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Are you an animal lover who would love to vacation at a place where there is peace and quiet as well as all kinds of animals, both domestic and wildlife, to watch? Do you stress when planning a vacation because you can’t bring your dog(s) along? Would you like to have unlimited long distance calling available rather than trying to use your cell phone in our mountainous area? Then Cabin at Autumn Dancer Llama Farm is the place for you. The cabin is situated on 17 acres of beautifully rolling hills directly below Meadow Creek Mountain. For your canine family members (we allow up to 5 dogs..size doesn’t matter), we offer 1/2 -acre of fenced backyard so that they may run and frolic as well as a fenced deck. We’ve replaced the backyard fence and have added pictures showing the cabin with the new fence.

The back porch is where everyone likes to sit and enjoy the view. There is a large hot tub on the deck with two separate sitting areas. We have a professional gas grill that is hooked up to our large propane tank so you will never have to worry about bringing your own propane. There are also BBQ utensils so you don’t have to bring your own. The backyard and upper deck are fully fenced for the safe containment of your pets and younger children.

We have a working farm in the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest. Our farm is 100+ years old (it was originally a dairy farm back in 1900) and has an extensive history. The cabin was originally the hired man’s house (although it has been totally renovated) and the 100+ farmhouse across the street is where we live. A road divides the cabin and the farmhouse which allows everyone to have their privacy. We will welcome our guests when they first check in to make sure everything is okay at the cabin. We are out and about twice a day to feed the Llamas and horses; if our guests have questions about the Llamas/horses then we are available. We are always available if there are issues with the cabin. Otherwise, we try and stay invisible so our guests have their privacy.

Our six equines (including a miniature mule and two miniature donkeys) will often come up to the back fence to welcome the “newcomers.” It’s amazing how many dogs have never been “up close and personal” with a horse! It will be like a dude ranch for you and your dogs!

Near sundown, our guests find it very entertaining to watch the donkeys at play. They will run and chase each other while kicking their hooves in the air. Most of our equines are rescued animals, so it’s especially heartwarming to see them enjoying life. View more

Our lab/shepherd mix and her golden doodle sister often get shorted when it comes to vacations. They either have to go to a kennel or they go with us and walk on leashes all week, unable to really cut loose and run and play. Not here. This trip was chosen for them for a change, and it was perfect, and the people in the family enjoyed it greatly too. While the dogs ran and played in the huge fenced yard and made friends with horses, donkeys and llamas, we enjoyed the porch and the hot tub and throwing the ball with them. The house is spotlessly clean….not just clean for a home that allows multiple dog visitors, but clean clean. And anything and everything you could possibly need to make your stay enjoyable is provided, even board games, book selections and movies. All you have to bring is food. And in all of our travels we have never slept so well….the beds are incredibly comfortable. This was just a short stay for us, but we will definitely be back. Already looking forward to just sitting on the porch doing nothing again and throwing the ball for the dogs.