32 Weeks 5 days pregnancy update specjalizacja z gastroenterologii


I haven’t made just an update post in a long time. Now that I am at the point in my pregnancy where I am no longer working, and I am doing a lot of lying around, I wanted to get back to the posts that were similar to my trying to conceive posts when I updated with my symptoms every day. Not just to update, but to also be able to go back and look at my symptoms and see if there is anything of concern, or even early labor!

I am currently 32 weeks 5 days today. power company near me Yesterday we had a doctors appointment that made the possibility of our girls coming soon, very, very real. I have been so fortunate this pregnancy to be very healthy the entire time. I typically have low blood pressure and it has remained that way the entire time, I have never had any protein in my urine, I do not have gestational diabetes, and the girls have been very healthy. However, yesterday at our appointment my blood pressure was a bit high for the doctors liking. grade 6 electricity project Luckily I have not had any other symptoms that would suggest Preeclampsia, but I was instructed that I should no longer work, and try to lay most of my day.

He suggested that even though I have been doing mainly office work at my job, the sitting position is not good for blood circulation to the placenta, or for my blood pressure in general. He explained how it is important to be in a more favorable position most of the time in order to make sure my blood pressure and circulation are not the reason that we have to cut the pregnancy short.

In better news, the girls are doing amazing. I have mentioned in prior posts, that baby A was transverse for a while and we were getting very nervous that the option of vaginal birth was no longer there. gas in back shoulder However, yesterday baby A was head down! The second he put the wand on my belly I saw their two little heads together just as they used to be. We both couldn’t control our smiles. gas x chewables reviews This made us so happy. There’s still a possibility of her moving, but the hope is not lost!

We also watched their little heart beats and practice breaths. gas after eating red meat We can’t get over how huge they are. Their bodies don’t even come close to fitting in the screen. Before, you used to be able to see both of them at the same time. Now it’s hard to even see what is what because they’re so big! It’s incredible to know that they have become these real babies. We were very excited when the doctor told us that we were going to have a more in depth ultrasound to get all of their measurements next week because we are anxious to see what their little faces look like. npower gas price per unit We cannot wait to see what they look like! I’m also very curious to know if they have visible hair.

He reiterated how it can basically happen any day now. electricity song We are now only days away from the “sweet spot” as he calls it. The sweet spot for twin births is 34-36 weeks, as over 50% of twin births are before 37 weeks. I’m starting to feel like we’re almost sitting around waiting for something to happen. It’s a very odd feeling because we’re both so excited to meet them, but we also are very nervous about NICU time. So even though we want them to come we don’t want them to come too early!! I’m really hoping that they wait until at least 35-37 weeks. ortega y gasset That could mean, 12/14, 12/21, or 12/28 (or really any date in between!!). It’s very nerve racking. I think it would be so cool for a 12/31 or New Years baby, but as long as they are healthy and can come right home with us we will be happy with whatever date they come.