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I’m not too sure why my review was previously taken down so I am going to write it again: Although our experience seems to be one out of the ordinary electricity usage by country, our 3 day jungle trek was not at all what we thought it was going to be. At the beginning of the trip, we found out it was just going to be my friend and I (both girls) doing this trip alone. Feeling a little unsure about this, we thought we should at least see what the day brings. However, trying to get out of our tour guide the itinerary for the 3 days was quite tricky and electricity deregulation we never felt we fully understood where we were moving onto. This took full shape when we showed up at our first stop, the ‘Elephant Care’ trip; where we were literally given a bunch of bananas each in the middle of the field with no instructions and two huge hungry elephants. Obviously this was a very scary experience and made a lot worse by the youtube gas monkey questionable treatment of the elephants. The next hour commenced of us just being left alone in this field, whilst our tour guide chatted and smoked with his friends. Then once it came to “showering” the elephants, we were asked to get into our bikinis, despite no other tour groups in their swimwear. At this point, we were feeling 9gag really uncomfortable and left alone, and the thought of having to feel like this for 3 days days as 22 year olds just felt wrong. So we asked if we could just make our 3 day trip into 1 day and we got an awful reception, with the tour guide laughing with his mates before even attempting to call his boss. We decided at that point it was enough and just gas natural inc asked to be taken straight back to our hostel in Chiang Mai. Although our tour guide agreed and we were offered half our money back, the overall atmosphere and lack of care we received in just a few hours of being there was very unpleasant. So note: if you are going to book this tour, make sure there are a few people / group attending already.

READ ABOUT WHAT YOU WRITE FOR US. AND FIND WHAT IS OUR MISTAKE, BUT electricity experiments elementary school WE DON’T SEE. we see only you are not comfortable by yourself !!!! YOUR ARE VERY TRICKY. ASK YOURSELF WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM US. Look like you try to find something wrong in our program to get your money back. This is our first time to have this case.Very unfriendly and SELFISH CUSTOMERS. You book our trip by your agency. When we pick up you from hotel.Your face look very boring and unfriendly. Before the car move.The guide electricity inside human body tell you about all activities in program for YOU WILL DO 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS TREK And you look not very interesting. And ask for how many people for the group. We say 2 people( Both of you ) Than you don’t say anything. And we move the car and start the elephant program. During the elephant program.YOU ASK US TO DO ONLY ONE DAY TREK. And we ok for you to do one day trekking. AFTER 20 MINUTES YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND AGAIN.You say you want to go back to the electricity quiz and answers hotel. You don’t want to do anything.You say your friend feeling not comfortable.We ask you for if you go back, you will get back money in half electricity song billy elliot.And the most important thing is IF MISTAKE HAPPEN BY OUR STAFF OR OUR PROGRAM, WE WILL GIVE ALL YOUR MONEY BACK…..BUT NOTHING IS OUR MISTAKE. IT ONLY YOUR WANT TO GO BACK WITH NO REASON !!!! We have to pay for the transportation , gasoline , elephant , guide. At first you are not agree and gas nozzle stuck in car ask us again why you can’t get all money back. Why? We think you have to ark yourself about this. If you are us,how you will do? YOU WILL PAY FOR DRIVER, GUIDE, GASOLINE FREE? Staff work for you free? YOU DON’T THINK ABOUT OUR EFFECTS to pay for everything WITH NOTHING electricity problem in up IS OUR MISTAKE!!!! And the guide and our driver have to work free or not. You think only yourselves. This is unfair for us to have the review is not our mistake.You are not start the trekking but write very bad review. See nothing is our mistake.But have only say you are not comfortable by yourselves. So Note : If you want to KNOW about the group PLEASE ASK YOUR AGENCY VERY CLEAR BEFORE YOU BOOK.And this TROUBLE electrical supply company near me will not happen with you and US !!! Not Again : We think what you write on top is not the real problem.The real problem from you is about the group.and this is your mistake, you not ask for clear information from your agency.