32 Fun jobs that pay $20 an hour or more with little school k gas station jobs


You may be surprised to learn that many other good occupations offer average wages of between $15 and $20 per hour. And they are frequently even easier to get started in than those already listed. In fact, it’s possible to find jobs that pay $15 an hour with no experience or degree necessary. For example, many of the career options below require only a post-secondary certificate or diploma. la gastronomie And you can begin some of them with only a high school diploma or GED. (If you drop out of high school, you can get jobs related to construction, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, retail, and other areas, but you may have fewer opportunities to earn a good wage.)

This health care occupation is one of the few jobs that start at $15 an hour for many of the people who have it. Other medical lab techs start closer to around $12 an hour and eventually earn more than $15 once they have a year or two of experience. You generally need an associate’s degree or post-secondary certificate to enter this field. The job involves testing biological samples such as blood and urine in order to help physicians diagnose and treat their medical patients.

Professional photography requires a lot more than just taking great pictures. Factors like timing, location, advanced preparation, budgeting, and self-promotion all play major roles in achieving success. gas efficient cars 2012 Attention to details like those is often what separates the professionals from the amateurs. But if you get the right training, then you can find jobs that pay $15 per hour or a lot more. Plus, self-employment is an option.

Eyeglasses and contact lenses are already essential for millions of Americans. But as the population of seniors grows across the country, the need for those types of vision aids also keeps rising. gas z factor With a short amount of training, you can become an optician who gets to help customers choose the right frames or lenses, orders those products based on their prescriptions, and ensures that they fit properly when completed.

The construction industry tends to offer many opportunities for making over $15 an hour. gas and electric nyc In regions with a lot of growth and economic expansion, you may not even need much training or experience in order to earn that level of pay. A lot of jobs simply involve carrying building materials or using basic hand and power tools for routine tasks.

In order to save time, many physicians regularly make audio recordings that include their descriptions of patient interactions as well as their thoughts about treatments and diagnoses. Those recordings must then be transcribed into written text that is accurate and grammatically correct. As someone who does those transcriptions, you may be able to find jobs that pay $15 an hour. electricity generation by source Part-time and home-based positions are also common in this field.

Professionals in this type of role are found in most office settings. After all, every organization has a large variety of day-to-day details that need to be handled efficiently. So if you can help arrange meetings, schedule appointments, answer phone calls, prepare routine documents, and maintain paper or electronic files, then you may be able to land a job that pays $15 per hour or more.

You don’t necessarily need much prior experience in this field in order to qualify for a job that pays more than $15 an hour. However, you might start at a lower wage if you haven’t worked in customer service before. But since many companies have difficulty retaining good customer service reps, you stand a good chance of making a higher wage if you can stay at the same job for a few years.

Veterinary clinics everywhere rely on the work of professionals who specialize in helping animal doctors care for pets or other creatures. As a veterinary technician or technologist, you may get to carry out diagnostic tests, administer medications, prepare animals for surgery, hold animals during exams, and perform many other important and interesting tasks.

Most doctors’ offices and medical clinics employ professionals who know how to carry out routine clinical and administrative tasks. gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator For example, a medical assistant often gets to prepare exam rooms, take patients’ medical histories, and check basic vital signs. The work can also involve maintaining patients’ medical records and performing other duties that keep clinics running efficiently.

With those two numbers, you can now make your calculations. To begin with, you calculate your weekly salary by multiplying your hourly wage by the number of hours you work per week. For example, 15 dollars an hour is 600 dollars per week if you work 40 hours (15 x 40 = 600). Once you know your weekly income, you can figure out your yearly and monthly salaries.

Most full-time employees in America work between 30 and 40 hours per week. (In contrast, most part-time employees work between 15 and 25 hours per week. So, in a lot of cases, a part-time job pays around 35 to 60 percent of a full-time job’s annual salary.) Here are the annual full-time salary ranges for various hourly wages based on working 30 to 40 hours per week:

After all, if you’re anything like most people, you crave opportunities that make you feel energized and connected to something meaningful—something that’s easy to commit to. gas engineer salary A large survey conducted in 2014 showed that only about 31.5 percent of Americans felt engaged at work.* It’s a result that confirms the real importance of choosing a path that you’re truly enthusiastic about.