21 Ways to make some extra money in college! investing simple electricity tower vector


It’s an old adage that still holds water: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. That guitar you haven’t picked up since your high school days, the perfectly good laptop that’s accumulating dust, or the tux you bought for prom because it was just as cheap as renting could be gold for someone else. Go on Craig’s or eBay and list your junk, er, items, alongside stellar photographs and watch the deals roll in.

Finding these hidden gems is simple enough: Google businesses near you in an area of interest, say, dog groomers, or chiropractors or clowns who do birthday balloon sculptures. Compose a generic pitch outlining your skills, then personalize it to their niche and get that message out there. You can crank out a dozen emails in less than 10 minutes while your college student staple dinner – boxed mac and cheese – is boiling.

Sure, there are dog walkers out there, but how many are willing to roll up their sleeves and give Fido a bath? Hand out business cards and stuff flyers in neighborhood mail boxes offering a full range of services. e payment electricity bill up Some work-obsessed people have even been known to look for others to play with their dogs (they call it “socialization”) during busy weekdays.

Get blogs up and running, then pitch your services to small local businesses who aren’t yet up to speed with social media and the attention it can command. Find a niche market, thoroughly research your subject matter, then spend a few hours a night at your keyboard. Always ask everyone on your client list to refer you to other business owners.

The eBooks cost nothing to produce since they sidestep the traditional publishing process, and makes you money based on sales. Talk it up among family, friends, your parent’s neighbors, distant cousins, anyone you can think of who will support your work. Ask for testimonials touting the eBook as clearly the next best seller. Who knows, a publisher may get wind of your book and pick it up for paperback publication.

It would be wise to stick to your strong points rather than taking on something new, but that gives you the opportunity to market yourself as The Pasta King, or The Cupcake Lady. Once you’ve gained confidence and compliments, set up cooking classes for small groups of novices. electricity freedom system Most high schools and veteran’s organizations have commercial sized kitchens where you can teach people everything from omelets to chicken marsala to red velvet cake (hungry yet?) It’s amazing how much people will pay to watch other people cook for them, so give this side hustle a try, from soup to nuts. 16. Wash and detail cars.

Taking a vehicle through a commercial car wash comes at a high cost for a little soap and water and some turbo brushes. You can pay an average of $15 for a simple, no frills wash and dry. But nothing beats a good old hand wash and buffing to dry. Get your name out there, then make a small investment of gas for your own car and go wash vehicles on-site. Add waxing services, then take pics of your finished work for advertising purposes. gas efficient cars Bonus: you’ll be working outside, which is a great contrast to the college dorm or library or lab. 17. Become a mystery shopper.

This income option isn’t well known, but many mid to large size companies offer mystery shopping gigs. Mystery shoppers blend in with customers and make transactions, including buying and return, then provide feedback about the retailer. This can be done at a physical store, or if you’re lucky and look hard enough, you can get shopping jobs at an online store. Google “Mystery shopping” to start, or if you really want to put yourself out there, contact companies and pitch your mystery shopping services. gas laws Restaurants also use this service, and many offer free meals! 18. Clean homes and offices.

Another ideal side hustle because this can be done at night. Cleaning offices can be as simple as vacuuming and taking out trash! Pop in earbuds and zone out; the work will be done before you know it. There’s a huge demand for house cleaners, and this can be done around your class schedule. Most people have cleaning products at their houses, so all you need is energy and motivation, and maybe a couple friends to get the jobs done quickly. Most cleaning services come with a hefty price tag. Find out what the going rate is in your area, then go 10% lower to reel in more customers. Cleaning Floor With A Mop 19. b games car Write cover letters and resumes.

You will be doing your own resume soon when looking for a job post-graduation, so why not hone your skills while helping others? Many people freeze up and get writer’s block when it comes to composing cover letters and resumes. You can start with a template then work in the details for each client. Take the time to consult with clients first (electronically) so you have a good working knowledge of their strengths, accomplishments and career goals. This will also help you organize your own resume that will stand out from the sea of applicants. 20. hp gas online registration Flip cars on Craigslist or other marketplaces.

One of the best ways to make some extra side money is flipping cars. If you know what you are looking for, you can find great deals on used cars online. This is usually a result of a seller needing to get rid of a car that day for some reason. While you should be mechanically inclined, this can be a great way to make some extra side income!