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Very Pleased “ We had a great experience with Green Mountain. We had the Pollution Free Conserve 12 Choice plan, a 12 month fixed rate plan. We selected the plan online at powertochoose.org, and the transition from our old company to Green Mountain was seamless. Prior to this, we had a decent introductory rate with Reliant, but our Green Mountain rate was even better. We were continually surprised at how low our monthly bill was. We never encountered any hidden fees or changing rates. Green Mountain took care of the transition service for us, so I never had to bother with canceling our old plan. I love their renewable energy mission – even more so when it’s offered at a very affordable rate! I would stick with Green Mountain for another year of service if only we could keep those introductory prices. Definitely recommend this energy company. Full disclosure: I actually never had any contact with their customer service because we never needed it! However, I didn’t want to negatively impact this review by leaving it blank, so I gave it 5 stars like all their other areas of service. ”

GME 4 Life “ I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews on this site. Some of them have ground to stand on, most of them do not. If you see one that says, "They changed the rate on me," it’s because they chose month-to-month. I’ve only ever done 1 year contracts and I’ve been using this company for 4 years. They’ve lowered my bill to an affordable rate all while doing it green. I used to pay $215 a month for a 3 bedroom house on the "cheapest" energy company rate before I found GME. They lowered my bill to $87 and I haven’t paid a dime over that since. My current bills are around $28-$24 a month for a 1 bed 1 bath apartment, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s companies like these that are working to make living affordable. Not to mention you get updates on how many trees you’ve saved, CO2 emissions you’ve prevented and that’s gratifying in it’s own right. There are cheaper companies out there, but I personally would rather pay a little more for a Earth friendly company. I want my grandchildren to know what winter is like. Great company, very affordable rates, ONLY GREEN energy company in Texas, and one of the best customer services experiences I’ve literally ever had. Forget these naysayers, I’ve done the research and I know what I’m talking about. I’m a disabled veteran who lives on a fixed income. I have nothing but time to do things like research ways to save myself money. http://electricityscout.com/texas/nacogdoches/ Check this link out for information about companies in my area. As you can see there is only one green. I hope this was helpful to you all, and I hope you continue to make wise decisions to better yourself and/or your families lives. God bless America. ”

THE BEST PROVIDER OUT THERE! “ I have religiously used GME since 2008. I usually signed up for a 6 month contract – – it was just that, 6 months. I am reading all of these horrible reviews and saying to myself, "you didn’t pay on time" or "you signed up for month-to-month" or "you didn’t renew your contract". I have moved again, and the transition of my move was wonderful! There are NO HIDDEN FEES! The KWh charge includes all delivery fees….. Working at a Senior Apartment community, I see the HORRIBLE things other companies are doing to their consumers. GME has always delivered top notch customer service, explained the difference of average billing vs paying the bill each month. (paying bill each month is by far the way to go), however, if you come on hard times, they will work with you. Yes, I am one who has had to pay the disconnect fee more than once. It is not GME’s responsibility to remind me when my payment is due. It is mine. All in all, GME is an absolutely wonderful company who is doing good for way more than have indicated here. Remember as you read reviews, more people are quick to gripe and complain than are the ones to report the good. ”