401 Cj7 jeep buildup electricity jeopardy


Back in October of 2012 we installed a D.U.I. distributor to the bare engine without any of the accessories such as power steering pump and alternator, not realizing that the power steering pump and bracket would be a problem occupying the same space as the distributor. Well if your an AMC V8 fan with one of these distributors installed you will know what I mean. There just isn’t a happy solution. Either the vacuum advance is under the pump or the electrical connectors interfere with the pump to the point that the connectors can not be removed and that pump belt adjustment is compromised. Removal of the distributor cap is necessary. gas pains 6 weeks pregnant It has been a thorn in our side ever since. So since a new fuel pump was ordered from RobbMc Performance (which we will cover in another post) removal of the distributor made sense at this time because eliminating the fuel return filter and associated hoses would be done. We started out by orienting the engine to tdc on the number 1 cylinder, noted the position of the rotor and also the position of the star wheel and star ring so that we could semi accurately reproduce timing without starting from scratch. A

McMaster Carr part number 9512K98. The collar would temporarily allow us to move the location of the stud on the grille rod for optimum position. Now came the hard part. selecting a gas shock with the right length and pressure to lift the hood. I found several gas shock sights that gave formulas to calculate pressure, but the answers greatly varied due to the fact that we were also angling towards the center of the hood. So I devised a method to determine how much force was needed to keep the hood open. 2 chainz smoking on that gas I took a length of 1" pipe and welded on an eye hook to fasten to the grille rod, and put several springs inside of it. Then a length of round stock that slid into the pipe with another eye hook welded to

fasten to the hood on a temporary bracket. I kept changing out springs until I got the hood to stay open at the desired position. I then scribed a line around the round stock against the shoulder of the pipe. This also gave me a length that was needed. Taking the assembly off the one end was placed on a bathroom scale and compressed until the mark lined up with the shoulder. static electricity bill nye full episode The poundage was then read off the scale, which was 41lbs. Formulas say to add 10% bringing it up to 45lbs. I also added some weight to compensate for the weight of Line-X to the underside of the hood. sgas belfast Now using the marks on the hood and grille rod I was able to get a compressed length by partially closing the hood and measure

Got all the wiring done, at least everything that was absolutely needed, I’m sure there will be some additional accessories added like heated seats, dome lights and a usb port and charger in the console, but there definitely wont be any stereo system or speakers to deal with. The only two malfunctions we had with the wiring were with the wiper motor and heater blower motor. Wiper didn’t work at all and was due to the fact we forgot to ground the metal windshield frame mounted to the fiberglass body, and two of the blower motor speeds were reversed. Just a matter of swapping two wires at the resistor plug. So two easy fixes and nothing burned up. So now when we go for a drive around the neighborhood the turn signals can be used. Still have to get an exhaust system on this thing. electricity generation in india Nobody has complained yet but it’s only a matter of time. Next up was a steering wheel. The one that was being used was an Oldsmobile sport wheel on loan from dear old dad. I finally bought myself a 1967 Olds 442 and put the wheel on that so a Nardi 14" Classic polished black leather was chosen. Purchased thru Ebay from Crowders Customizing. The hub adapter was also an Ebay purchase from Big Dog Interior Parts. We also had to get a horn cancel cam from Steering Column Services.