26 Value proposition examples that convert visitors – sumo gas cap code

Kyle Mais, General Manager of Jamaica Inn, explained that the first thing they did was conduct a marketing audit of the business. They found that although Jamaica Inn did well in sales via wholesalers and travel agents, “it needed to focus more attention on marketing directly to past guests or prospects.”

The headline is the most important part of your value proposition. Eye-tracking studies have shown that people often look at the headline more than anything else. Use a headline to give a quick statement summing up the benefit of your offer.

The image should be used with intention. A pretty but irrelevant picture won’t do much to emphasize your value proposition. However, a picture of your product or something using your product would solidify your value prop. AirBnB does this well.

Who is the target customer for this product or service? While the text doesn’t directly state who it’s for, the language that’s used targets developers who know what mobile optimization is and are frustrated with app store approvals. This is a great example of targeting a specific audience.

What makes the offering different from competitors? It’s not clear how it’s different, but the benefit is very clear already. (With deeper research, you’ll find that this is a very blue ocean area of software so it makes sense why they don’t focus on differentiation.)

Bonus: While Trello forgoes the colorful background and images altogether, they’re very clear about what they’ll help you do: visually organize anything. Then even take the extra step and state exactly what they’ll replace to make your life simpler.

Who is the target customer for this product or service? It’s clearly stated who it’s for: marketers. The addition of “without I.T.” to the end of the benefit statement emphasizes that. Marketers who haven’t used this tool know how difficult it can be to build a landing page and have to work with developers.

Who is the target customer for this product or service? People who want to be more efficient with their apps. Anyone who uses more than six apps has had the trouble of organizing all that information and would love to connect them and make it easier to manage.

What makes it worse is that background image doesn’t convey someone becoming a better marketer. If the guy in the picture (I guess a chef or butcher) was on a computer doing some sort of marketing, it’d be more convincing. Instead of making the message more clear or emphasizing a point, the image further confuses me.

To add more credibility, you should go the extra mile and provide specific numbers. How exactly are you going to help your customer? Will you help them increase sales by 152%? Or help them save 13 hours a week? Concrete numbers provide concrete value.

In Made to Stick, Dan and Chip Heath explained how high-concept pitches convinced movie executives to invest large amounts of money in projects with little-to-no information. Nivi and Navel from Venture Hacks took this technique and applied it to startups.

Steve Blank explained that if you can’t easily explain why you exist, none of the subsequent steps matter. Once you have a statement using the X, Y, Z format, ask people if it makes sense. If it doesn’t, give them a longer explanation, and ask them to summarize it back to you.

Sample: One person dies of melanoma every 62 minutes. We offer a dermatoscope app for iPhone that enables people to easily diagnose their skin, leveraging patented pattern recognition technology trusted by the World Health Organization. 6. Clay Christensen’s Jobs-To-Be-Done

“For instance, most people would say they buy a lawnmower to "cut the grass," and this is true. But if a lawnmower company examines the higher purpose of cutting the grass, say, "keep the grass low and beautiful at all times," then it might forgo some efforts to make better lawnmowers in lieu of developing a genetically engineered grass seed that never needs to be cut.”