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Whilst our balloon ride was also slightly limited in terms of how close to the temples we were able to get, as other reviewers have also commented, we were fully aware that this might be the case and is from what we understand is part and parcel of flying in October in this part of the world. Nan Nan at Oriental Balloons kept us well informed and sent us a detailed email explaining that this might be the case for our flight and offering a full refund if we wanted to cancel. I had various questions which Nan Nan responded to quickly and fully, and since this was the only day we could fly we decided we’d rather risk it than cancel. We are so glad we did. The whole operation that OB runs is incredibly slick, from the delicious breakfast on arrival, the incredibly professional staff and the lovely champagne and certificate ceremony at the end of the flight. Piers gas bubble in throat our wonderful pilot could not have been more thorough, professional or safety conscious- we were in excellent hands throughout the briefing and flight and felt totally comfortable without. The OB pilots are obviously incredibly well trained and you can tell the company has extremely high standards of skill and professionalism but all staff. I’d urge anyone considering OB to go for it. You are in the hands of the weather and potential government restrictions but our view was that if there was a chance we could experience it then we would. Thank you Piers and OB!

My tip here is to book for the first day you arrive, and you have a couple of days buffer, should you hit inclement weather. (It’s luck of the draw unfortunately, if there is bad weather – so speak to the team to determine best time to fly). Even best laid plans… But anyhoo… WOW, simply WOW, what a great experience, and so professionally executed, which is what you would expect when you go up in a giant nylon balloon envelope – filled with burning gas! First a big shout out to our Pilot – Johnny, who was exceptional and put up with a lot of my silly questions: what k electric share price’s the funniest shape balloon you have ever flown, how many marriage proposals have you seen, did you always want to be a hot air ballon pilot, where’s the trickiest/loveliest/exciting place electric zap sound effect free to fly 🙂 We had an 8 seater basket, which effortlessly lifted off the ground, and the flight was weightless. Fantastic views across the plains, and flew at various altitudes among 10 other balloons. The flight was around 45 minutes, and we landed as softly as we took off. A big shout out to Oriental Balloons/Johnny for providing first-class service. I almost felt like a bride – when I got the cork – commemorating our flight with a glass of bubbly and seasonal fruits at the end. Now… when’s the next flight! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We joined the 1st flight of the season. The duration of the flight was 25min in the air and during most of the flight the balloon was flying near the ground. We didnt even reached the temples zone. They said we could not fly over the temples because of the wind but in my opinion it is better option to cancel than not enjoying the experience you were expecting and paying such an amount of money. Or expose the situation to the clients so they can decide. They also said they were the only balloon company flying. The other one had cancelled that day. They said it with joy but i was thinking: maybe if they cancel they do it for any reason(couldn’t offer the experience to customers?) What I really cared about is flying over the temples as it is the essence of flying with a balloon over bagan. To fly over the green fields I can do it in my country or anywhere wireless electricity how it works else. In theory is what they offer and it is a big amount of money for some people. They tried to make us feel good and turn the situation around but it did not work for some of us. Very disappointed because we were really excited to live this occasion (our first time in a balloon)

Dear Marta Thank you for your honest review. All the balloon companies operating in Bagan are subject to the same restrictions and weather, and it is up to each company to decide whether to fly or not, given the conditions encountered on the morning of the flight. The morning of your flight, when it was safe to fly and the weather was good, the pilots had to make a decision whether to cancel a perfectly safe flight and not offer our guests the chance to see some 8 gas laws of the temple zone from the air, or fly and do the best we could to maximise our guests’ enjoyment. As it turned out, once we launched the balloons, the wind speed that we encountered was higher than we had seen from our earlier measurements, and we flew the distance that we expected to fly but in a shorter time than we had calculated. We could not fly any further as we would have entered a no-go area for landings. We also had to stay lower than expected, otherwise we would have had to land almost immediately after take-off (for many reasons). In October, we are often unable to fly over the main temple zone, which we tend to do regularly from November onwards. This is due to the flooded river around the temple zone, and the fields full of crop, as well as recent restrictions imposed upon all ballooning companies by the authorities. Our guests are now advised of the situation before they fly and can make their own decision, up to three days before their flight, whether to have a full refund or continue with their booking. Of course, a full refund is given if we cancel the flight, or guests are offered the chance to fly in Bagan the next day (if spaces are available) or take an alternative trip in one of our other locations (Inle, Ngapali or Mandalay). You may also notice other adjacent reviews from fellow passengers booked at the start of October which praise our difficult decision to cancel flights and put passenger satisfaction above income and profits. These decisions are not gas near me prices easy to make given all the circumstances around our flying activities, and most of the time we feel that we come to the correct decision. We are often thanked by our guests for flying despite the difficult and complex restictions now placed upon us. I am sorry that you feel that you were given a flight that did not match your expectations. We encourage any passenger who feels that we could have done better to contact us directly, after their flight, to discuss their concerns and to help us to improve our TripAdvisor-topping service to our guests. Piers G for Oriental Ballooning

My family was really looking forward to this flight as a once in a lifetime experience. While it was lovely being up in a hot air balloon, it was not the experience we expected as it didn’t fly over the actual temples. Rather, we saw them from a distance and flew over rice paddy fields. I have since gone onto Oriental Ballooning’s website and they advised of this. However, this was not advised at the time of booking, nor was an email sent to me advising of this change in itinerary. Others on our trip expressed similar misgivings on the bus trip back to our hotel. Considering how expensive this was, we had a party of 5 people, I’m rather disappointed with the lack of communication regarding the change in itinerary. A simple courtesy email would have sufficed to set our grade 9 electricity test questions expectations. Relying on a posting on their website is not adequate communication. Why would a paid customer on holiday think to check it here? Also, we were only in the air for 25 minutes. The flight seemed over in a flash. Another balloon landed after only 15-20 minutes. The other balloon company decided not to fly that day, so what we had was better than no flight at all. However, those looking at flying in October should think carefully before spending so much money, considering the flight path and vagaries of the weather this time of year. One other issue was paying up front from Australia extra strength gas x while pregnant. I was sent a link twice to pay via MasterCard, but it didn’t work. I ended up having to call their office in Myanmar directly to pay. An improved booking engine via their website will improve their service. On the plus side, it was well organised with a pre-flight breakfast and post-flight champagne. It is really peaceful floating up in the air, although our pilot seemed a little stressed as we were going too fast. It was the first day of the season, so perhaps they were a little too eager. I certainly don’t regret the trip and I do consider ourselves lucky to have flown at all as all flights over the next few days were cancelled. Perhaps they should look at reduced rate for the period where you don’t fly over the temples, considering this is the drawcard of the experience. Sydney, Australia