25 Conspiracy theories that turned out to be true – stillness in the storm gas 2015


In 2015, Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake published a report saying that electricity balloon experiment the Department of Defense had spent millions of dollars to have sports organizations put on large shows to display American pride. This included several teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, and others, including the athletic departments of several universities. These shows were meant to drive up military recruiting. In 2016, the NFL agreed to reimburse U.S. taxpayers more power outage houston reliant than $720,000 of this so-called “paid patriotism” money.

Approved by the Pentagon chiefs, the Department of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the CIA, Operation Northwoods was a proposed plan to fabricate acts of terrorism on U.S. soil. If carried out, it would’ve killed innocent citizens to trick the public into supporting a war o goshi against Cuba in the early 1960s. The operation even proposed blowing up a U.S. ship and hijacking planes as a false pretext for war. Luckily, John F. Kennedy, who was the President at the time, put a stop to this planned operation.

Leading up to the Gulf War, a young girl identified simply as “ Nayirah” testified before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus in 1990. She e85 gas stations in ohio told stories about the treatment of the Kuwaitis by the invading Iraqis, which horrified members of Congress and many Americans. Although gas refrigerator not cooling many people did die following Iraq’s invasion, her testimony was made up. She was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S., and her testimony was set up as part 7 gas station of a public relations campaign called Citizens for a Free Kuwait, run by a Hill Knowlton, a public relations firm.

For decades, it was believed that Hitler took his own life after World War II ended. Unsurprisingly, there were also many who believed that it was a setup and that he had actually sneaked away. Supposedly, Hitler’s skull was in the custody of the Russian government. In 2009, tests were finally performed on the skull. The shocking results revealed that the skull was actually that electricity images cartoon of a young gasket t 1995 woman. Ironically, the tests were done to lessen the credibility of the conspiracy theorists who believed he had gone into hiding.

The CIA ran a fake vaccination program which eventually led to the capture of Osama bin Laden. They had bin Laden’s DNA on file, thanks to his sister who lived in Boston gas definition state of matter. The goal was to obtain DNA from one of his children who was living at the compound with him and match it to his sister’s DNA. Then they could confirm with certainty that bin Laden was indeed inside. A Pakistani doctor went through the city under the guise of the vaccination program and collected DNA samples. They identified bin Laden’s DNA through his children, which successfully led zyklon b gas canister for sale to his capture in 2011.

It may sound crazy—especially when you’re talking about investigations into flying saucers, nefarious government programs, and ultra-secret, fire-lit wd gaster website gatherings of the world’s richest men—but not every conspiracy theory ever uttered is something to scoff at. In fact, many of them have turned out to be completely true. For proof, grab your tin-foil hat and read on, because here we’ve gathered all of the wildest conspiracy theories that have turned out to be 100 percent rooted in fact.

Conspiracy theory is a pejorative term developed by the CIA during the JFK assassination investigation to discredit honest researchers and inquirers 3 gas laws. Since then, anything labeled a conspiracy theory is often disregarded by the profane or uninitiated masses who remain largely unaware of the conspiratorial realities of this world. The preceding article provides evidence of conspiracies that are in fact real but were labeled theory at one time in history gas constant for helium. This is important because it helps dispel the false reality pushed by the Deep State gastritis. With this false knowledge carefully removed, the mind can begin comprehending the truth in all respects, particularly related to breach of trust and deception on the part of governments, corporations, and other organizations.