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Yes seems we are on same diet you and I. Started this ketogenic diet 3 months ago and lost 16 pounds. VA doc said this has kept me healthy but still have some problems. All you posted I’ve stopped eating and feel great. Best thing is I can sleep at nights now and swallow without difficulty.

Any way here is the pics of the winding machine so far. This is only for the single strand spools (12) with 253 feet each. The measuring wheel is mounted on 1/4" Plexiglas then mounted on piece oak wood. The digital readout is easier for me. I placed the manual winder too close to the wheel, needs more space between them. But was able to wind first spool ok.

In the first pic is a guide and two pieces soft plastic to keep tension on the wire. It sits between the large spool and wheel. Tomorrow will place all this on longer piece 3/4" plywood. There will be another guide with same soft plastic between wheel and manual winder. Just needed to see how all the parts would work together. Now I can improve it to work more efficiently.

Last night inserted the first coil into place. Wasn’t easy! So for my own interest just connect Fluke meter to one single wire and powered up the unit. The one single wire had 37.88 Volts AC on the meter. Which means very little at this point. Very hard to spin the rotor mags past it. But before I connected the 12 wires in a parallel/series arrangement I was able to spin the rotor with the smaller MY1016 modified Matt motor. It took about 10+ amps to move the rotor. But. After connecting the wires as the picture below shows, it wouldn’t turn past it. With only the one core I think lenz effect is in full force. I believe with one more core placed in next coil spot will help offset the attraction and lenz affect. Just guessing of course.

Connecting the 12 wires in a parallel/series arrangement is a real brain buster. That’s 3 sets of 4 wires connected parallel but series with 3 wires coming off it to have only 1 wire left. Dave hit me with that puzzle but was able to figure it out. If you can’t just drink more coffee and study multi-filar connections on Google.

To get the wires connected right, you need to get them all labeled first. You need to put a piece of tape on the beginning and end of each wire that you can write a number on. You can use an ohm meter to figure out which beginning goes to which end, or you can do what I did.

Label the beginning of all 12 wires with numbers one through twelve. Connect the positive of a battery to wire number one. Connect the ground lead of your volt meter to that same battery. Now touch the positive lead of the volt meter to the END of each wire. Whichever one shows voltage on the meter is the END of wire one. So LABEL it. Now disconnect wire one from the battery and move on to wire two. When you are done with all the wires it is easy to connect the end of wire one to the beginning of wire two, the end of wire two to the beginning of wire three, the end of wire three to the beginning of wire four.

I left the labels on the wires so I could experiment. This is the simplest way I know. Later I used colored electrical tape to do the same thing. Black, red, green, blue and yellow are the only colors I could find, which is only enough for the first six wires, so wires 7-12 each had TWO strips of tape on them of the same color. I would wrap a band around the wire and not leave anything hanging off. It was not as simple as the first method I talked about, but neater, and no tabs with numbers on them flopping all over the place.

If you use the right kind and size of batteries, the right pulse motor and a $3.00 boost module you can make that happen IF you ROTATE your batteries. That’s it. That’s all there is. That’s the whole secret. All the work done by that motor is FREE. Before you do ANYTHING ELSE, learn to do that.

THEN, once the motor is working for free, it is time to look at how to USE that motor most efficiently. A delayed lenz generator is an AWESOME way to efficiently use that motor. Some folks here, in fact the ONLY people who are really posting here, are doing that. Running a water pump to pump water to people who have NO WAY to power a water pump is ALSO a great way to use that motor. You don’t have to generate power to benefit from this system. You DO have to understand it and you have to LIVE outside the box, not just go there once in a while.

The thing is, just knowing how to build a lenz delayed coil is NOT going to get you a generator that puts out much. You might get one or two coils on your generator and put out a couple hundred volts at around 3 amps total. If you get MORE than that, you have information not many people have.

There ARE ways to get more, but although some of it has been talked about here NONE of it has been shown. Why not? Some of it is patentable. We already gave away the pot of gold. If that isn’t enough, too bad. When we’re rich and famous we’ll come back and share more with the three or four people who are actually here building and testing.