25 Amazing products with over 1,000 reviews on amazon grade 6 electricity unit test

Promising review: "Codenames really is genius in its simplicity. It’s a fantastic party game because it can be taught in under five minutes and provides a ton of fun. It has definitely been a hit in my gaming group and with my family over the holidays. Two players are chosen as the ones giving the rest of their team clues while the rest desperately try to make sense of what they are talking about. A 5×5 grid of word cards is laid out and then using a key card that shows what words are for each team and which ones are bystanders or an assassin, the clue givers take turns saying a clue word and a number which indicates how many of their team words are related to the clue. The team guesses and the clue giver places a token on their guesses corresponding to the red team, blue team, bystander, or assassin. The first team to cover all their words wins, though guessing the assassin automatically makes you lose. Th e game is surprisingly simple, but provides hours of entertainment, especially as everyone laughs over the connections that everyone makes. I cannot recommend it enough!" — Kccayson

The dehumidifier uses a standard outlet plug. It allows you to control the amount of humidity in the room and can suck up to 30, 50, or 70 pints of moisture out of the air before needing to be emptied. There is also a continuous drain option so you never have to empty the tank if you don’t want to. It has a removable and washable filter. It automatically shuts off and alerts you when the tank is almost full.

Promising review: "It was time for me to replace my old dehumidifier in the basement that stopped working. I did a lot of research and I’m so very happy that I decided to purchase this Frigidaire model. The moldy smell is gone from my basement and I empty it one to two times a day, so I see how great it works. I am amazed at how modern it looks compared to my old dehumidifier and happy with the many settings that I can choose from. The best part is that it is easy to gently pull the front cover forward and grab the handle to carry it over to my laundry sink. This 50-pint is just the right size for me to carry. I think anything larger may be too much for me." — JB

Promising review: "This is the greatest tent I have ever had/been in. We have had this tent for over a year and we have used it several times. We actually just got home from camping for a whole week with it. We have a Great Dane and a Chihuahua that we take everywhere with us, so we needed a tent where everyone (especially my 6’1" boyfriend and growing 120-lb puppy) could fit comfortably. It obviously is very spacious, but it is so perfect for us. We can stand up and get ready and the boys are comfortable with all of the space. It’s pretty easy to set up. We have had no problems. The patio is amazing. We put our Tommy Bahamas out front and open the windows to enjoy a view or to just sit, eat snacks, and hang out. I have absolutely no complaints about this tent. When we need to run to the bathroom and leave the boys for a short amount of time, we can lock the boys in the main area and there is no way for my little Chihuahua escape artist to get out because of how the zippers are set up. I love it and I am hoping for many more camping trips with it. All our friends are jealous when we do group trips, haha!" — Tabitha Taylor-Weber

Promising review: "I’m a Registered Nurse and work the night shift, so I sleep during the day. We just bought a house that didn’t have room-darkening drapes, and I needed something to help block the light during the day while I slept. The bedroom has four windows facing the morning sun, and I was in agony trying to get sleep during the day. I saw these and decided to give them a try, even though I’ve had some pretty negative experiences in the past with these types of masks. Within one day of sleep, I was so happy to have this mask! It has adjustable velcro in the back allowing me to place them on my face without tightening them too much. I was worried that these might give me a headache, but I am happy to report they did not. It rests comfortably on the face. I’ve used masks before that are too tight and give me headaches, and have also used masks with these huge pillows on the eyes which are heavy and uncomfortable. These are perfect and are exactly as described. They’re very simple, but they get the job done. I’ve been able to get my sleep during the day thanks to these. I would purchase again and recommend." — NurseRose