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EDF Climate Corps embeds trained graduate students in organizations to help meet their energy goals by accelerating clean energy projects in their facilities. Even for organizations that have done extensive work already addressing their energy consumption, EDF Climate Corps fellows can inject a fresh perspective and new ideas to take corporate energy management to the next level. Read more.

Green power is increasingly becoming a part of standard sustainability reporting and leading sustainability programs. Developing a strategy for green power procurement will help ensure that organizations define and achieve their objectives in an efficient and cost-effective way. gas laws worksheet answers and work WSP will present an overview of green power options with a focus on offsite renewables and utility green power products.

Using robust, peer-reviewed impact data and a life cycle approach, Sustainable Spend Analysis can quickly and efficiently gauge the sustainability impacts of an organization’s supply chain using spend data, a readily available resource. It enables organizations to identify and target suppliers, and also helps identify areas of potential environmental, economic, or reputational risks embedded in the supply chain. The approach has been successfully applied to state and local governments, cities and municipalities, small to medium sized enterprises, and multinational corporations.

This session will provide a deeper dive into the process, considerations, and use cases for Commercial PACE financing, and focus on how to articulate the value of a project and its financing options to business and real estate owners. Through case studies and cash flow analyses, you will learn how financing options affect cash flows, as well as how to identify and make the business case for the finance mechanism that drives the most value and can move your project forward.

Mr. gas 78 facebook Duan is a principal engineer and senior energy efficiency consultant and educator with intensive technical and management experience in energy management.In this webinar, Mr. Duan will provide an overview of the corporate energy management and the best practices in China. He will also talk about how to apply the methods of smart energy diagnostics to improve corporate energy management.

This webinar will discuss in detail the recent advancements in the field of stationary energy storage market, introduce Tesla’s Powerpack solution, which is a fully integrated, AC-connected energy storage system and also share some case studies on how the Powerpack solution can help businesses and utilities reduce costs, achieve their renewable energy goals, backup critical systems, and fulfill other energy management objectives.

More and more international corporations are setting targets to procure renewables around the globe. While corporate renewable procurement markets are relatively mature in the U.S. and Europe, China is still nascent in this area while of great interest to many multinational and domestic corporations. electricity definition This webinar will provide an overview on China’s renewable energy market, as well as a roadmap on the options that companies can choose to meet their renewable energy targets in China. This webinar will be presented in Mandarin.

This webinar will prepare all fellows for completing their final deliverables for EDF and their host organizations. Stephanie will cover tips for successful final presentations, explain expectations for the final report, and walk through the process for submitting final deliverables to EDF. Every fellow should attend this webinar to ensure that they complete the necessary requirements to successfully complete the program!

Many sustainability efforts focus on technology—saving energy via lighting retrofits, for example. t gastrobar el tenedor When organizations want to achieve breakthrough results, though, the focus has to broaden from technology to operations—to the practices of the people who are actually involved! An engaged workforce is a critical component of successful sustainability efforts, so it is vital that business leaders understand how to engage employees, from the C-suite to rank-and-file staff.

Join Professor Arnaud Brohé for an accessible and comprehensive overview of carbon accounting. Arnaud will discuss the various methods and instruments used by countries, cities, and companies to calculate, reduce and internalize the cost of carbon – including a comparison of production vs. consumption GHG inventories and a discussion on carbon taxation, carbon markets and voluntary offsetting. Special emphasis will be placed on case studies and practical examples of how to calculate, reduce, offset and disclose your carbon footprint.

In this webinar, Professor Cao will summarize the current environmental laws in China and interpret the most important parts for corporate environmental compliances, with real cases to show how enterprises in China can reduce their legal risks through better environmental management and best practices. This webinar will be in Mandarin Chinese.

Mr. Gao is the associate research at NDRC’s Energy Research Institute and the key member of China’s negotiation team for the Paris Agreement. In this webinar, Mr. gas utility cost Gao will share with us his stories and insights behind the Paris Agreement and interpret China’s climate policies and global climate governance from research and policy perspectives. This webinar will be in Mandarin Chinese.

Since 2011, the Chinese government has established piloting Emission Trading Systems (ETS) in seven major cities and provinces in the country. In Dec, 2017, the national ETS market was launched and started covering more than 1700 enterprises in China. The national ETS market in China is expected to be the largest one worldwide and will cover more enterprises and industries in near future. How does the national ETS operate in China? What kind of impacts will be brought to corporate sustainability by the national ETS? And what are the major takeaways for corporate ETS compliance? Mr. Xin Zhang, the architect of the national ETS in China and the director of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, will provide a deep dive of the national ETS to us at this webinar and share his insights with our China network. The webinar will be in Mandarin Chinese.