3 Steps to start blogging natural gas jokes


It has been nine months since I started my blog. I have loved each and every minute of it, except for the minutes I hated. There are ups and downs like anything, but honestly, it is extremely fulfilling to express yourself and create something that represents so much of who you are. When I started I read articles on blogging. “Why would they want to help me?” I wondered, but the short of it is, we have struggled through it and simply don’t want anyone to have to go through what we did. Learn from our mistakes…please. gaston y astrid lima Even bloggers who are out to make money still have each other’s back and are willing to help each other be successful. It’s as close to a perfect world as you can get. It might be hard to believe, but I promise it’s true… there are some great people here! Back in the days of AOL and IRC

It started out many years ago I had an online journal. I wrote in it sometimes. I found I used it mostly when I was upset and couldn’t express my feelings any other way. I found that as I wrote, my mood transformed and so did my thoughts. As I wound down, I wrote like a squirrel with A.D.D. This was good and bad. It was entertaining, but all over the place.

Still, it made me realize that I was writing stream of consciousness and that was just scary as hell. “That’s my brain?” I thought as I read through one particular rambling. “How the hell do I get anything done in there?” It was like following a manic toddler on a sugar high through a recounting of their day and theory on life. However, there were a few gems in there. Thank the tech gods for computers because I sure as heck wouldn’t have been able to write that fast. Those gems were hidden and as I reread my entries I found I did not remember half of what I wrote. I developed a new, more objective view of my brain that day.

Regardless, I knew I had to write. It’s almost an obsession. I have my degree in teaching and it’s in my personality, so blogging as I do is truly a joy. I love sharing what I learn and also enjoy waxing philosophically on life in general to all who will listen. Seeing as how I live alone with a teenage daughter, that is my computer, my dog and horse. The goat even snorts at me and gives me lip. So, this is how I got started. p gasol stats You have decided to start a blog. Now what?

This is a big one because it will help you choose the site where you will put your blog. Not all hosting sites are equal and some will not allow advertising. It is not impossible to transfer your blog over to another site, but I have heard awful stories about lost information and formatting nightmares in doing so. If you want to do it for fun only, I would suggest a free site. Wix is a great hosting site. There is also WordPress and Blogger. some free sites offer subscriptions for additional storage space or more bells and whistles. It really depends on what you want to create. Are you looking to create a professional blog or want to make money blogging

If you’re looking to do any sort of advertising, marketing or selling of products, then I highly suggest Bluehost. They’re number 1 and they’re the most versatile, best priced and most helpful. I did almost two months of shopping around before deciding which way to go. grade 6 electricity quiz Even though it takes a little more effort to be your own webmaster, it is well worth the rewards because you have full reign over your domain. They pair up with wordpress.org and that pair is what more than half of the more popular blogs are on. Bluehost would be the people that host your actual URL. WordPress is more like the app that helps you design your blog. It can get confusing because there is also a WordPress hosting site as well, but they are not quite as good for a professional site. Do you care who reads your site?

If not, then just go and have fun. Perhaps you are just keeping a journal or writing for yourself. Maybe you’re writing a professional blog and keeping it there for your current customers but not going to use it to source for new ones. Whatever the reasons, if you are not interested in building readers, You don’t need to worry about anything else. write about whatever takes you at the moment and there is no need to worry about followers, clicks, social media and niches. Be free my friend, go forth and frolick in your words. Just check in and let me know how you are doing. I still want to read what you’re writing though! You do probably want to read on because there are a couple cool sitesI’ll introduce you to later. However…

If you DO want to draw people to your site then I have some suggestions for you. Social media! Plain and simple. Connect to everything you can get your fingers on so when you post a blog it automatically posts to a number of sites. The huge ones obviously are Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twi tter in that order. Perhaps it will be different for you but 95% of my traffic comes from Pinterest. The other 5 % is from Facebook, Instagram, searches and WordPress readers.

Your results may differ say if your blog is about hunting and trapping. Your audience may come more from one of the others. static electricity examples It is a good thing to familiarize yourself with all of them and use them all until you find which one works best for you then focus on that one. Still, don’t neglect the others entirely because you may be pulling different traffic from them, so it can work to your benefit. Step 2 What are you going to write about? What will you name your site?

Once you have your list it makes it easier to find an umbrella topic that encompasses as many of the items you want to write about as possible. Making the list helps you to see if there are any topics that just don’t fit in with anything. Perhaps that topic will make it into a second blog once you have your first up and running. Don’t throw away your list of topics though. It will help you in creating categories on your site where your visitors can browse if they’re interested in a certain topic. Again, examples are

Of course, you are! This is going to take a while! grab a pot of tea and some vacation time from work. Give yourself at least a weekend. Lock yourself away (if you can) so you can work uninterrupted. Light some candles, get your thinking cap on and get to work. Have a bit of yoga on hand for when you can’t feel your bum anymore or are falling asleep at the keyboard.

If you hit a block in your brain, go outside for a walk and think about it in nature. If you’re staring at the screen for 5 minutes and can’t figure out what next, get up and move and then come back with a fresh mind. I promise you’ll get through it quicker than if you beat your head against the keyboard trying to make yourself think. Besides, you can fit in a load of laundry that way too. See? Super productive!

Before you go live, be sure to test all your links. If you have kids old enough to test it for you let them. If there’s a problem, you KNOW they’ll find it. Chances are they might even know how to fix it too. If you’re willing, get them involved. Ar they creative? Let them do some artwork. gas block install Ask them for feedback and ideas. If they have an area that meshes with your blog, ask them to be a guest writer. They may even be able to add help in the way of video and editing. It’s amazing what they cover in school today. It isn’t a bad thing to get some extra help and it goes over well in the blogging community too.

It will help you with misspelled words and basic grammar mistakes. Even if you’re great with grammar, typos can get missed by spellcheck. Grammarly checks context as well as spelling. Give it a try and you’ll realize quickly just how much you needed it in your life. That’s what happened to me. I was all confident until I tried it, It was a humbling experience. Jetpack:

This is a definite must-have for Pinterest. It allows you to schedule your pins in advance. It also helps you to connect with group boards and tribes (groups of people who are bloggers just like you in similar niches). You can meet some great people and you can also get some help as well. This one I do suggest subscribing to. They are starting something that is called a smart loop. You develop a bank of pins and it will perpetually pin them however many times per day you choose to whatever boards you choose. It tells you how long the loop will take before it repeats and it is just amazing. gas 78 industries MailChimp:

Where would the world be without YouTube? One thing I know for sure this site wouldn’t exist. When you get stuck or you don’t understand something, search it on YouTube and you’ll find tons of videos that will help. Some are better than others, but if you create a free account you can save them in case you need to go back to them later. Tips:

You’re ready to spread your wings and explore the wonderful world of blogging. Express yourself with confidence and don’t give up when it gets hard (usually around the 3rd month). I can’t express enough how much I want to see your site. I’m here for support and I really do mean that. I don’t write about blogging really, but I did have many people ask me and say how they wanted to do it, so I figured I’d put the basics out there. Best of luck and Your first task is to link your site in the comments below so that I can share it 🙂 I can’t wait!