3M littmann stethoscope now with ecg, pcg superpowers medgadget z gastroenterol journal


A team of clinicians and engineers at the IT – Instituto de Telecomunicações and Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal in Portugal have que gases componen el aire now modified an off-the-shelf electronic stethoscope to also perform ECG and PCG recording and auto analysis. The 3M Littmann 3200 is a popular high-end stethoscope, and now the Portuguese team added some of its own 3D printed hardware and custom electrodes on top of the diaphragm. It can also wd gaster cosplay detect the rotation of the diaphragm head in relation to the electrical axis of the heart, which can help understand non-physiological morphological changes in the ECG waveform. Using machine learning, the team has also given their new device the ability gas relief while pregnant to extract signs of cardiac diseases from the PCG and ECG data, potentially allowing nurses and others to perform cardiac pre-screenings.

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