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Mr. Blake Kramer provided the jury with a report on the happenings of the electricity storage handbook Franklin Medical Center. Included in his report was Information about the new orthopedic program at the hospital, which was originally to be a partnership with Rayville. Rayville opted to withdraw from the program therefore the FMC is solely continuing with the program. The FMC is now doing total joint replacements and is going very well. Previous to this program, individuals would have to go to Monroe to have a total joint replacement gas news in hindi, but now it can be done locally. There is now a dietitian on staff with the FMC. The dietitian will be stationed at Dr. Combetta’s office but will go once a week to the Crowville Health Clinic. This is something that has been lacking in the community and the FMC is proud to be able to have gas oil ratio calculator a dietitian available to the public here locally. Mr. Kramer lastly advised the jury that the FMC is planning before summer, to upgrade its CT machine at the hospital. This upgrade will allow more precise electricity generation by state and less timely results and will lower the dosage of radiation that the patient is exposed to during a CT. Once upgraded, FMC will have the most powerful CT machine in all of Northeast Louisiana.

President Campbell opened the public hearing to inform the public of the completed FY 2012 LCDBG LASTEP water improvement project. Juror Scott asked for the electricity lessons grade 6 word completed to be broken down and if there is a time expansion involved for the project to be completed or what are the gas after eating dairy factors involved? The Secretary Treasurer answered by explaining that the actual deadline for the project to be completed was up in July of 2018. At that time, state sent letters advising that the parish needed to pay back all the money that had been expended, therefore the project was closed out in July. Since that time, the parish has made gas mask drawing two payments back to state for the materials and equipment funds paid electricity quiz 4th grade, along with payments to Womack and Sons for their work. The total to be paid back to state is $132,143.23. This public hearing is a formality to officially close the project to be in line with what state offered. The parish would not be eligible to apply for any LCDBG LASTEP grants until the FY 2012 LCDBG LASTEP water improvement project is officially closed out. Scott then asked the question that the one hundred thirty-seven dollars roughly had been spent and electricity and water there is no progress as far as any difference in water gas vs diesel prices disposed in the community. Mr. Scott was reminded that the grant was a community development grant which meant that the community was responsible for doing the labor of actually laying the lines and the engineering services, planning, consulting and all materials were furnished by the gas x strips instructions state grant. Since there has been no progress in the laying of the lines, and the deadline for the completion of the project was in July 2018, the project ended in July. Juror Scott expressed that he did not feel this project was practical and asked exactly how many miles of pipe were supposed to have been laid by the community. The miles of line to be laid was roughly eight. It was mentioned gas chamber jokes that there have been two of this type of project that have been gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 awarded to Franklin Parish in the past and those were completed successfully. This is the first that has been unsuccessful due to the community not coming together to do the work of laying the lines as required by the grant guidelines. Ms. Lora Johnson, Mr. Carl Boley and Ms. Nancy Williams took the opportunity to express their feelings and view regarding the incompletion of the project and asked the jury if it could get funding through another type of grant for the water lines. Unfortunately, a LCDBG LASTEP grant is the only one the residents in their electricity and magnetism location qualified for.