, Comey said publicly, two weeks before the election, that he couldn’t release those hacked emails because It might influence the outcome of the election. Funny how 11 days before an election, he had no problem releasing new Clinton emails he found. No election influencing? In a Republican pig’s eye.

Then, the right wingers and Republicans started their media BS that 45% of women didn’t vote for Hillary. Math problem? You bet. 52% of the American electricity labs for middle school population are women according to the U.S. Census Bureau for the last decade. Subtract that 45% from the 52% and these clowns would have us believe only 7% of US women voted for Hillary. Pretty cute little game once you see that the votes 3 weeks after the election show Clinton has 1,650,00 more popular votes than the MAN they elected.

If I wanted to elect a thug, I’d have voted for Charles Manson. But do enjoy the enormous cost of Trump Tower maximum security by NYPD cops armed with AK47s in front of his Ivory Tower Penthouse and on rooftops. The fed is being billed for that. For some of us, there is no joy more wonderful than watching those who think they are so superior and intelligent get just what they asked for.

You know…there is one common thread that even the most ignorant person should be able to see. In each case that you point to, the Republican/Conservative argument is based on FEAR. They always predict outcomes and are ALWAYS wrong about their predictions, and when they are in control, we always end up getting screwed. You would think that by now most conscious people would recognize a pattern that is always wrong and always based on FEAR. Republicans are driven by ideology far more so than Democrats. Their conservative ideology cannot be wrong. Of course that would make it infallibly correct. But as a man made ideology we know that each one of us is a fallible human being prone to error, and that means that any man made idea is also prone to error. You can’t produce an infallible power vocabulary words product from a fallible source. This is why there have been so many versions of Windows coming out of Microsoft.

We can see this same mindset coming to bear on the Trump candidacy. He’s making wild and outrageous statements that are factually false. But they all appeal to fear, and as a con-artist and salesman, Trump knows that Fear is the greatest motivator. That’s the hot button in America, and if you can scare que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje enough people by fear mongering, you just might get elected President of the United States.

How true. It’s exactly what we see with doctors choosing to accept or not accept Medicare patients, and now Obamacare, because the reimbursement levels are abysmal. The point here is not that covering the elderly is bad, it’s how you deliver that promise. Letting the free market economy provide ANY service is always more effective, efficient and more financially sound.

4. What a pant load. Congress doesn’t even know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic weapons nor the difference between assault weapons and hunting rifles. The Brady bill had ZERO effect besides background checks. Millions of guns are produced every year. Think about it. They will make their way into criminal hands regardless.

8. There is no question that the world is a much dangerous place since Obama took office. We’ve had a multitude of attacks on our soil. ISIS has grown exponentially. We’ve created a nuclear arms race in the middle east with the Iran nuke deal, and destabilized two more secular regimes in Libya and Syria. We’ve created a vacuum that has been filled by Russia.

9. The two economic stimulus bills spent billions with NO permanent jobs created. Government doesn’t own the means of production. The only thing it can do is create public jobs on the backs static electricity in water of the free market taking from the private sector. Zero sum game. Now Clinton proposes new economic stimulus spending on infrastructure, a favorite buzzword of the left, ignoring the abysmal effect of the first stimulus bills claiming it didn’t go far enough? Doubling down on failure.

11. Deregulation is just banking? Many democrats believe Bill Clinton’s payoff to repeal Glass-Stegall caused the meltdown. What actually is the case is that Frank-Dodd forced private lenders to make risky loans to minorities under the rubric of income inequality and guaranteed backing by Fannie and Freddie. To avoid what they knew were risky loans, they wrapped them up with other securities, derivatives, and sold them off.

12. Once again, bovine scatology. ACA co-ops are failing nationwide, and perhaps by design to force everyone into a single payer healthcare system. It’s killing jobs directly in the insurance industry, the health care industry and on large employer groups that must pay double and triple premiums. Increased costs are always passed on to employees in salaries and jobs. Americans have not had a pay raise in 16 years. Our labor participation rate is at Carter levels. Any growth we’ve had has been rebound since the recession but at a much slower rate than normal.

13. The price of gas has gone down IN SPITE of Obama. Fracking has turned America from a net importer to exporter. Saudi Arabia, in an effort to bankrupt frackers, flooded the market with oil. Obama, has prevented offshore drilling, destroyed the coal industry, prevented fracking on public land and has blocked the XL pipeline as a favor to Buffet who benefits by charging .50 cents a barrel for transportation. The pipeline would cost .05 a barrel.

14. Here we have a two term president still blaming Bush for his economic woes. Again, following a recession, you expect a snap-back. That has happened but much slower that in historical standards. The unemployment rate is 5% that ignores everyone that’s dropped out of the market. The more accurate labor participation rate is at 62%. The economy is growing at a job killing 1.5 to 2%. We have a record number of people on food stamps electricity kanji.

19. This is another false left talking point. Congress is instrumental in passing fiscal bills and most the time, we have two different parties controlling the presidency f gas regulations r22 and the senate. However, under past administrations (Coolidge, Kennedy Reagan) that have provided economic stimulus in the form of tax cuts, the result has been economic growth and job creation.

A “natural born Citizen” of the United States is a child born in the USA of two (2) U.S. Citizens. The parents can be Citizens by Birth or they can be Citizens by Naturalization after immigrating to the USA. But to create a “natural born Citizen” of the United States both parents must be Citizens at the time the child is born in the USA. See this legal reference book used by the founders and framers of our Constitution: Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law, Vol.1 Chapter 19 Section 212, Emer de Vattel, 1758-1797.

The overwhelming majority (probably 85%+) of citizens in the United States are natural born Citizens. This clause was added for future presidents as a national security clause. It is from the group of natural born Citizens that our founders prescribed in the presidential eligibility clause in Clause 5, Section 1 of Article II of the U.S. Constitution that we shall choose a President and Commander in Chief of our military as a strong check against foreign influence via birth allegiances on the person in that singular and most powerful office. One needs all three citizenship legs to be a natural born Citizen and have sole allegiance and claim on you at birth to one and only one country — the United States: 1. Born in the USA. 2. Father must be a U.S. Citizen (born or naturalized). 3. Mother must be U.S. Citizen (born or naturalized). Like a three legged stool if you take away any of these three citizenship legs of the Article II constitutional intent and requirement to being a natural born Citizen, i.e., being born with unity of citizenship in and sole allegiance to the USA, the child is born with more than one country’s citizenship and claim of allegiance/citizenship on them at their birth and thus they are NOT a natural born Citizen of the United States. And as in the analogy of a stool designed to stand on three legs and it is missing a leg, it falls down, likewise the person’s claim to natural born Citizenship fails if the person does not have all three citizenship legs required to be a natural born Citizen at the time of their birth.

However, after the Bush Tax Cuts in 2002 and 2004, the unemployment rate fell back to under 5% throughout the remainder of the electricity hero names Republican control of congress, which ended in 2006. By reducing the top rates by 11%, the bottom rate by 33% (I thought he ha8ed poor people?), the capital gains rate by 33%, and the dividends rate by 50% (which dramatically increased the real income of Seniors), Bush’s supply-side policies worked exactly as in the past, leading to 52 continuous months of uninterrupted job creation, adding 8 million new jobs from mid-2003 to early 2007.

Bush’s factual economic record shows that from 2003 to 2007, 7.8 million new jobs were created and the unemployment rate fell from over 6% to 4.4%. Also, over $7 Trillion dollars of shareholder wealth was created during this period. The job losses you refer to came AFTER the congress was taken over by the democrats, and the Keynesian experiments were unleashed. Combine this with the collapse of the housing market, which was caused by government interference in the mortgage and banking systems, and you get the mess we had on September 18, 2008.

Unemployment began to rise after the elections of 2006 when Pelosi and Reid took both houses of congress. Massive spending ensued (tax stimulus and the rest…) and the deficit jumped from $167 Billion to over $400 Billion. Obama, voted for all of it. When he became President, the deficit really took off. And it’s destroying electricity and magnetism review us from within.