23 People and a funeral from osprey road electricity invented in homes


In 23 of the 25 homes, I visited today, in spite of their differences and there were some differences, today, they were all the same. Each individual in these homes had on their televisions, and were watching former President Bush’s funeral. gas and bloating after miscarriage Their aged eyesight and impaired hearing didn’t matter. Their skin color was not an issue. gas news australia The condition of their home or clothes didn’t make a hill of beans difference this morning.

All of these people have seen many Presidents come and go, wars, fought in wars, lived through a number of tax increases, government shut-downs, natural disasters and more. In spite of aches, pains, memory losses, breathing machines or being bedridden or stuck in a wheelchair or with a walker, they watched, with a ‘zen-like’ focus, from the beginning until the end the funeral services from the procession to the eulogy presentations and news coverage.

One Caucasian, senior citizen female, laying on her couch, covered up, her oxygen tank humming nearby, told me, “This is just so sad … He was really an honorable man, and loved by everyone, even those who hated him as President … just look.” She pointed at the crowd shots outside and in the Washington National Cathedral. I nodded, “Yes mam.”

A daughter sat with her mother, who was in a wheelchair, watching a little television in the kitchen. electricity vocabulary words They had kleenex in their hands. They were Caucasian. The daughter looked at me, and said, “I don’t care what anyone says, this President Bush was probably the only honest one of the bunch, next to Reagan and Carter. electricity ground explained They were all old-school. And I am a Democrat.”

Sitting on the couch in a sparsely-decorated mobile home, darkened with deep shades and heated by portable heaters and a gas stove, an African-American, light-skinned female, caressed her mother’s socked feet. Her mother, dressed in pajamas and a house coat and a scarf around her head, was propped up on the couch on the other side. electricity trading hubs She had a blanket covered over part of her body. “I liked this man.” The mother, in her 90s, struggled to say. I looked at the television.There was a picture of the late President Bush, on the screen. I smiled, “Yes mam, I did too.”

Out in the country, off a dirt road, in the middle of a field, was the home of an almost 90-year-old man. electricity storage cost per kwh He is a nice man with a head full of white hair, and thick glasses. Partially blind, he had to be told where and what things were sometimes. For the most part, he was fairly independent. electricity 101 episode 1 I could see his television screen, and images of the hearse going through the streets of Washington. “I see the funeral of President Bush is on.” I said stepping in the doorway after he opened the door. He couldn’t see me fully, but he could see my image through his impaired eyes, and knew it was me. “Yes, you know, this President Bush was my favorite president.”

One of our sweet friends we took a meal to that day hollered for me to come in the front door. “It is unlocked.” That was nothing unusual. He had a hard time walking around, and had to use a cane and a walker at times. “Hey Mr. __________, it is Becky.” I peeked around the door as I cracked it open. He was sitting in his recliner, cane in front of him, eyes glued to the big television across the barely-filled living area. “Hey, girl. How are you?”

I smiled, “Yes sir.” “ Plus, he was my President. I voted for him.” Mr. __________ blew his nose again. As we pulled from his home, I thought long and hard about what I saw that morning in each of their expressions and heard in their voices. The political party divide that has created much strife and tension between neighbors and friends and family over the last two years didn’t seem to matter today – at least not to 23 of the homes I visited today.