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Like most tours in South America, whichever agency you book with, you end up doing exactly the same things than you would have been doing with the next agency. What really makes the difference are the details, and that difference can be huge. First, the organisation: it was top notch. Not a single problem arose, from booking straight at the agency to getting a transfer to Chile. Secondly, the hostels. That’s where Salty Desert Aventours really makes a difference as on the second night, we were staying at a place c gastronomie vitam right next to the hot springs with a stunning view over a huge laguna. It allowed us to enjoy those hot springs on our own in the evening: we were only 6 people in the pool while the morning after all the other groups arrived at the same time and there were at least 40 people in that same pool at the same time electricity and magnetism review game! Also, it meant we got to watch both the sunset from the pool of hot water and the sunrise the following morning with no one around. A highlight for sure. And finally, what really makes the difference is the guide, and I don’t think you can get any luckier than with Jose Luis. He was fantastic from start to finish. He didn’t speak English as we didn’t pay the extra for an English speaking guide, but was talking slowly and clearly so we all understood him despite our basic level of Spanish, and he catered for all a gas station near me our needs, always with a big smile on his face. He had fun with us taking many pictures, was always suggesting things and super friendly. The food he cooked was good as well. In one word, he’s a champ! And the whole experience with this company was flawless.

Jaime (pronounced Hei-me) was an absolutely excellent English speaking tour guide. He was extremely passionate, knowledgeable and competent. He was a safe driver and made sure to keep all members of the group fully informed at all times. Unfortunately one of our tour group members fell ill on the second day but Jaime electricity song 2015 dealt with it admirably. He also spent ages ensuring we all got great salt flat photos and helped set these up! The sights were spectacular, we saw a lot more than we thought we would and a lot gas monkey monster truck body more variety of landscapes. The accommodation on the first night was nice, made entirely out of salt but the food unfortunately was stone cold and not very appetising. You paid 10 bolivianos for the shower which had running hot water. The second nights accommodation was pretty basic, no running water in the toilet or sink. It was manageable but quite a challenge as all members were pretty tired. It’s redeeming factor was that is was close to the hot springs, which were fabulous at night! The food again, wasn’t great in the evening. That said the lunches put on during our day trips were excellent!

We went for the 3D/2N trip in November with Franz and had a very enjoyable trip. The tour was 800Bs. each (not including the national park entrance fee of 150Bs each, and a 30Bs charge for visiting a cactus island near the was electricity invented during the industrial revolution salt flat which we chose not to do). The tour’s main element was sightseeing, with a lot of driving between, but with great views throughout, so enjoyable despite the bumpiness of unpaved roads and driving across open desert! Regular stops were all v interesting, a whole range of flora and fauna to see. Franz was friendly and coped well with our group having some who only spoke English and some gas works park fireworks who only spoke French. He drove well and was clearly well-practised at the pit-stop style tyre change which we needed on the last day. He also recommended that we visit the hot springs (50m walk from the hotel) for sunrise which was definitely the highlight of the tour and made it well worth going with Salty Desert rather than other companies who stayed further away and came to the hot springs later in the day. Food was excellent, good quality and in plentiful supply. November wasn’t too cold (windy weather was the coldest but nighttime gas blower will not start was a comfortable temperature with the sleeping bags provided) Also to the credit of the company, I left something behind in the car, not realising until we had left Uyuni but I got in touch and they managed to send it back to me which was very kind!

All companies offering the 3 day / 2 night tour will see the same sights (Salt Flats, train graveyard, desert, coloured lakes, flamingoes) so here are my reasons that you should pick Salty Desert over the others! Cost – We paid 850b p/p including transfer into Chile. This does not cover entry fee’s into national parks (you’ll need around 200b extra) but that is the same with every company. Based on other quotes we got, Salty Desert is easily the best value for money! Many other cost gas in michigan hundreds more for the exact same tour. Driver / guide – Like most electricity transmission vs distribution companies, you will have 6 people in a group plus a driver. It’s possible to pay more for an English speaking guide but if you understand even a little Spanish I don’t think that’s necessary. Our driver Peter could not have been better! Perfect balance between professional friendly. At every stop he would explain what we’re looking at, remembering loads of facts info. He spoke in Spanish but was happy to slow down or try to use some English if we were struggling to understand. He was happy to spend hours taking photos of us all at the salt flats, never complained that we were taking too long, and had lots of ideas for shots / poses. His car had a Bluetooth device so we could play our own music which was really appreciated on the long drives. His enthusiasm for the job really showed. Thanks Peter! Safety – We were in a large Toyota jeep which looked in great condition. Every seat had a seatbelt and Peter checked that we were wearing them each time we set off. We also saw him electricity vs gas heating costs checking / changing the tyre pressure on several occasions. The driving speed never felt too fast, and I didn’t once feel unsafe while in the car. I have 100% confidence that this company is running a safe operation. Accommodation – Night one was in a hotel made entirely from salt. Very unique experience! Twin rooms. Lots of blankets for warm, comfortable sleep. Electricity charging point for phones electricity dance moms choreography / cameras. Showers are hot but cost 10b extra. Night two was a basic but comfortable hostel. Double or twin private rooms. Bathrooms basic but clean (bring your own toilet paper / soap). Electricity only until 9pm. It was pretty cold but lots of blankets for sleeping. Hot showers available for extra cost but most of our group didn’t use them as you go to the hot springs first thing in the morning! Overall, I think people who complain about the accommodation are just not used to hostels or travelling in this part of the world, because it was really a good gas tax in washington state standard for the price you pay. Food – Quality was WAY better than I expected! Huge volumes too, we always had leftovers. We had three vegetarian three meat eaters, both were equally well fed. I loved that we always got dessert after lunch (like watermelon a chocolate bar) and soup before dinner. You have to take your own water for the trip but drinks are provided at meal times – usually water plus tea or juice. Wine beer available to buy at the hostels, or bring your own. I would recommend Salty Desert to all of my friends. Everything gas zone was perfect, especially our driver Peter. I cannot think of one single improvement area. Probably the best couple of days in my 7 months of travelling!